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July 8th Carry On
July 6th The Urge
July 4th Follow-Up
July 1st Inside Baseball (NSFW-ish)
June 29th Unity
June 27th Equanimity
June 24th Second Wind
June 22nd Rules of Engagement
June 20th Roaming
June 17th Displaced
June 15th Aberration
June 13th Homecoming
June 10th Remainder
June 8th Portent
June 6th Ascension
June 3rd Realign
June 1st Infected
May 30th Changes
May 27th Vouch
May 25th Duty Calls
May 23rd Trauma
May 20th Digital (NSFW)
May 18th Sensory Overload
May 16th Turnabout (NSFW)
May 13th Subterfuge (NSFW-ish)
May 11th Lifeline
May 9th Peer Review (NSFW)
May 6th Riposte (NSFW)
May 4th Event Horizon
May 2nd Testify
April 29th Intervention
April 27th Ultimatum
April 25th Appraisal
April 22nd Character Study
April 20th Intensity
April 18th Hair of the Dog
April 15th Obstacle
April 13th Method
April 11th La Rachat Du L’estat
April 8th Prowess
April 6th The Specialist
April 4th There’s Always Room
April 1st Hindsight
March 30th Undertow
March 28th Unlike
March 25th Inclusion
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February 25th Cloture
February 23rd Knell
February 21st Policy
February 18th Cleanse
February 16th Association
February 14th Typecast
February 11th Anguish
February 9th Echelon
February 7th Artifact
February 4th Clarity (NSFW)
February 2nd Blindside
January 31st Diagnosis
January 28th Jurisdiction
January 26th Equestrian
January 24th Notice
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January 19th Misdirection
January 17th Showdown
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January 5th Interruptus
January 3rd Small World
December 29th Viscosity
December 27th Oasis
December 24th Cold Fusion
December 22nd Timeless Wisdom
December 20th Reassessment
December 17th Melting Point
December 15th Cirque Du Solaid
December 13th Good Measure (NSFW)
December 10th Look Back In Anger, Part Six
December 8th Look Back In Anger, Part Five
December 6th Look Back In Anger, Part Four
December 3rd Look Back In Anger, Part Three
December 1st Look Back In Anger, Part Two
November 29th Look Back In Anger, Part One
November 26th Accommodations (NSFW)
November 24th Decision Points (NSFW-ish)
November 22nd Mess
November 19th Relapse
November 17th The Christening (NSFW)
November 15th Challenged
November 12th Speculation
November 10th Career Counseling
November 8th Scheduling Conflict
November 5th Generoshitty
November 3rd Clockblocked
November 1st Reconnaissance
October 29th The Messenger
October 27th The Reveal (NSFW)
October 25th Caveat Emptor
October 22nd New Whorizons
October 20th My Bad
October 18th Due Diligence
October 15th Not According to Plan
October 13th Service Provider
October 11th It’s Complicated
October 8th Bother Bother
October 6th Pitchforks and Torches
October 4th Second Opinion
October 1st Special Offer
September 29th That Too
September 27th The Emissary
September 24th Crimson Fever
September 22nd The Sanguinarian
September 20th Blood Doll
September 17th From Above
September 15th Basic Instinct
September 13th Unfamiliar Ceiling
September 10th Unanimous
September 8th Spiritual Matters
September 6th Atmosphere
September 3rd Unbreakable (NSFW-ish)
September 1st Oh No You Di’n’t
August 30th Post-Mortem
August 27th Action/Reaction
August 25th Breach
August 23rd Consolation (NSFW-ish)
August 20th You Forgot Something (NSFW-ish)
August 18th Premature Evacuation (NSFW)
August 16th Flustered (NSFW)
August 13th Oh Snap
August 11th Cleanup Crew
August 9th Breaking Point
August 6th Bastarditude Fail
August 4th Emboldened
August 2nd Untoxicated
July 28th Guest Of Honor
July 26th Save The Date
July 21st Sparsity
July 19th Big Sister
July 14th Interview With The Hampire
July 12th Procurement
July 6th Blue Job
July 5th With Great Power
June 30th Vampire Weakened
June 28th Exposed
June 21st Member of Society
June 14th Party Over Here
June 7th It’ll Be Fine
May 31st Nomenclature
May 24th Employee Benefits
May 17th Hierarchy
May 10th Qualified Candidate
April 26th Perception
April 12th Semantics
April 5th Effective Communication
March 29th You Gotta Have Standards
March 22nd Added Bonus
March 15th Classy Ladies
March 8th Harbinger
March 1st Location, Location, Location
February 22nd Trailer Trash
February 15th Check the C:\Boring Stuff\ directory.
February 8th A Sad Existence
February 1st It’s A Hard Life
January 1st A Burning Sensation
April 10th Shutdown In Progress
April 6th Concentrate
April 3rd Problem Solver
March 30th Binding
March 27th A Problem Arises
March 23rd Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit
March 20th Risk Management
March 13th Adjustments
March 9th Hey Kids
March 6th Whatever
March 2nd Career Planning
February 27th Aftermath
February 23rd Called It
February 20th Bad Idea Pants
February 16th Hook A Brother Up
February 13th Homeward Bound
February 9th Pink
February 6th Can You Describe The Nature of the Ruckus?
February 2nd Broken
January 30th Some Assembly Required (NSFW-ish)
January 23rd A Can of Sexy Worms
January 19th Visitor
January 16th Opportunity
January 12th Sordid Details
January 9th Acumen
January 5th What A Girl Wants
January 1st Nostalgia
April 19th Not Now
April 15th Throwback
April 12th Echo Chamber
April 8th Surprise And Alarm
April 5th Samson
April 1st Psych
March 29th Pleasantries
March 25th Anal Retentive
March 22nd Point Blank
March 18th Un Sac Du Douche
March 11th Kludge
March 8th Roadside Memorial
March 4th Funding Provided By
February 26th Context Clues
February 19th Empty Threat
February 16th Possibilities
February 14th Steve Adams, Advice Columnist
February 12th Invasion
February 5th Unsubtle
February 2nd Ahem.
January 29th It Procs At Level 20
January 26th Special Characters
January 22nd For The Children
January 20th Entangled
January 8th A Ridiculous Notion
January 5th Caveat
January 1st Proposal
December 29th Not In My Back Yard
December 11th Road Trip
December 8th Say What?
December 4th Story of My Life
December 1st Have A Sit-Down
November 27th Follicles
November 24th Go Team!
November 20th They Keep Pulling Me Back In
November 17th Processing… This may take a while.
November 13th Point of No Return
November 10th Priorities
November 6th Make Your Move
November 3rd Scenic Vista
October 30th Any Balls Down There?
October 27th That Thing With The Numbers
October 23rd Moving On Up
October 16th Tempted by Distraction