That Thing With The Numbers

That Thing With The Numbers

They send those things like EVERY FREAKING MONTH.


[[Nate and Steve are talking in the apartment living room]]
Steve: So, you already know Derek?
Nate: Yeah, we had home ec together in high school. He’s the guy who ate all my damn crepes.

[[The lights go off, only Nate’s silhouette is visible]]
Nate: He’s a useless bastard, but he’s alri-
Nate: …What the hell?

[[Both Nate and Steve’s silhouettes are visible]]
Steve: …Oh. Yeah. I think the power bill was due sometime last month.

Nate: You know, it may be a bit presumptuous, since I just moved in and all, but maybe I should handle paying the bills from now on.
Steve: I think that’s wise.

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  1. WOW! Wouldn’t it be a Bummer if they did the same thing with rent,
    and water,
    and garbage,
    and phones,
    and credit cards?

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