A Burning Sensation

A Burning Sensation

So I found a hilarious link to this comic over at the Pokemon Wikia:

I agree.


{{ 2:26 – 2009-12-03 – Nate’s place}}
[[Nate’s place]]
Nate: …is that… POKEMON porn?
Steve: what can i say? misty is hot.

Nate: you know you’re going to hell, right?
Steve: you, me, dick cheney, and my old 1987 chrysler convertable.

Nate: i find it ironic that your aunt’s jesus fish is still on the back.

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  1. mike says:

    I am so glad you started doing this again. since the last comic ive checked back over and over again to see if its back. thank you~

    • Nick says:

      That makes me feel good in my heart.

      • Mandi says:

        Me too!!! I was sad when it went away, but checked it every couple weeks for awhile, then forgot for awhile. and just found it again, with lots of new pages for me to read. Yippee!!!! It’s like an awesome Christmas present. Thanks for coming back!

  2. Brandon says:

    Dude, I gave up on you! I checked the site like 100 times and it was still that same stupid boner joke. And then I saw a banner ad with your comic in it and I was like “OH MY GOD IT IS THAT COMIC” and now you’re back and now I’m back. So thanks for being back! All I ask is that next time you disappear for four years, make sure you go out on one hell of a comic because I’ll end up reading it another 100 times.

  3. Stephen says:

    ok how the hell do you send a car too….well hell

  4. Kmoney says:

    Nice to see Treading Ground is up. I guess I have to catch up on the second half.

  5. Sjcodan says:

    yeah, its been like ten years since pokemon started, and that doesnt even include the manga

  6. Hinoron says:

    “She’s 18 in all porn of her.”

    Says so right on the site’s disclaimer. Oh, please ignore these 20 or 30 comics out of Japan where she appears to be drawn more like 6 years old.

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