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  1. Ashley:) says:

    Hahaha. This has got to be my favorite page ever.

  2. Sara E. says:

    I always laugh at the last panel everytime I see it.

  3. Crestlinger says:

    Never underestimate the aim of little kids. They’re almost as accurate as camels

  4. Dan says:

    Well, either way, I bet Nate’s problem is solved now.

  5. Chris says:

    Never had my son pee on me… but my cat… she has :(

    • Hinoron says:

      Little sister was sitting on my girlfriend’s lap. I don’t remember what we were all laughing about so hard, but she… well… lost some control. Girlfriend was a real good sport about it. Myself… well, I called little sis “Squirt” for weeks. ^_^

      I will, naturally, remember why we were laughing AFTER she peed until my dying day. I’m saving the story for her wedding reception. ^_^

  6. I keep changing my false name says:

    That sign at the back should say ‘Employees must wash hands before returning to work but only when customers are watching’

  7. chumash99 says:

    This is why I never ever whack off at work. ;)

  8. Hail to the King says:

    Nate, you fool, you never use the public bathroom! Always use the employee’s bathroom, that’s what it’s there for

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