Premature Evacuation (NSFW)

Premature Evacuation (NSFW)

Yep, that just happened.


[Nate approaches and is stunned to see Rose.]

[A topless Rose smirks at Nate.]

[Nate walks out the front door.]

Rose: Okay, show over.
Steve: What the fuck?! I’m not even halfway to blue balls!

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  1. drew says:

    to quote one of the best bands known to man (the bloodhound gang)

    “hooray for boobies”

  2. Demus says:

    Right now I don’t think Nate would notice if Rose was walking around stark naked.

  3. RotSman says:

    I think it’s getting near time for Nate to find a girl he can actually be with…

  4. If “How I Met Your Mother” has taught me anything, it’s that ‘the naked man’ trick only works if they’re naked and no one’s around.

  5. Sara E. says:

    Maybe Nate would notice if she shot ping pong balls out of her snatch.

  6. Codyblues says:

    Wouldn’t it be blue ball?

  7. Ray says:

    Wow, he walked by, like he was either blind or possessed and or charmed by some evil force, who doesnt stop for tittys? I myself would have taken a moment to enjoy the view, also boobies rock.

    • Dave says:

      Looked to me like he *did* stop for a moment to enjoy the view, though he was pretending to *just* be shocked. Only then did he get mad and stalk off.

  8. tWiCHY says:

    there is only one reasonable way to respond to this comic:

    mmmm boobies (oYo)

  9. T-Cat says:

    o_o… He.. he left? He just left? Woah. If that happened to me… damn.

  10. Willard says:

    No, there was reaction in the first panel. Check the brows

    • Willard says:

      Oh, and, HOORAY FOR TITTIES!

    • Demus says:

      After looking at the first panel again I can see it now. And his expression in the third panel as well.

      • Jim says:

        Yep! – Panel 1 – mild shock/bordering on “amusement” —

        Panel 3 … he’s PIST!

        Thinking back on the last weeks strips, “something” happened to HIM when HE moved out on his own at the same age.

        May be a “Mrs. Robinson” episode? – May be he was a “virgin”, got himself “cornered” and couldn’t “perform”, and is afraid of a repeat performance?

        Only way to find out …

        is STAY TUNED friends, neighbors and “pervs” of all ages, shapes and size!

  11. Abd Al-Azrad says:

    Clearly Nate is repressing his homosexual tendencies and self-loathing.

  12. Warlock says:

    Or, it could be simply that Nate isn’t just ruled by his dick and competetice male machismo telling him he needs to fuck any cute female around… or even claim that he would… and instead he has a sense of what is or is not ethical in dealing with an just-turned-18 girl, whether she’s wanting it or not. (Or even if HE’S wanting it as well.)

    You know… Thinking with the bigger brain rather than just the little one down below. Enjoying the view for a moment (you notice that he didn’t leave while she was stripping) is one thing… removing yourself from the temptation to act (which he may have been doing, not to mention he may have been angry that she was essentially trying to manipulate him) on such things is another.

    (And for all you guys who were like “Yeah… I’d hit dat’ in a heartbeat.” Yep… and there’s be a decent chance that 6 months later you’d be getting conjugal visits in your jail cell from “Tiny”, “Vinnie” and “Crazy Louie”.)

  13. Thom says:

    Well, after all, it IS “Whip-em-out Wednesday”…

  14. Pashakitty says:

    It amazes me just how many men would actually have sex with an underage girl just because she is willing.

    Just because a girl is physically mature doesn’t mean that she’s mentally or emotionally mature. That’s the kind of girl who if she doesn’t get what she wants might just be willing to go to the police (or your wife, or your girlfriend, or your parents) and claim that you assaulted her just to punish you for not doing what she wanted you to do in the first place.

    It pays to think these things through, the head on your shoulders is there for a reason. But I guess there’s enough dick heads out there that it might as well not be.

    • Dan says:

      Jeez, I wouldn’t tap that even if there was a stripper pole involved.

      I’m no expert in the subject, but I recall hearing that the small portion of the brain that has relevance to emotional maturity doesn’t fully develop until the mid to late twenties. So, technically, no one is truly emotionally mature until several years after the legal age, in any state, really.

      Not to mention that most women I’ve encountered will do about anything to get someone back if they’re pissed off. There’s little control over anger, even in emotional maturity. That self-control is developed separately. After all, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn.”

      • Reg says:

        You speak of emotional maturity while reading a webcomic. ‘Nuff said.

        • Eric says:

          Are you trying to claim only children are – or should be – interested in comics iof any sort?

          Wow, what a positively ancient stereotype.

