That SciFi Guy Halloween Edition: Jason X

Happy Halloweekend! I was going to dress my characters up as the cast of Glee, but then I remembered that I don’t watch Glee, so instead we did this.

The traditional SPOILER WARNING applies. And keep an eye out for a cameo by one of our lovable Treading Ground cast members!

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  1. I liked Freddy vs Jason so much better. Even though I haven’t seen it since I was 15 and it was pretty much my first slasher flick.

    Also, I don’t think the camp crystal girls could have been any more awkward in their… ‘seduction’ I guess you’d have to call it.

  2. Nick says:

    The last 3 minutes of your review was beautifully written, edited and executed.
    The Star Trek TNG, Monty Python + Holy Grail and Aliens clips just added to it so much!

  3. Thanks!
    I really try to pick good clips to accent jokes where I can.
    Really glad you liked it.

  4. Gillsing says:

    While watching this review I slowly realised that I have actually seen this one. And yes, the Camp Crystal Lake holodeck scene was my favourite part too. So incredibly hilarious! :-D

    Unlike Jason X I actually remember watching Hellraiser IV, which was also set in space. With the expanded backstory and reason for being set in space I quite liked that one. (Unlike Hellraiser III, which was just boring.)

  5. bwilliy says:

    Have you ever tryed to go to Thatguywiththeglasses and applying there… this is some good stuff dude XD

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