The Home Crew

Nathaniel “Nate” Ashborne

Already stuck in a shitty job with no future to speak of at 21, Nate lacks direction and perceives bullshit and authority encroaching all around him. None of it could possibly be his own fault!

Rose Crowley

An astute neighborhood girl with an open attitude about sex.

Steve Adams

Nate’s roommate and best friend, in spite of his well-known bastarditude.

Derek Wilkins

Nate’s other roommate. Don’t expect too much from him.

Aiyana “Aya” Walsh

Rose’s best friend and occasional unwitting partner in crime.

Beth Crowley

Rose’s alcoholic mother.

Nina Crowley

Rose’s trashy sister.

Trevor Walsh

Aya’s adoptive brother. Kind of a dickweed.

The Work Crew

Tracy Winters

Food Baron’s Customer Service Manager, Nate’s immediate supervisor, and a thorn in his side.

Jimi Felder

Frozen Food Manager and target of Nina Crowley’s affections. He is also the Batman of commenting on Nate’s love life.

Miranda Reyes

A Deli Clerk who is friendly with Nate.

Arne Torran

Food Baron’s Assistant Manager and A-Hole-in-Chief.

L’estat “Les” Tepes

A vampire wannabe who joined Food Baron when he heard there was an opening in the “Flesh Department.”

Purvous Foster

A bagger who will buy your girlfriend for three dollars.

Bill Schneider

Store Manager of the Food Baron and master of the art of delegation.

50 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    what can i say? funny comic man, good stuff!

  2. Blake says:

    Just found this comic as a linkthrough from Something*Positive. Funny, with the right amount of “seriousness” to keep it connected. Keep it up Nick.

  3. Chase says:

    This is a really cool comic! I’m actually a fan of some… less than perfectly appropriate manga, but really, this manages the sexual humor without being really dirty. Keep up the good work, Nick!

      • Jerichow says:

        Well, just here to reinforce it then, you’re doing a masterful job! This has to be my favorite online comic because it blends the ‘perfect’ amount of humor, and the right amount of real life sexuality, seriousness, character error, love, and hatred for those characters that all other comics/manga cannot, or are afraid to add which kills the enjoyment in them that I feel when reading this series. You took a risk making each character lovable and hate-able and you did it with flying colors man, way to go :D

  4. Matt says:

    Gotta admit, I’m liking the comic quite a bit more than any other I’m reading. I’m only offset by Nate’s brick wall attitude towards Rose, but other than that, this comic gives me something to look forward to every mon, wed, and fri :D

  5. Rachael says:

    Love the comic! Find it ironic how my Boyfriend is 21 and I’m 17. I’ll turn 18 this Nov. I don’t mind the whole age differences thing, but nice comic overall! I’m checking it out everything m-w-f!

  6. Tyciol says:

    I would like to see some Winters + Wilder chemistry just like Knives and Kim Pine

  7. Law says:

    Dude your comic is awesome keep up the good work

  8. Zack says:

    Hey, I’ve been reading for a while, and I was glad to see you had returned after that long hiatus! I look forward to continuing to enjoy your comic.

  9. Brondan says:

    New Reader.

    Just blew a couple of hours going through the archives.

    totally awesome. better story than “Clerks”

    The one liners are priceless..

    I have a question. The ad that drew me to your site had Tracy, buck naked in a prone position… where else can we find it?

  10. Sam MG says:

    Sorry, I was too busy laughing to think of a witty comment

  11. Haru says:

    Nice comic man. glad I got through it all so soon… but now i’m left feeling unsatisfied that I cannot read more… shame.. I guess I shall merely have to join the legions of cyber-stalkers waiting for you to update. lol.

    anyways, where’s “Nuts”? will he ever make a return appearance? will he ever realize just what Steve has done to him? will he ever shave off that goatee?

    only you will be able to decide!

    -Takami Haru
    (think a thin Derek that looks damn near Steve, but with mood stones for irises)

    • Nick says:

      Hey there! Not sure about Nuts. I haven’t envisioned any scenarios where he would be needed in some time. Maybe he did wise up and jump ship after all!

  12. Panchocheesecake says:

    You should work on your hands and arms a little, btw. The figures are fine but the limbs always are in the same angle.

    And hey did you delete my previouscomment?

  13. Tyler says:

    You adding Aya’s brother any time soon? Or is he not worthy enough? XD

  14. Nida says:

    nick, what’s aya’s nationality?

  15. Sam says:

    I am very glad I clicked the link on “QC” that got me to “Blip” which got me here :) Looking forward to reading more =)

  16. Zach Crowley says:

    My last name is Crowley and it freaked me out that Rose’s last name was Crowley. But freaked out in a good way. The name Crowley isn’t used much. Props.

  17. munky says:


    the big man…… HASS the intrigue

  18. Taysir says:

    Anyone else ever get the feeling that Nate is alot like Dante from clerks?

  19. bobobob_100 says:

    its bad to say it this way but you’re kind of kevin smith light (in an extremely good way)

    you write some amazing stuff keep up the good work

  20. John says:

    Are any of your characters based on people you know?
    Strangely I can fit each of your characters to perfection with people I know. All but Rose of course. Would be great to know a red-headed vixen like that (but a little bit older)!!

    • Nick Wright says:

      Yeah, Rose is completely original. Sorry. ;-)

      A good chunk of the rest are based in part on people I know/knew. Mostly they’re amalgamations of several different people.

      Except for Purvous. Totally a real guy. 95% of the things he says in the comic he actually said in real life. (He never had an encounter with a Les.)

  21. Teh Das says:

    I can just imagine an offshoot comic like EOC for Jimi after seeing him defined as Batman of Nate’s lovelife, done a la seventies blacksploitation movie style.

    This Summer, Jimi Felder is “The Batman of luv”

  22. Skip Tracer says:

    Great stuff! I just discovered it as a link-through from…somehwere.

  23. Tripp says:

    Okay. After reading what you have made, this is the best I’ve seen in terms of web comics in years! Haven’t laughed so hard to web comic entertainment since the early day’s of web comics came out.

  24. lookintomyeyes says:

    Came over from Questionable Content, love your stuff!

  25. y says:

    What do ypu mean ??? tracy is a purported harlot. No she is a few steps lower on the ladder of life than that. she is at least a cheap Sl*t

  26. Jeckal_7 says:

    I think we need to see more of Pervous Foster. The way you show his expressions and how you portray him in the comic just makes me giggle. Kinda wished I had Pervous as a friend n real life LOL

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