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Rose (peeking through the blinds): Shit! My mom’s home.
Nate (casually): What, is she a bitch or something?

Rose: No, I just don’t feel like explaining why you’re here. Plus, it’s margarita night, so she’ll be plastered when she walks in the door instead of a half hour later like a normal day. Add my sister into the mix and this is gonna get ridiculous.

Rose: I don’t suppose you’d be willing to climb out through the window.
Nate (matter-of-factly): I am far too lazy to entertain such a proposition.

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  1. James Rye says:

    Do you take it as a compliment when i tell you that you get better and better at drawing ass? Well, you do. ^g^

  2. south of sanity says:

    in this situation, a part of me would say “oh HELL yeah, im definately taking the window!” while another, more dominant part of me would say “hmmm…. seeing this might be interesting/entertaining…”

  3. .... says:

    Alocoholic mother, horrible living conditions… well, that explains some things about HER personality. Still doesn’t explain why everyone’s okay with the whole under-age thing, though.

  4. Brendan says:

    I personally am not at all ok with the underage thing. I wouldn’t be caught alone with that girl at all. Ok, she’s cool and you like her. BUT SHE”S A HONEY TRAP! At least insist that she telephone you before she arrives so that you can arrange some other company. Set clear boundaries. But most of all, don’t be a fucking dingus!

    • tem says:

      This sentiment keeps coming up, and I’m not totally sure I understand it.

      Yes, she’s not a terribly good romantic choice. She’s a slutty, underaged girl from a trailer park. But he’s a high school drop out who works at a grocery and lives with his two sorta friends because he can’t go anywhere else.

      Not match made in heaven, but they are from the same worlds, more or less.

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