Can You Describe The Nature of the Ruckus?

Can You Describe The Nature of the Ruckus?

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  1. ziggy the wolf says:

    this made me laugh till i cried

  2. I am laughing my ass off so hard right now!!!

  3. Jerichow says:

    I’m never going to stop laughing at this! XD

  4. Stephen says:

    looks like she broke pervious

  5. WilliamCA says:

    Oh man I just started reading this comic. It is so wrong but i love it.

  6. Zachary Adams says:

    Admit it, gents. We may be too “normal” to express it so bluntly, but we’ve ALL had moments like Purvous’s.

  7. BMeph says:

    I’m having one RIGHT NOW!

    …did I say that out loud? ;)

  8. Lauran says:

    …Mop? Have sex ed classes changed rules around and now include a mop? And Kix. Ewwww. D:

  9. That Jewish Dude says:

    That Jewish dude wants to know how Purvous got the Kix box on his head so quickly.


    • Nick Wright says:

      Time passes between comics. If I were to depict the minutiae of every interaction, it would take me 300 strips to get through a single day in comic time.

      • That Jewish Dude says:

        WOOOHOOOO!!!! Nick Replied to one of my comments!!! I feel special now.

        And I wonder what Rose wanted that whipped cream for? *Gigitty*


  10. Crow says:

    OMG i lol so hard

  11. mike says:

    The last box with purvous just became my background wallpaper on my G2. If it were a t shirt I would buy it.

  12. tem says:

    …Why is Tracy complaining about Rose causing a scene if she’s pulling her bra hard enough that one of the girls is slipping out?

  13. Zero says:

    Now, when I go back to school, I’m gonna shout, “AH WANNA MAKE A BABYYYYYYYY” throught the halls.

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