Surprise And Alarm

Surprise And Alarm

Posted on April 8, 2004 at 12:00 am in Treading Ground. Follow responses to this post with the comments feed. You can leave a comment or trackback from your own site.

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  1. Peregrin says:

    Yeaahh that’d be why I don’t go there often.

  2. Fred Stoll says:

    Pardon the pun, but no shit!

  3. Sicarius says:

    I work at a Taco Bell. I just laugh at the poor slobs who have bathroom cleaning duty.

  4. That Jewish Dude says:

    And that’s why That Jewish Dude doesn’t go to Taco Bell.


  5. Wizard says:

    Never had that problem,but then again, I’m blessed with a cast-iron gut. If it won’t kill you, I can eat it. And go back for seconds, because up yours.

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