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  1. solEDGE says:

    hmmm la bonus

  2. Tyciol says:

    I prefer Rose’s pair

  3. Iancettuaun says:

    That was AWESOME!

  4. Rude says:

    Boobs saves day …as always XD

  5. Toaster O' Vengeance says:

    2 things. 1) Whats on the top of that blue car?
    2) He was looking at the sky, then suddenly down. It bothers people like me

  6. chumash99 says:

    The giant boobies are always the softest. ;)

  7. The Negro Guy says:

    The Negro Guy says the bad-assery is present!!!

  8. Greenwood Goat says:

    I have one thing to say: Bulgarian Airbags!

    p.s. The Bootnote on the article is accurate – The Register has been using “Bulgarian airbags” as a euphemism for large and/or enhanced breasts ever since.

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