Big Sister

Big Sister

There is an NSFW (explicit) version of this comic available. After much deliberation, I decided it would be better to offer the dirtier version as a link. Click here to see it.


Nate: That was surprisingly easy.
Rose: Told ya!
Steve: Less talky, more drinky.

[Nate walks by with drinks in hand as Nina can be seen partially concealed behind a bush.]

[Behind the bush we see a black guy pleasuring Nina from behind]
Guy: That your sister?

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  1. RotSman says:

    Is that Purvous?! When she gets off, is she going to yell “I WANNA HAVE A BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”?

  2. David says:

    So what prompted you to draw something like this, rather than stick with some plain old carpet munching?

  3. Kelly says:

    But we like super-explicit!

  4. metalangel says:

    If Nate wasn’t such a pussy, he could be doing that to Rose RIGHT NOW.

  5. Dragonson says:

    I sense blackmail bikini.

      • Dragonson says:

        Don’t google it.

        • Nick says:

          Heh, already did, but this comment actually appeared on the first page of the Google results. It has to be pretty obscure.

          • Dragonson says:

            I don’t usually double-state my points but:
            You don’t want to know.

          • Dragonson says:

            On second thought, you might not be so bad off knowing.
            But honestly: Do NOT try to find any of this shit on the internet.

            Lemme’ explain:
            You know the term Chainmail Bikini?
            Usually it just means that F.X. the developers of a P.C. game has make a female charecter extra hot to increase sales rates (which actually is proven to work).

            Now… In Real life, it usually is a word for something extremely perverted. Something that’s just… far out.

            Now, at some point someone thought they were being witty and mixed the term with the word “Blackmail”.
            Together, the term “Blackmail Bikini” means that someone blackmails someone to do something really wierd. Usually connected to sex.

            And i repeat: Do NOT try to find any of this stuff on the internet.

  6. NathanielJohnson says:

    Just because it’s a tad bizarre, my name is Nathaniel, I’m 20 years old, and I have a 16 year old red haired girlfriend. I also worked at a grocery store, but that was a while ago. Haha.

    • NathanielJohnson says:

      Also, i go by Nate. Just to reinforce the eeriness.

      • Nick says:

        That is pretty uncanny! Hopefully your relationship is a little more successful than this one…

        I once chatted with a girl who was in Rose’s place in her respective relationship. It seems they are not uncommon.

  7. Herb says:

    Somehow, I’m certain that the cops showing up now would have been the best case scenario.

    Happy 18th, Rose. Keep a bail bondsman on speed dial!

  8. Eric says:

    I thought the picture with the guys face in her ass was a more successful joke, the ‘clean’ version is just a voice from behind and below, probably doing something but I didn’t quite immediately leap to tossing her salad! Whereas the NSFW version is funnier because it plays on her skank nature with her doing something like that publicly.

    I think the link for the NSFW version is a good idea. people who don’t want to have their tender sensibilities insulted don’t have to look, and the rest of us deviants :) can if we wish.

    Really though, this one and the other where skanky sister is showing a bit of her areola are the only two actually NSFW images you’ve done. The others are suggestive, but no worse than what I’ve seen people wear.

    The basic rule is that it is considered public nudity if any of the following are visible: areola, nipple, outer or inner vaginal lips, anus, penis, testes, and pubic hair. As it appears Rose has followed the clean shaven route, she actually has more room to manoeuvre.

    Of course a blatantly sexual act like having your face stuck in a girls ass would be considered lewd behaviour.

    • Nick says:

      Thanks for your thoughts!

      Yeah, I think I drew the line at this being a sexual act rather than just simple nudity. There is some legitimate story-driven nudity coming up in the near future, and that won’t be concealed behind a link.

      Either way, this was a good way to test the waters and see what the reaction would be, and how I felt about it myself.

    • Tyciol says:

      You never see the areola rule applied to guys. Eric, in Canada, women have the right to go topless I think, just rarely used cause we’re so polite.

      • McKavian says:

        “Eric, in Canada, women have the right to go topless I think, just rarely used cause we’re so polite.”

        Or because it’s too fracking cold.

  9. Eric says:

    Follow up note. In Canada (and quite a few other places) 16 is legal age unless you are “in a position of authority” over the younger person (like a teacher, coach, police officer, etc.) in which case it is 18.

    Grocery store clerk don’t count as authority. ;)

    I beleive legal age varies from state to state in the U.S.

    • Nick says:

      This is also going to be addressed in a future storyline.

      • Tyciol says:

        I guess we’ll get a better idea of what state this takes place in at that point.

        Oh and, to build on what Eric said, they also add a bunch of shit like “or if you met on the internet, or if you haven’t been dating long” so in Canada it’s basically 18 for everything if you want to cover all your bases (or 19, really, in case beer). Or 20 just to avoid that “teen” syllable which people emo over.

        • Lukkai says:

          I once checked for different countries (and for the U.S.: different states) out of curiosity. If I remember correctly, different states vary from 14 to 18, with 16 being the most common.
          It’s 16 straight in Switzerland, though I don’t know if there’s a special clause as to positions of authority. As we’re already at it: 16 to drink beer or wine and buy cigarettes, 18 for ‘hard’ alcohol, driving a car and voting/getting elected around here.

  10. Erin says:

    I have to say, I actually think the cleaner version works better. While I do appreciate some NSFW moments. The fact you can’t see what he’s doing could lead a reader to let their OWN imagination take over. Heck, they could imagine it as a cameo with Rose’s sister. Lol. And actually it really isn’t uncommon for girls to go for older guys in general. And when you think about it, it’s really not THAT big of an age gap. But I do think the whole “friendship” thing might be good for both Nate and Rose. You can already see some kind of maturity developing as far as a sense of respect. Which is a direct response to Nate saying they’d have great sex but no respect for her after if they actually did it. And then Rose would be mad and alone again. But she’s making herself wait, and teaching… blah blah blah, I’m a chick and i think too much about this XD

  11. wildace says:

    geez at least do that in private

  12. krisopher mangual says:

    you i think girl has a extreme views on sex example having sex out doors behind a one sided bush LOL

  13. Sara E. says:

    You know, Rose’s sister reminds me of some girls in my town. Especially her grammar…

  14. Jakeo says:

    …Must…Not…Rant…About…GRAMMAR ERROR!!!! *twitch twitch* Must…not…Must…not… *fetal position, sucking thumb*

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