The Omnivore's Dilemma

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

You know White Castle? In the southeastern United States, we have Krystal instead. Not quite sure why.

Legend has it that there is a specific exit in Murfreesboro, TN where you can get White Castle on one side of the road and Krystal on the other.

It may only be legend.

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  1. Nevyel says:

    This needs to be done

  2. michael says:

    It is only a legend. I live there, there is a white castle right by the interstate exit, but the nearest Krystal’s to it is a couple exits down.

    • Nick says:

      I heard there was one where there was a regular Krystal, but the White Castle was in a convenience store, and it was rather crappy.

      • Thomas says:

        I can illuminate further as my father was the general manager for the company that owned the location in question:

        The White Castle is attached to a Philips 66 in town. The store had been torn down and rebuilt facing the other street on that corner because of our city’s piss poor urban planning. WHen it was rebuilt, a deal with white castle was worked out some how, so the White Castle does its own thing and all of its facilities and staff are controlled by who ever is in charge of local White Castles.

        When the store first opened, the food and service were actually better than the local Krystals at the time. Over time, the quality has waned considerably. A few months (well, almost a year ago now) I ate at the Nashville White Castle which as i recall is the same franchise as the one in Murfreesboro, and it too was sub par. The old company that owned the Murfreesboro location folded in 2008, so i have no clue who owns it now.

        I also think the reason people like White Castle so much is that the majority of Americans have to drive ridiculous distances to get to one, allowing hunger to gestate.

  3. Peregrin says:


    • Troof says:

      This guy is right, it actually exists:
      Mc Double+Mc Chicken=McGangBang

      • Tem says:

        This is true. I work at a McDs. We had a lady come in the other day and ask for one, in a crowded lobby during dinner.

        She… got some strange looks. She DID get her food, though!

        • Nick Wright says:

          I usually go for the McVoyeur. That’s where you pay for the food but watch somebody else eat it.

          • Epy says:

            Actually it’s increasingly rare, but sometimes you’ll ask for it..and they’ll know…but most of the time you end up having to explain it to them…all the mcdonalds around here actually know what it is…and have a button for it.

  4. Eion says:

    Yes, I know of White Castle, but my town/city don’t have one . The nearest one, to me, would be in Owensboro, KY and Eavensville, IN. Other than that, you can buy them by the case at supermarkets.

  5. Dan says:

    We don’t have either of them here :-(

  6. BC says:

    Yeah, I live in the SE United States, and all we have are Krystal’s. I’ve been to a White Castle, and I can honestly say that Krystal’s is superior. WC’s burgers seemed to greasy by comparison to me.

  7. T-Foot says:

    Funny, because WCs are steamed and Krystals are fried…
    I like both, being former military I’ve been all over, we have WCs up north and the Krystal’s are down south for the most part.

    I heard that the reason originally had to do with the “open” hiring policy of WC during the era of segregation, but I haven’t been able to find any real proof of it.

  8. Rusty says:

    Not sure why they do the name changes in different parts of the country. Where I live now, in California, we have Rally’s … when I was in college in South Carolina, we had Checker’s. Same place, different name. Same for Carl’s Jr (West) and Hardee’s (East), although I think that has to do with Carl’s Jr buying Hardee’s, and not wanting to change the brand.

    Krystal FTW … I learned to love those when I was stationed in Pascagoula, MS. Sonic as well. Sonic just isn’t the same anywhere outside the South.

  9. Marc says:

    A local place does this and then some.

    Beef & chicken burger plus a slice of bacon in the same bun, oh and cheese.

  10. Plasma Mongoose says:

    What we need is a meat-lovers burger which contains all the different animal flesh you like in one burger.

    • Wizard says:

      Considering all the various critters I’ve eaten over the years, that would result in a burger that would intimidate Dagwood Bumstead.

  11. Fairportfan says:

    SO here i am necroing a thread from two-plus years ago.

    In Nashville there is an exit – Dickerson Pike, i think – where, like two blocks off the Interstate there are a Krystal and a White Castle diagonally across the intersection from each other.

  12. I was recently in an airport (in Atlanta, I think) with a Krystal, and I was fortunately spared this tortuous decision because they offered a Sampler Meal (that might not have been the name). I thought that was a great idea, and the perfect trap for people like me who like to try out regional chains that don’t exist in Pennsylvania.

  13. Tamfang says:

    You could open a new chain specializing in beef-chicken burgers, and call it Doublemeat Palace.

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