          • Reg says:

            Mmmmh… Let me adjust myself in my rocker first. Yeah, I let my eight year old read NSFW comics all the time. No, seriously, if I’m going to read something for intellectual stimulation, emotional or otherwise, there is Plato’s republic or even V for Vendetta. I’d say that this comic is typical to the genre and entertaining, but when I’m reading it, it’s for an immature – “She’s showing her boobies”- laugh.

            Taking a moral stance when I’m goofing off is addlepated.

    • Reg says:

      Sadly, we know that Nate doesn’t fall into that category, considering he fell into bed with her the first day he met her. He needs to take sex down from its pedestal, and decide if he wants to be with the chick that strips for his attention at her b-day party. I think that he’d have to sleep with her to find any depth to her character.

      • Eric says:

        As the board won’t allow me to directly comment on the post I want to comment on, I will move down one level to comment.

        I will accept that the basic premise of the comic is not exactly deep and is base entertainment, however that does not – and I would think it obvious that it has not – prevented intellectual discussion of the topic. There seems to be considerable discussion on the merits of what both Nate and Rose are doing. Some is on the silly side, and some is less silly. Just because the basic premise is ‘childish’ does not prevent a ‘mature discussion’.

        On the point of taking a moral stance while goofing off, it sounds that you have very much taken a moral stance while goofing off. I don’t have a problem with that, but it appears you do.

        Me, I don’t take a moral stance when I’m *not* goofing off. The real world is far too absurd to treat seriously. I reserve being serious for when I’m being silly. It makes far more sense.

        • Reg says:

          Valid point. Sage advice. However, if everyone in the webcomic behaves in a mature manner, we won’t see any more gratuitous boobies. Furthermore, in my own life, I’m finding that there is room for a predominantly physical relationship. (At least, that’s what I tell myself as I bed a 25 year old.)

  15. Stormhawk says:

    For the guys with the bue balls: her mom’s still there, is of loose morals, is three sheets to the wind, is well past the age of consent, and may want to do a cougar prowl. And let us not forget the light weight passed out from the O’Doul’s, who may wake up soon and want some attention. So, I ask, why risk it?

  16. Zac W. says:

    Honestly, even though red heads are my kryptonite, I’m fairly certain I’d end up doing the same thing. No matter how hot I find her or if I feelings for her. And unlike her last boyfriend that was in their twenties, I honestly think Nate likes and respects her as a person, not just as a piece of ass.

  17. Eric says:

    Woot! Yeah Rose!

    And she was mostly just trying to get Nate’s motor started, it failed. Didn’t work last time either. She shoulda known better.

    Also I think Nate and Rose are on a different wavelength. Nate wants a relationship with respect and trust and love (good luck with that). Rose is young and horny and just wants to have a good time. She isn’t a skank like her older sister so won’t just jump every guy in town, but she isn’t really looking for commitment or anything.

    Rose is here for a good time, not a long time.

    • Eric says:

      Just as a side note, this entire thing about age is a fairly recent invention, like in the last 100 odd years. If you move back even a moderate time to the middle ages when a very old person was 40, waiting until you were nearly 20 meant that you risked dying or becoming an invalid before all your children had aged adequately. In the middle ages it was pretty much assumed that by 17 you would be married and have *at least* one kid by then.

      • Reg says:

        The end to segregation has come in the last 100 years too. The evolution of morality is a good thing.

        • Eric says:

          Not always. Especially as its the groups who were *against* equality that are *for* ‘morality’ laws (i.e. religious and social conservative groups).

          As a commenter says below, you are old enough to get your head blown off for some unclear political objective (again, often most promoted byu said religious and conservative organizations) but you aren’t old enough to get any.

          In North America sex is disgusting and perverted, we are supposed to be ashamed we have sexual desires. But we are supposed to want to hurt and even kill other human beings. It is encouraged and enshrined in our culture, and to a disturbing extent, our laws.

          We are a *seriously* fucked up culture.

          • Reg says:

            To begin, I have to agree with your overall assesment and add that you can’t legislate morality. Prohibition is a prime example. However, the evolution of morality remains a good thing.

            It’s not found in your laws, but your ideals.

          • Aaronious says:

            Dude, I’m a fairl easy-going guy (I mean, I read TG…) but am also a member of what you would consider one of those “religious and social conservative groups.” I actually got a kick out of all the social and political jokes so far in this comic, including the Palin joke, the Chelsea joke and the whole underage mockery, and I love the fact that it came back on the air after a hiatus of however-long.

            These comments are getting ridiculously annoying, though. I do NOT agree that there is something morally wrong with the whole “underage sex” thing in this comic, since, as has been pointed out multiple times, it is not illegal at 17 in most states, and precedent shows that it has been legal as young as 8 in ages past. (Check out medieval cultures, where there was not age of consent, and people were usually married off without a choice in the matter. Also, why do you think that girls menstruate? Their bodies are ready for sex now. Get it through your heads that guys drop because they have matured enough for the act!)

