All serious discussions shall be conducted with at least one participant in a pantsless state. This I decree.

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  1. RotSman says:


  2. *Gasp* Drama? I do hope she smacks him a little to break the mood.

    And actually, I have had it work in real life. I have a good friend I used to date, but when we broke up we stayed friends and both of us are happy.

  3. Sara E. says:

    How can they take a break if they’re not even dating? Though, I suppose you can take breaks from your friends. My friend Arielle and I did that once, though we never outright said so. We’d gotten in a fight, and didn’t talk to each other for a few months.
    That being said, Nate, stop being a douchebag.

  4. Freeman says:

    …Nate….Just date the girl already. -facepalm- also, you cant really take a break if you aren’t dating…

    • Sharon says:

      And for how long after does he have to worry that a tempermental slut might decide to take him to court for statutory after he does sleep with her? Hey.. he looked at another chick so I dumped him but that’s not enough.. I want to really make him pay! yeah… Stick to your guns Nate, the fruit will be all the sweeter for the sampling if you wait.

  5. Cartoon Eric says:

    Maybe he’s playing it TOO safe. There’s a fine line to that.

  6. Jonathan says:

    A break? Really Nate? That doesn’t sound you. Makes me want to bitchslap Nate.

  7. msaturn says:

    wiener indeed, 100% vienna beef

  8. Tia says:

    Oh HEEEEELLLLLLLLL NO. He did not just go all Ross and Rachel on her. Cuz you know she’s gonna go out and get sum, and then he’s gonna be a whiny bitch about it. Dude, Nate, grow a pair. It’s not like anybody else cares. You aren’t hurting anybody by hitting that. Man up and get laid.

  9. Codyblues says:

    …from what?

  10. Val Kilmer Batman says:

    Look at his eyes in the last panel. Holy crap.

  11. Brooklyn Red Leg says:

    Aaarrghhh! NO! Abort! Abort! Dude, you didn’t just go there! FRAK!

  12. Edwin Shy says:

    If you look up dumbass you’ll see Nate

  13. Jakers says:

    So, on the one hand, he plays the ‘gentleman’ card…but, it ends up with him being a DOUCHEBAG…an intriguing quandary.

    That being said, just bloody tap that already!

  14. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    Nate, you are officially an idiot. NO woman(or girl) wants to hear “let’s just be friends” or “let’s take a break”…. I know you want to be a gentleman and wait, but DATE her, and wait to have sex… it’s totally worth it dood, trust me.

    • Model S says:

      so THAT explains why etna’s such a bitch to you. it all makes perfect sense now.

      seriously though you are so right dood i’ve been kicked places for that very comment.

  15. kitenkaiba says:

    Hemm strange I am on Nate’s side. Every one is screaming he should just fuck her but I think maybe people should consider his side a little more carefully. He’s got a lot to be worried about even without the legality, like Roses mental state. Her home and upbringing is what influenced her to be like this and while is all fine to say it’s her choice if I was Nate I would be questioning whether or not I am taking advantage of her. I personally wouldn’t feel rite having any kind of relations with her till she ether gotten away from her family problems or had some consoling.

    • pflorian says:

      Alternatively, maybe Nate just isn’t all that much into Rose.

      Rose has been pushing this relationship from day one. Nate’s just sort of gone along with it as long as it didn’t involve potential jail time. It’s possible that he just might not feel that strongly about her. He had been willing to have what was nearly anonymous sex with her until he learned that she was underage, but once they became friends, that changed the circumstances.

      If that is the case, his refusing to succumb to temptation is both wise and decent.

  16. Jack says:

    I’m with Nate. The reasons are numerous, but the main one boils down to this. No one wants to be pushed into something.

    • metalangel says:

      Huh? He was ready to do her within like two hours of meeting her and was rounding the bases very quickly.

      Imagine if he hadn’t found out until it was too late? The way he’s acting, I think he’d have been enough of a dork to hand himself in to the cops. And I get the feeling the cops would have laughed him out of the station.

  17. Raela says:

    Good job. She’s a whore and it makes me mad that she’s forcing herself on him. If he dated her, it would only lead to heartbreak because he wouldn’t REALLY want to be with her. Yeah it’s sad, but wouldn’t it be better for them to date when they’re both ready?

