Any Balls Down There?

Any Balls Down There?

A man can’t even get in a smoke break without being harassed by cute girls.


[[Nate is smoking silently on a balcony, leaning over a steel railing with his arms crossed]]

[[A readheaded girl is hanging upside down against the skyline]]
Rose: Hi!

Nate: Gah! How did you get up there?
Rose: There?s a ladder on the fire escape.

[[A ladder is visible next to a window on the balcony. Rose and Nate are offscreen]]
Rose: C?mon up and check it out.
Nate: Uh, that doesn?t look too safe.
Rose: Pus-sy!
Nate: Oh, all right! Christ?

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  1. JennSenn says:

    How come her shirt’s not hanging down? It’s got some anti-gravity thing going on it looks like.

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