The Reveal (NSFW)

The Reveal (NSFW)

It’s been a while since we had a comic you had to look at in secrecy and shame.


Nate: What? Are you serious?
Jimi: It’s JUST sex, man. Don’t overthink shit and just enjoy it.

Jimi: You spent so much time debating the morals and bullshit legalities of your relationship with Rose that you ended up losing her. Just go with the flow and you’ll be surprised how well things work out.

Nina: Y’wanna see my tattoo?
Jimi: THUS.

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  1. She got it tattooed right over the tit? Ouch.

    Also, boobies!

  2. Sara E. says:

    He’s got a point there. When you take a relationship too seriously you end up fucking it up. There’s got to be a fine balance between the fun and the serious business.

  3. I choose to disagree with you sir.

    There was no shame. None. There was a quick glance over my shoulder since i _do_ happen to be at work, but that wasn’t due to shame, it was due to seeing if anyone was nearby so i could show them.

    Thankyou for titillating me.

    • Nick says:

      True story – My wife saw this before I did and read it aloud to me.

      I was like, “Is that Geoff Appleby?”

      Glad to be of service as always. :-)

      • I seriously wish that there was notifications of new comments – I’m forgetful as all hell and generally only come back to the comments to look for replies when i go back to see if there’s a new comic out yet…and this just totally cracked me up.

        I’m honoured that I’m so recognisable. Not sure if its a good thing or not though. Only time will tell I guess :)

        *waves hello at Mrs Nick*

  4. Nick says:

    Runnig through Nate’s head is:
    “Value of co-worker to me = suddenly much lower. Damnit!”

  5. Brooklyn Red Leg says:

    Hooray for bubblegum pink nipples!

  6. Jerichow says:

    The last panel had me laughing so hard I’m still laughing even now. XD

    Seriously at first I was like, “FFS!! Yet another shallow bastard!” Then he turns around and explains it like that in the 2nd panel and finally ends it with the third; that man has gone from cool, to bastard, then back to Genius Awesomeness in a matter of a few panels… My god, I need to start taking notes, my characters have never been this good.

    But seriously, the last panel is the best, not because of the NSFW, but for the one word reasoning. Nate knows he wants Rose and that’s obvious, but as described in the 2nd panel he over-thought it and lost everything; so a single-worded zing will hit the hardest, mostly because it’s straight to the point by being so blunt, and the point is impossible to miss.

    Nick I have no idea how you make such a hilarious strip so serious, but your skill dwarfs the 9 years I have been writing… congratulations.

  7. Ariamaki says:

    From here on out also known as The Smart One.

  8. Richard says:

    The tittoo, the most bad-ass of female tattoos, and second only to the mind-numbing horror that is the dreaded tattallywhacker!

  9. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    Wow… simply wow. Funny part, is, I agree with Nate’s friend; it’s rare when you find the relationship where you can be funny and serious, and if you can do the jailbait wait, it’ll be completely worth it.

  10. Jack says:

    Best us of the word “Thus” as a singular statement.

  11. Tssha says:

    So…not a starfish then?

    Glad to have a look just to make sure. Can never be certain without proof.

  12. Hogan says:

    Few things can beat boobies in underscoring a statement proberly!

  13. MrGBH says:

    I always find the effect breasts have over men to be quite amusing. I personally can’t see what the attraction is to flabby blobs.

  14. Abd Al-Azrad says:

    You know, I have to say that Jimi’s words are really something everyone should think about. Too many people making mountains out of molehills, trying to establish sex as the ultimate apex and that there must be struggle and strife and a terrible journey involving four midgets, a really old guy, a short guy with an attitude about it, a homosexual, and a pair of ordinary guys with too much time on their hands.

    Rock on Nick, rock on.

  15. Stephen says:

    you just gotta love when the argument plays itself out

  16. Mahmoud says:

    Nate, listen to Jimi. That man is obviously a master of philosophy. And Skanks.

  17. Silver says:

    They’re just boobies! And yeah, ouch on the tat. Getting it right over the nipple too? OH THE PAIN!

  18. Chris says:

    I see the sisterly resemblance in their personal behavior between Nina and Rose. Nate needs to take some time off if possible, if not, just try to clear his mind. How about meditation?

  19. codyblues says:

    Ohhhhhhhh. That’s why mays is so much more seems wound up since the comics started.

    He has not GOT ANYTHING…AT ALL…

    A man can only take so much…

  20. Rikki says:

    Hmm. She has a nice body for a common skank.

    I like Jimi’s philosophy.

  21. Frizzmo says:

    Awwww DAMNIT! I didn’t see the NSFW tab in time!

    My own fault I guess. At least it was only one visible tit, right? Surely, I can’t get fired for one tit, right?

  22. Didi says:

    Jimi has a good point. I’ll agree to that. But I still don’t think it was all his fault.

    Nate thought too much. Rose thought too little.

    Of course, something was bound to go wrong.

  23. James says:

    Now all we need to see is Rose’s mom’s boobs and that will be the whole family!

  24. The Kingpin says:

    OMG it’s like I said in my last comment!!! :O

  25. Ray says:

    I just starting reading your comics last night and I read every single one. Didn’t get to bed until late. lol That’s how much I like it. :)

  26. reynard61 says:

    DAY-UM, girl! You sure aren’t shy about showing off the body art, are you?

    Can you imagine if Dr. Seuss had done that with the Sneetches? Kiddie Lit would never be the same…

  27. Pashakitty says:

    LOL, hooray for boobies! I mean, come on… what’s not to like. Although being bi I might just be a little biased in favor of boobies but oh well. Don’t think anyone will hold it against me.

    I personally wouldn’t touch Nina’s boobies if my life depended on it for fear of what I might catch but I’m just cautious like that. “Negrophile” I didn’t even know that was a real word, though it makes sense. I’m glad I’ve never actually run into any of those considering I’m mixed but look mostly black.

    I think that would be really strange, since I was raised in an all white family I think a Negrophile would know more about black culture than I would. I can just imagine the conversation now.

    White Negrophile: “Yo bitch, what up?”

    Me: “Um… excuse me?”

    White Negrophile: ” said, what up?”

    Me: “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t quite understand the question”

    White Negrophile: “Yo shor is one fly bitch.”

    Me: “I beg your pardon?”

    White Negrophile: “Can I has yo digits?”

    Me: “Police! Someone help me! I think this guy is a cannibal, he wants my fingers!”

    LOL, seriously though I do understand a bit of black slang but generally feel it makes the people who use it sound ignorant.

  28. Pashakitty says:

    Oh, and a booby tattoo isn’t that bad to get. I have one, not across my nipple mind you and my titty tat is small but my pricing hurt far worse.

  29. Pashakitty says:

    Oh… also just thought I would mention… I love the fresh fruits sign behind them while Nina is flashing her boobs.

  30. Neil says:

    Nick, is this essential for plot development, or is it purely gratuitous? (I know it’s gratuitous, I just wonder if there’s anything else to it.)

  31. Snerky says:

    Can’t believe I just sat up ’til past 1am reading through 146 pages of this. Awesome comic. But my Maths lecturer isn’t gonna be too pleased about my homework… Damn you, internet, and your glorious webcomics! D;

  32. Dweev says:

    “I tot I taw a Tittie Tat.
    I Did! I did!
    I did taw a tittie tat”
    (with apologies to Tweety Bird)

  33. Tannius says:

    And thus I retract my earlier Maple Leaf comment….

  34. Oxford says:

    Heh. The words “Quod Erat Demonstrandum” come to mind.

  35. John Madden says:


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