            On the flipside, you just threw out TWO bigoted and poorly-thought-out remarks in one post, both related to the nebulous “religious and social conservative groups.”

            How are you any better than moralists? Your morals are just different, if just as poorly-thought-out and knee-jerked into your posts.

            Please, think about what you want to say BEFORE you say it. I want to go back to being a fairly easy-going guy.

            Sorry for the rant.

  18. Reg says:

    Oh, and in case I sound too high and mighty, me likem titties!

  19. Dave says:

    Hey, where I live, it’s just in the last 12 years that they changed the law, making 18 the age of consent. Prior to 1998 it was like anyone over 15 could do what they wanted. And even now, outside the cities, this particular law is just kind of winked at, then ignored.

  20. To paraphrase Bryan Lee O”Malley: That just happened… and it was awkward for everyone… INCLUDING YOU!

  21. Brooklyn Red Leg says:

    Just started reading this comic the other day and I’m definitely hooked. As others hae said ‘Hooray for boobies!’

    As to the Age of Consent vis-a-vis Statutory Rape, the ‘crime’ itself was invented in 1886 (first documented case). Its baloney of the highest order since at the age of 17 you can be handed an automatic weapon and shipped to some 3rd World hellhole to get your head blown off. It has done far more harm than good (read on recent Sexting cases and you’ll see) and should be set to the pre-1886 standard.

  22. Hogan says:

    Now thats a sight to be greeted by when logging in to the site! :D

  23. Msaturn says:

    Did you just try to troll people on a webcomic comment board? Cool, man.

    • Willard says:

      I was serious. Being one with a v-card myself, I do not know if my morals would stay in the areas that they are now once said v-card is lost.

      • Reg says:

        My v-card has been tested, withstood, found another, and married her before I checked it in.

        One, yes, a virgin can know that he’s had bad sex for ten years before having a point of comparison.

        Two, strength of character operates independently of whether you enshrine sex as a mode of worship or merely regard it as a biological imperative.

        So, without losing that v-card, you’re quite capable of being an ass, of remaining stalwart, and of redeeming yourself. By 25, I was still a virgin and had accomplished all three of these.

        • Willard says:

          Well, maybe I’ll find out in the next five years then. If not, then I guess go 40 year old virgin? But no smiley face please.

  24. Steve says:

    Wow, that first picture just captures “Deer in headlights” XD

  25. Raith says:

    Ooo he looks pissed.

  26. Jonathan says:

    Well it’s me again. Your friendly intellectual thread commentator here. Heh. The funny thing is…the panel before this one I knew instantly what was going to happen. Now relax Nick…you know I love your work and as I have lamented I am a big fan of yours now. I simply mean that I could anticipate what was going to happen because it would have been my reaction. He comes and sees what she is doing. That knee jerk reaction of hurt and anger on his face because while she is too young etc etc and not technically his. He does want her and they do have a strong rapport and connect emotionally and intellectually. So to sum up…he was hurt…he felt ashamed of those feelings and at the same time he felt betrayed. So as most “good guys” the rare breed of us would do..he stormed out of the room without rancor or a word uttered. Not many will likely get how deep this panel is and focus only on her tits(which are smoking hot btw) and not grasp the big picture no pun intended. Those who do..kudos.

    Anyway. Awesome panel Nick. Looking forward to Friday.

  27. Jamieson says:

    I forget, what’s the key around her neck for?

  28. pflorian says:

    It will be interesting to see if, “Okay, show’s over,” ends up working on more than one level.

    Perhaps we will find out on Friday.

  29. p. observer says:

    hmm i wouldn’t call nate pissed in the 3rd panel more like indifferent

  30. TonyMcGirr says:

    Holy mother you get alotta comments nowadays, new audience maybe.

  31. Sharon says:

    You speak of her mental maturity yet you forget… she strips at her own b’day party to get a guys attention.. how not mature is that? And her mom.. does she even care about her own kids? Ugh…. Love the comic, will add to my faves list along with “Girls with Slingshots” and “Questionable Content” My funny list is getting funner by the day.

  32. Amber says:

    I think its about time to slap him with the Gay label now

    • Masterof7s says:

      Not allowing your dick to make the decisions + behaving like a responsible adult = Gay?

      Yeah, I’m gonna have to say that that’s the dumbest thing I’ve read in a while.

  33. Jascollins says:

    Honestly, I think he just needs to have some “alone time” right now…

  34. Jack says:

    He could just be annoyed at her transparent attempt to manipulate him by gettin nude in front of the bro’s. Bullshit is bullshit.

  35. James Rye says:

    He must have left to whack off, that´s the only believeable explanation i got for his behaviour. XDDD

  36. Joe says:

    … this guy is gay right?

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