Moving On Up

Moving On Up

Some legacies never die.


[[Nate and Steve are going up some stairs. Steve is carrying a box tagged “Nate’s crap”, Nate is carrying a monitor]]
Nate: Great… Stairs
Steve: It’s only the second floor, so quit your bitching.

[[Nate and Steve are walking past an apartment door marked C-5]]
Nate: Hey, nice balcony, though.
Steve: Oh yeah… Now is a good time for you to meet our other roommate.

[[Nate and Derek are standing next to each other in front of an apartment door marked C-6. Steve is off-screen. Derek is pulling chips out of a bag]]
Steve: Nate Ashbourne, this is Derek Wilkins, or whatever

Nate: Derek Fatballs?
Derek: GODDAMMIT!! Why did you have to remember that!?

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3 Responses

  1. chumash99 says:

    FIRST!!! I can’t believe nobody else has filled up the open Comments sections yet. Anyways, hi there, Derek! Prepare to be ragged on. A LOT. ;)

  2. Ratboy says:

    Wasn’t it ‘ derek fatballs ‘ originally? It seems to have changed.

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