It's A Hard Life

It’s A Hard Life

And here’s where the art gets all experimenty for a while…


{ Submitted by John Madden on June 9, 2011 2:06 am }

Rose: Did you read this story about how the guy with the world’s largest wang is unemployed?
Nate (sarcastically): I think I speak for the rest of the male gender when I say BOO FUCKING HOO. What, did he think he could just walk in, lay it on the table, and they’d appoint him mayor?

Rose: Apparently he wants to be an actor, but he won’t do porn. He says no one would take him seriously.

Nate: Dude, you’re famous for having a FREAKISH COCK. No one takes you seriously now!
Rose: That’s like being 8 feet tall and having a moral objection to retrieving things from high places.

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8 Responses

  1. Jon Bon says:

    WOAH! Style jump!

  2. douglas says:

    hey, your drawing has improved a lot from the first bunch of strips to now…good work. i’m an artist myself and i know how hard it is to draw cartoons.

    • Karl says:

      TV Tropes is a damn trap! you think it’s nothing special and next thing you know 4 hours have gone by and you still have no clue what you’ve been doing the whole time

  3. DOMSSC66 says:

    This one is hilarious!

  4. anonymous says:

    I’ve read that the human with the longest penis is actually an intersex, they call her “anaconda.”

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