New week, new mini-arc! I’m sure they won’t always work out this way, but it’s kind of neat when they do.

I’ve recently been running some ads over on The Space Between and it seems our readers share some common ground. I’m TOTALLY sure they’re just clicking because TG sounds interesting, and NOT AT ALL because there’s a nude shot of Tracy on the ad. At any rate, I’ve added it to the Comics Worth Checking Out, so give it a shot if you haven’t already. It’s another anime-influenced comic about twentysomethings, music and shirtlessness. Act quickly and you might even catch that ad…

Of course, if you prefer pantslessness, the most recent story arc at Between Failures is probably up your alley. Just sayin’.


(Aya’s Honda: HONNNKKK)

Aya (standing at the car): I’ve been trying to call you all day! You need a cell phone.
Rose: Just IM or email me next time.

Aya: You have internet now? Does that mean we don’t have to hang out at the public library anymore?
Rose: Not unless you develop a strange urge to see masturbating hobos.

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21 Responses

  1. Everyone needs a release. And it seems Rose isn’t looking too bad, so maybe she’ll be okay.

  2. RotSman says:

    If you start including masturbating hobos, I’m calling it a bridge too far. Thank goodness for the internet…and guess who she’ll think of every time she logs on…brutal!

  3. codyblues says:

    Truth be told…that was the add that lead me here in the first place…I feel bad for some reason now…

    Wait a sec, I don’t remember seeing any Tracy ass in the comic…yet.

    Or did I miss it?

  4. Dr. wonderful says:

    You know? Rose may be all right…but I always thought her friend was Hotter. The black hair, tan skin, lightweight at drinking? Fetish Fuel unleaded.

    …Also the naked Tracy ad sold me…and I YET to see her naked. >_<

  5. MegaHentai says:

    I’ve seen those ads on other webcomics I read, though I’d read the strip before. If memory serves, the last one I saw was on Menage a 3 (, but I’m sure there were others.

  6. CrazedAssassin says:

    I clicked because of the nude picture ;P

    • Neil says:

      I clicked out of boredom. The picture was so blatant that it nearly put me off; I was glad to see that the comic actually has a decent plot!

  7. Ashton Gilbert says:

    Hi, Nick. i read through all of treading ground so far, and man this story line is intense. (if you find motherfuckers and what not intense.) but this is great.

    also i read 1977, how i found you.

  8. Mel M says:

    Hey Nick, Do you have the art for the Tracy ad posted anywhere? I went by Spacebetween but that ads gone now.

  9. Vance Finiraldi says:

    *facepalm* My God; that sounds exactly like the library affiliated with my university. Except they do more than just use the public computers to take care of “business.” They treat the library’s restrooms as their own personal bathrooms at seemingly random times. You don’t want to unwittingly walk during their bath time. XP

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