A Ridiculous Notion

A Ridiculous Notion

Next you’re going to tell me that we can be friends with animals instead of eating them!

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  1. khavren says:

    Read an interesting article the other day that our culture is repulsed by male/female friendships and insist that they are either always cover for romance/lust or can only work when one of the people is gay

    • bman says:

      It may be true that our culture thinks so–but it also is convinced that chastity/celibacy is unnatural and therefore anyone who claims it is obviously lying, as well as cheating. However, I know that platonic male/female relationships are possible–one or both persons just has to make it clear that the proper limits will be observed, and be careful to keep them.

      • Zombified Butler says:

        I agree. I have a group of close friends with roughly equal men and women, there is an unspoken rule that none of us ever date, as it would just screw up the group. None of us has ever brought it up, we just know that’s how it is.

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