10 Years Later

10 Years Later

It’s been a while! Time for some seasonally inappropriate hijinks.

10 years ago today, the last Treading Ground comic was posted here. A lot has changed since then, but I wanted to let you know – there is more TG coming!

I can’t say too much about it, but I can let you know that the new project is shaping up to be much bigger than the original webcomic. As you can tell by the fact that I (mostly) shaved Nate, I’ve been experimenting with some character design updates, but I’ve mainly been focused on the writing, and things are going well.

I tend to save posts to the main site for the Big News, but if you want more details and more art from me, make sure to follow my Twitter and the Treading Ground Facebook page.

Thanks for remembering TG, and I’ll see you soon!

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12 Responses

  1. SomeGuyWithAnRSSFeed says:

    Hey, looks like RSS still works! I should probably prune things after a decade or so, but then I’d miss updates like this one :)

    • Flaws says:

      Holy carp, I too received the RSS notification. This means that not only I’ve had TG subscribed to for the past 10 years, but that it also survived the death of Google Reader and my subsequent move to inoreader. Well, glad to see more coming!

  2. JGTROCKET says:

    All hail our RSS overlords!! :D
    My memory doesn’t work as I’d like it to, but I remember this comic fondly :)

  3. cyanpill says:

    Yay RSS club! I have 100+ feeds, half of which never update, but occasionally there’s gold, like a restart or new project or I realize I forgot about a webcomic for years :O

  4. Nick Wright says:

    Glad to wake up the old RSS readers! Ever since Google shut down Reader I’ve been reduced to clicking bookmarks. Truly we lived in a golden time.

    • Eric Thompson says:

      Dude, ,they made other readers. I use Feedbin, but there are free ones.

      Looking forward to hearing more!

      • Nick Wright says:

        Yeah, I tried a few but never really found one I liked. And I don’t have that much I need to keep up with, so it made sense just to adapt. But I’m glad people are still using the ones that are available these days!

  5. Wow, those ten years flew by.

  6. Artemi says:

    Woah what!? I decided to randomly click in and reread a few of my favorite strip, and I see something new? I’m pretty hyped for this!

  7. Luis Herrero says:

    Love you RSS!

  8. TrappDraws says:

    This is surprisingly wholesome for these two! Also, hooray for TG coming back! This is amazing!!

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