Unbreakable (NSFW-ish)

Unbreakable (NSFW-ish)

Stay strong, Steve. Stay strong.


Nate: Wait, wait, so I broke up with Rose, and you fucked her mom? What a shitty birthday.
Steve: I don’t feel great about it! It just kind of happened!

Steve: I’m sitting there on the couch, minding my own business, and the next thing you know she’s going down on me! I kept expecting Derek to turn around and notice, but he was too busy with God of War.

Nate: So, the next time I call you a motherfucker…
Steve: Yeah, yeah, I’m not allowed to say anything.

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  1. Sara E. says:

    Steve’s expression in the second panel? Priceless.
    And Derek…oh Derek.

  2. Roy Parker says:

    hmm…you gotta love that GoW. getting head is all right, too , i suppose.

    well clearly Derek and Steve know where it’s at. When the hell is Nate gonna clue in and start being AWESOME?!!?

  3. Dr. wonderful says:

    Playing God of war whle your Roomate get blown like a Hoover vacuum cleaner?

    Not bad Derek…Not bad at all.

  4. Looks like he’s a head of the group. Because he’s getting more action than them.

  5. Bubb says:

    It looks like Steve’s sighing or something… is he at least enjoying the opportunity? ;)

  6. Bill says:

    Oh I’m sure Derek is completely aware of what’s happening, but it seems to be proper unwritten etiquette to pretend not to notice.

  7. Sharon says:

    ok.. all three of my fave net coms are having girl issues.. wtf is going on? You people sharing morning coffee too late in the evening and can’t sleep so thought to fuck with me by having girl issues all over the place? Mind you one is girl on girl issue but still!!! lol

    ps.. My kids call my husband mother fucker… after all I am their mother lol
    oh.. too personal. oh well

    • ManwicH says:

      “ps.. My kids call my husband mother fucker… after all I am their mother lol
      oh.. too personal. oh well”

      That’s just wrong. Funny, but effin’ wrong.

    • p. observer says:

      wait which comic are you reading thats having girl on girl issues i thought i had them all bookmarked what did i miss

  8. Rock says:

    Sooooo…. Promiscuity is a trait the girls got from their mom, huh? Does that mean they should be careful not to slip into alcoholism, too?

    • Eric says:

      Probably, addictive personalities tend to be genetic. And an addictive personality isn’t selective, any of the high risk addictions can grab you. So even if Rose avoids booze and drugs, she could still end up addicted to gambling or smoking (many addicts have more than one addiction as well).

      Sex addiction is a much debated topic (there is much belief that it is claimed far more often than it actually occurs, and some believe it doesn’t exist at all) and probably works on a different psychology/ brain chemistry ‘wavelength’ than the others.

  9. Jack says:

    In Derek’s defense, God of War -is- pretty damn awesome.

  10. James says:

    Being able to lord something like that over one of your friends is one of the true joys of life. If I were Nate I would even change Steve’s name on my phone to “Motherfucker”

  11. Hornet says:

    Wait being a motherfucker “isn’t” a badge of honor?
    Next you’re going to tell me earning your red wings is a bad thing?

  12. Tia says:

    LOL that is sooooo exactly the face guys make. Did you use a mirror to capture that, or did you go off of description?

  13. Last Hussar says:

    “Yeah, but at least one of us IS a fucker. Hows Madam Palm?”

  14. Eric says:

    Either she gives head really quiet and Steve was controlling his breathing (possible) or Derek was totally into his game. Personally I would have been wondering at some point “What the hell is that noise?” Turn around… “Oh yoikes, get a room!”

    And hell, twenty year old guy getting some hot cougar action (heck, she’s probably younger than me), he doesn’t really have anything to be ashamed of.

  15. Eric says:

    Poor Rose, that was a pretty shitty birthday.

    And I thought my birthday’s were bad.

  16. qrsouther says:

    I was half expecting you to have a panel where you panned out and had Tracy fellating Derek as he played God of War.

  17. Hogan says:

    Now, I’ve been called clueless and bad at overlooking, but Derek takes the cake… :D

    Coming up next… pinkyswearing never to say anything to Rose… while she accidently overhears :|

  18. josh says:

    Because what living, breathing man is going to say, ” Hey! Stop sucking my dick, or I’ll call the police!”

  19. codyblues says:

    Good luck on your holiday everybody.

    Here’s hopping you don’t live in the north east(like me…)

    • chumash99 says:

      Actually. we didn’t get hit too bad. CT only got some rain, but it cleared up pretty fast. Now then, topic…

      I *heart* Steve. ;) Can’t wait to hear the rumors when Nate goes back to work.

  20. ThatGuy says:

    Just finished reading it all and I love the lot of it :) Found my way here from a banner @ “Living With Insanity”, nice sunday afternoon surprise.

  21. DiDi says:

    Considering that face is the “Omigod” face… why the hell didn’t Derek notice?!

    He should have least heard all that moaning and shit. Did he have the TV cranked up loud? Because that makes the most sense. The only sense really.

  22. Ray says:

    wow just wow, Steve DID get something after all, so the party didnt suck to much for him, as for Derek, i reconize that blank look of his, he is in the middle of kicking tons of ass and cant even blink because he might miss something. Happens to me when i pvp all the time. anywho with nate and rose broken up, who’s problems can we make fun of now?

  23. hunetr says:

    derrick has the blank face cause hes playing the sex game in gow

  24. Parry says:


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