Qualified Candidate

Qualified Candidate


Jimi: Man, you keep hiding out back here and they’re going to make you a Perishable clerk.
Nate: I actually wouldn’t mind a nice department job. Once you get into the groove, you can just put your body on auto-pilot and let your mind wander.
Jimi: Yeah, probably not a good idea to wander too far if you work in the meat department, though.

Nate: No, I think that place would make me sick. I prefer my meat in nugget form.
Jimi: I’ve always said you have to be a little bit twisted to be able to sit there carving through guts and sinew all day. Who would want to work around all that blood?

Bill: So, uh… L’estat Your last name, is that pronounced… Teepees?”
Les: If it is beyond your mortal tongue’s ability to enunciate my surname, I would encourage you not to attempt.

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  1. song says:

    Lestat’s name doesn’t have an apostrophe, his last name is de Lioncourt, and his hair is blond. So uh, good try guys.

  2. .... says:

    You did it again! Wow, this might actually be shaping up into something even half-way acceptable outside of underground child pornography rings!

    Though, in my expierence, most butchers tend to be older, slightly overweight men who give off a definite ‘axe murderer’ vibe. You weren’t TOO far off.

    • mustybear says:

      I’m gonna try to save you some time. Everyone who’s reading this? No one’s listening to you. I’d have to say that they’re most likely finding your posts annoying and hostile.

      This isn’t to say that they’re without merit. You might be right and justified, but it’ll fall on deaf ears. Take it somewhere else.

      • Pink Freud says:

        mean, leave him alone. Trolls are pathetic to being with, but this one is so lame he does not even take the time to come up with an anonymous pseudonym to hide behind when he snipes at us.

        • nooneinparticular says:

          my pseudonym is because i don’t trust the trolls not to find me everywhere else…also, i thought it strikingly appropriate that i rarely comment on anything in recent enough history to actually take part in a conversation yay internet randomness

    • Enoch says:

      lol wow, Pizzagate before there was Pizzagate

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