It's Complicated

It’s Complicated

Kind of invalidates his whole “your mom” comment, doesn’t it?


Aya: That’s my sister’s brother.
Rose: Your what?

Aya: Well, you know I’m adopted. Trevor is my mom’s son from a previous marriage.
Rose: So that would make him your half-brother or something, right?

Aya: Maybe under normal circumstances, but he’s a JACKASS.
Trevor: You said “cum”.

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  1. I am really REALLY liking this guy!!! They might not be enjoying it, but I know I am. Nothing beats some good inn-your-endo :)

  2. KevinK says:

    ~and lo’ Nick doth give us a new character…and he was an asshole…and thus the universe corrects itself…and it is good.~

    =p padding out till Rose conflict 2.0 hits, set your watches people >=o

  3. So, does that still make it incest? According to the bible, yes, but who reads that thing?

    Me, apparently.

    • QuietGiant says:

      Wait… you mean to say the bible doesn’t support incest? Someone might want to tell Lot and his daughters the next time they decide to start drinking….

      • bob says:

        well, if lot wasn’t enough, think of all the incest that had to occur in order for Adam and Eve to populate the world from Genesis to the Flood.
        On top of that you also have to take into account that Noah’s family repopulated the earth a second time after the flood. And now we have 6.5 billion inbred hicks (yes, I know that includes all humanity … including me by extension as well as you), granted some are just more inbred than others

        • Neil says:

          Actually, in Genesis Cain quite clearly says that he fears other people will kill him when he’s thrown out of Eden, meaning there was a wider gene pool than you think. (With Noah, you you’re right, but it’s not as narrow a bottleneck.)

          You don’t need to be a creationist to realise that we’re all related if you go back far enough…

  4. Airani says:

    Well, my little brother and I make ‘your mom’ jokes to eachother all the time. My sister too. It’s not that we mean it, it’s just a sibling thing.

  5. Val Kilmer Batman says:

    I had to re-read the strip to find the “cum”. In fact, I had to re-read it twice,

    I think that something is wrong with me.

  6. Abd Al-Azrad says:

    Where oh where is Purvous when he’s needed? He’d get rid of that kid real fast.

  7. Eric says:

    I still want to punch this guy in the face.

    • Tssha says:

      Trust me man, he’s not worth the effort. ;)

      Though if someone were to put some soda in his ear via a straw delivery system…

      • the kingpin says:

        A. wouldn’t that be more effort.
        B. i would spend a week training ants to work a acid squirter make them squirt a hole in his head and through the skull then give his brain to science. and guess what i bet he wouldn’t even notice XD

  8. The kingpin says:

    WHY ALL THE HATE ON THE NEW GUY HE’S AWESOME! you all know it he’s gunna be right up there with purvous your all just either being part of the crowd or your woman thinking he’s sexist!

    • John says:

      Would agree with you, if it wasn’t for the mom joke… Other than that, since I haven’t stooped low enough to try that hard since 3rd grade, he’s just like me lol. Smartass from hell XD

  9. Chaos says:

    I’m surprised no one has backhanded him yet.

    • Stephen says:

      allow me to do the honors then -backhands him- i mean i like a good innuendo joke every now and then but damn this guy kills it

  10. Negai Boshi says:

    I know a girl who laughs at the word cum

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