Flustered (NSFW)

Flustered (NSFW)

It’s a Not Safe For Workweek on Treading Ground! Nothing this week is the sort of thing you’d want your boss to see on your monitor when s/he walks behind you.

But that’s a good rule of thumb for this comic on any week, right?

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  1. Isn’t her mother so nice? Being supportive and encouraging like that.

  2. qrsouther says:

    I think the title should, instead, be “Bros Before Rose.”

  3. Ryutso says:

    New favorite way to start and end conversations.

  4. Taurin says:

    “…sex ham glazed in awkward sauce.” Awesome! Absolutely awesome! …and oh so delicious.

  5. Alyssa says:

    I dunno, so far I could get away with this at work, but then, we have rather well-endowed fertility idols as part of the office décor, and a lot of the Flash content I have to test is at least this racy.

    • randomthinker says:

      … i just thought of something drunk horny chick at your job plus the idols(i’m guessing there is at least one male one) kinda sounds like an amateur porno (don’t look up freaky idol sex)

  6. Dr. wonderful says:


  7. T-Cat says:

    Well, thats what Nate gets for being all wussy with all of the “I’ll go to jail” crap. As an underaged girl I say go for it :D. WHOO NSFW… That was creepy wasn’t it? Okay I’m terrible at commenting. Either way— amazing comic Mr. Wright, I love Purvous<3.

  8. Dan says:

    I’m in the same boat as the guys; I don’t know if I should be cheering her on, or shrinking into the cushion of my computer chair.

    Thankfully, her mother is already doing one of those things for me.

  9. Mortalcoil says:

    No bra? Shameful! i for one am appalled >:(

    • random thinker says:

      meh i didn’t expect her to be wearing underwear period to be honest (she was expecting to get laid and probably will wind up getting someone drunk enough sooner or later in this “arc”)

  10. tWiCHY says:

    i like her style

  11. Erin says:

    I’m kinda torn on this one. On one hand, I feel the guys should totally enjoy it since Nate refused. On the other, I feel bad for Rose, she feels that she needs to strip or do sexy stuff to get attention. Really, its just kinda awkward to me. :/

    • K.T. says:

      I guess that makes two of us.

      I don’t really blame Nate tho. Back when I used to teach at a local highschool Igot myself a couple of hardcore fangirls and as much as I’d have loved acepting their advances, I never did. Underage girls can really fuck up your life if you get caught. =/

      • Erin says:

        Yeah, underage in general can fuck up your life if you’re not careful, even the ones who consent. Some guy went to jail for aggravated rape b/c he had sex with an underage girl, and whne her dad found out, she claimed rape. The only reason he got charged is b/c she was a virgin. Still, that sucks for the guy, not fair. I think that if it’s consentual, no matter what, no charges should have been filed. :/

  12. Demus says:

    I think this might be some appropriate background music.


  13. Jack says:


  14. Wotaod says:

    NSFW Week? Awww, but there are only 3 comics in a week….

  15. The Dude says:

    SEX HAM SOUNDS SO TASTY. Om nom nom.

  16. Demus says:


    A panel from TG Is now the picture for this page. Pretty appropriate really.

  17. Ray says:

    lol they look stunned, like “wtf do we do now?!” and Rose’s mom, so win, sooo i wonder when Nate will bust in like “wtf are you guys doing!”

  18. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    Wow… I either feel bad for Rose, for Nate, or both… I did the jailbait wait, and it was definitely worth it, though.

  19. Amanthissa says:

    I love the “…sex ham glazed in awkward sauce.” bit I really like the comic thanks for the good work.

  20. Eric says:

    Rose is sadly stripping for the wrong reasons, she feels rejected and angry, so she’s stripping if for no other reason than to taunt Nate. If she were doing it just for fun that would be another matter.

    As for the guys – at their age, I didn’t know a single guy (myself included) who would have paused to think about it. They would have simply gone “Woo hoo! sexy broad stripping down! Right on!”

    In your late teens and early twenties, your hormones take over at the slightest provocation, and after that, forget it, there is no concern for much else. The guys *might* have enough sense to say ‘uh uh’ when she comes on to them (maybe) but they would definitely enjoy the show.

    Of course as Rose is supposed to have been a little ‘active’ already, they might think “I’ll look, but I wouldn’t fuck her with *your* dick!”

    Of course I’m still waiting for Beth there to get in on the action. Wouldn’t put it past her to try for a MILF sandwich.

  21. Steve says:

    Mmmm….luscious, barely legal sideboob. :-P““

  22. Mike says:

    Hey Nick, just read through your comic today. Not bad stuff.

    A little input on your art, though. (If you don’t want input on your art, well, don’t read this.):
    I’d suggest not putting the lines in everyone’s hair. I know you do it to show that “hey, this is hair!” but because hair is so fine, those lines actually make it look less like hair. It’d be like putting dots all over everyone to show that “hey, this is skin! It has pores and freckles!”
    Try thinking of hair as more of a solid shape (granted one that will change from panel to panel); the only lines that should be drawn in it should be to emphasize the volume of that shape, (NOT to show hair) and then shade to further emphasize that volume. There are a lot of art books specializing in cartooning that will have more helpful info for you, from everything to hair to “cartoon anatomy.” My favorite is “Action! Cartooning” by Ben Caldwell, which has some pretty good guidelines for beginners. Or, you could always sign up for some art classes, though that is probably too time consuming for ya.

    • Nick says:

      Hi Mike, thanks for your comment!

      If you look far enough back in the comic (#78 and below) you’ll see that I used to do a cel shading thing on the hair. It was less work, but most people seem to prefer the new way I do it. I’m still perfecting the technique though, so I expect it will keep getting better.

  23. Yep, that’ll sure show _him_ that she’s mature enough to date.

  24. James Rye says:

    You got a whole lot better at drawing ass, not if i could say the same about tits. :P

    Lol at the reaction of the guys. XD

  25. Jtech says:

    *NOSE-Bleed to the MAAAX!!!!!* and my head would exploded if her mom joined in X)

  26. That Jewish Dude says:

    So, does the fact that Rose’s mom is cheering her stripping daughter on make her an incestuous lesbian pedophile?

    Think about it


  27. Tech says:

    mmmmm, awkwardsauce. glaaaaaargh…

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