Well, this was originally going to be just a quick B&W comic, but I kind of got carried away. This one features my buddy and That SciFi Guy cohort John Pierce.

I’m actually pretty neutral on Twilight. Fanatics of course can get annoying, but some of the anti-Twilight forces can get just as ridiculous.

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  1. David says:

    I personally just avoid the whole topic. I’m not a fan and agree the hatedom gets a little overzealous, so I prefer to ignore both sides and enjoy other things.

  2. Tia says:

    As a fan of the twilight books, I must agree with Les, “real” vampires don’t sparkle. But Robert pattinson is not what I pictured Edward to look like at all, so what the hell do I know.

    I also know that real is a subjective term. Go ask a tranny what makes a woman a “real” woman, and I bet she won’t say anything you would find in an anatomy book, except maybe a heart.

  3. Author says:

    Ohh… Touche…
    But I’d agree with Les!

  4. OmegaForte says:


    …Oh yeah..

  5. danielle says:

    Ah, thank you Les, thank you so much!
    And who says vampires don’t exist?
    You tell me to prove they do, and I tell you to prove they don’t ^_^

  6. Amber says:

    The fact that there is no proof that vampires exist is proof they do not exist.
    Anf if they ever did exist let it be proof that vampires are not cute or hott boys

    • DMII says:

      I am sorry to tell you this, but you are completely wrong. The absence of proof for one thing is never a proof for something other. E.g. did you ever hear someone in court say: ‘There is no proof, that this guy isn’t the murderer, so he definately is!’ By saying this you could make everyone become a murderer if he can’t proof the opposite. The only reason why people are declared guilty is, that there was proof that they did it, not, because there was no proof, that they did not do it.

      Also, Vampires aren’t Monsters by simply being Vampires. Vampires are actually about the same as humans, just with some altered aspects (like fangs and eternal(?) life(?)) and some additions (like transforming into bats). So for a vampire to become a monster the human he was before also has to be a monster or have a monsteresque attitude.

    • The Rush says:

      Absence of proof is not the proof of absence
      – as quoted from William Cowper

  7. Pony says:

    Danielle: Burden of proof is always on the person making an extraordinary claim.

    And I would say that “proper” vampires don’t sparkle. (Rather than real ones.)

  8. Reflex says:

    My issue with Twilight is that its a blatant push of Mormon social values, part of the ‘True Love Waits’ abstinence movement told in a way that is designed to appeal to teenage girls. I find that whole movement irritating and unrealistic, and would rather just teach teenagers to use protection and value themselves and let them figure out the rest rather than use scare tactics or emotional manipulation.

    • Mnementh383 says:

      Yes. Thank you.

      On the second statement, that is. I’m afraid I don’t know enough about Twilight to comment on the first statement.

  9. Cpt. Harvey says:

    Umm… didn’t you see the part in Eclipse where Bella tried to seduce Edward? Hell, she all but tried to rape him! What part of that says “True Love Waits”? It’s turn-of-the-century values that made Edward refuse. You know, the ones he was raised with?

    • Peregrin says:

      Per all Christian sects, women are weak, so the burden of abstinence is upon the man.

      • Anzer'ke says:

        It’s all a load of cr*p, I’m male, atheist, celibate and sick of people trying to push their values on other people.

        We all believe what we each believe and with a few exceptions that’s brilliant.

        Here’s what I believe;

        Sex without love is pointless.
        Robert Pattinson needs to rent his forehead as advertising space.
        The book is better then the movie, few exceptions.
        Proper Vampires are monstrous but not always evil.
        And finally, I’ve never seen a vampire I don’t particularly expect to but just in case, I sleep with a shotgun, two knives and a chainsaw to hand when at home and have rigged my room to blow.

        Works for Zombie apocolypse too. XD

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  11. Bill M. says:

    There are, however, people who do need to ingest blood because their own bodies do not process the iron from normal foods. Sometimes the best fiction has a hint of truth in it.

  12. Tyciol says:

    I doubt that Bill. Blood may be easier to metabolize but there’s probably non-blood kinds of way to get iron too.

  13. ziggy the wolf says:

    there are type of vampire that does exist. they drain energy from someone but of course need normal food to live. its a really cool process on how they drain. they make some experience an extreme emotion and feed on the waves of energy released from the victim. soon they feel recharged while the victim feels tired and worn out.

    • madock345 says:

      do you follow Michelle Belanger? She is the only psychic expert I’ve heard speaking of that kind of Vampire.

      • Pink Freud says:

        Robert Lynn Asprin used a similar theory as the basis of his vampire character’s in the Dragon Series.

        R.I.P Bob – the man gave me my first beer at M.O.C II

  14. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Ziggy, you made the claim. Now name a name of one of these people or give us some other evidence to back it up. I enjoy reading fiction along those lines, too. Just because you think it would be really really cool, doesn’t mean you should let yourself be convinced that it’s real.

    Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away. Philip K. Dick

  15. Sofía says:

    I’m an anti twilight fan. I can’t get enough of the jokes people make about it. I just find it hilarious, nobody should act crazy over something that dumb.

  16. The Rushs says:

    I like to Recommend a Series of vampire novel to anybody whose looking for something interesting as well as some paranormal novels i pretty sure some of you heard of these already

    The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward
    the Dark Hunters series by Sherrilyn Kenyon
    the League Series By Sherrilyn Kenyon
    to saving time anything Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Chosen By P. C. Cast

    just to name a few

  17. Lazy Robot says:

    I like Hellsing. End of fucking story.

  18. gangler says:

    Truth be told I used to have some pretty strong hangups about it until I talked to a fan of the series who was a full grown man. Once he started explaining some of the lore to me without the filtering and colouring you get from the twelve year old girl’s rendition it turned out it was actually a pretty legitimate interpretation of the vampire lore.

    Lord knows I’ve read worse undead romances. With every terrible story of some hapless knight getting seduced by a vampire, or homosexual youth getting seduced by a werewolf, or teenage schoolgirl getting seduced by a demon that I’ve read, I hardly feel qualified to criticize.

  19. Lex says:

    i know im uber late commenting here, but i hadta say i totally agree with ya about twilight.. i’ve read the first book and seen the first movie and they were really pretty amusing since i expected them to suck. they’re just run of the mill ‘b’ work. the psychotic fans should find something actually deserving of their raves and the psychotic haters should find something actually deserving of their rants.

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