Go Team!

Go Team!

Our story isn’t set there, but f you’ve ever lived anywhere in the vicinity of South Carolina, you’ve probably seen various cock-related sports paraphernalia and had a WTF moment of your own.

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  1. Rick Swift says:

    My first college was USC Beaufort. Go Cocks!!!

  2. DarthRoden (aka Carl) says:

    The USC Gamecocks are my home team! South Carolina rocks!

  3. Fauxlosopher says:

    Y’all’re a bunch of cock-lovers. It had to be said.

  4. CCX says:

    To this day, I yearn for the day when the two USCs might play each other in football, just for the headlines it could produce. “Trojans’ defense not enough to stop Cocks”.

  5. Anrasi says:

    Yep. First one was in fifth grade. My teacher was a Clemson fan….

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