    • Sara E. says:

      Why is she a whore? Because she’s confident and comfortable with her body and sexuality? Oh no! How dare a woman be in charge of her sexuality!

      • kitenkaiba says:

        I don’t think she is a *whore* but having sex on the side of a busy freeway with two guys at once dose give reason enough to call her that.

      • Val Kilmer Batman says:

        She’s a WHORE not because she’s in charge of her sexuality, but because she’s using it as a weapon. She’s trying to force herself on him. If a guy was constantly harassing a chick, trying to get into her pants, and she kept saying no, but he wouldn’t stop, you’d be supporting her, saying he needed to leave her alone, that he could be brought up on charges, but the moment people disrespect a WOMAN who does the same thing, oh shit, it is ON.

        Hypocrisy. Hypocrisy everywhere.

        • Sara E. says:

          You have a point. There is an unfair double standard. But at least she’s being straightforward about this whole thing. She’s not using her sexuality to get money or power (which plenty of women do). She’s not using it to blackmail him, or exert any kind of control. She has no ulterior motives, she’s using her sexuality as a weapon because she wants to have sex with Nate. It’s sex for the sake of attraction and physical pleasure, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
          This is a comic. Her throwing herself at Nate is purely for the purpose of amusement. If this were an event in real life, it wouldn’t just be funny, it would probably be pathetic too.

          • Sara E. says:

            I just forgot. She used her sexuality to make him jealous. So maybe she isn’t completely devoid of ulterior motives. But hey, it made for good entertainment.

  18. T-Cat says:

    “A break from being just friends, let’s do it on the roof.”

  19. Eric says:

    Okay, at this point, she needs to just pull Nate’s pants down. Not to try to force him to have sex, but to see if he is actually a guy! He is seriously started to sound like he’s actually a she!

  20. Miah says:

    I want to see where this goes.

    Once he found out she was underage he set a ground rule & she’s continually pushed to get him to break it. When he didn’t break it, she immediately started showing the goods to everyone else in the room. Then she said she wanted a reaction good or bad….well she got her wish.

    If I was in a similar situation I’d seriously have to question how much the girl likes or more importantly respects me.

    • Eric says:

      Respect? Women do that? Since when, and why wasn’t I notified!

      Damn it people! There needs to be an email list or something about these things.

      Okay snark asside, I’m half serious. in this day and age and of the couples I know I would say all of ONE woman actually respects the man in her life – and that would be with caveats. And I’m talking about married couples over 30 and with children and real jobs.

      Since the feminist movement was subverted in the 70s women in North America have had very little respect for anyone, not men or women. Men aren’t long on respect in this day and age either, but that’s another matter (there was a recent complaint about that from a movie star, while men in the old days may have been sexist, at least most of the time they were polite!)

      Seriously, consider how most people treat each other. Even people who supopsedly love one another, do you see a lot of respect in that? Not me.

      I’m not talking about our parents (I’m 40, so I’m thinking 60s and older), they still had respect for each other.

      As a note, my mother was working for women’s equality before the silly ‘feminists’ of the 70s weren’t even born (my mother is 80).
      She is just a tad irritated with what it became – what she and her pers was looking for was fair treatment, respect, and to raise the bar of behaviour for all. Instead the movement became about double-standards and women acting every bit as bad as the worst of men.

      Horray for progress.

  21. Nick says:

    Good call, Nate.

  22. Mike says:

    I think it’s ment to be an ironical joke or somthing. Still ya know…douchey much?

  23. jrage says:

    With a great ‘stache comes great responsibility, and now I fear the authoritative air it grants him has driven him mad with power!

  24. Taiming says:


  25. Kary says:

    Somehow i don’t like Nate anymore after the last week … today doesn’t make this feeling better

  26. DragonXomega says:

    I like the comic, first of all. To be honest, this kind of reminds me of Scott Pilgrim and his relationship with Knives Chao (chow? Dunno how it’s spelled). He’s older, and pretty much sets the speed and level of the relationship. While I WOULD like to see more of him showing that the attraction is mutual (like the “date” at the mini-golf) I like seeing him suffer and hurt himself, all in the name of propriety.

    And holy crap, did I just post this? Academia has ruined even the simple joy of NSFW webcomics? Damn yous, English degree!!!

  27. Lee says:

    dont ever say take a break dose no one see friends it never ends well

  28. James Rye says:


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