Back To The Future (NSFW-ish)

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As you can tell from the Drunken Aya Timeline above, she’s been with me a LONG time. The leftmost image was composed before I had done any real artwork on the computer, which is obvious from the rough colored pencil work. We then progress through several other variably crappy iterations of her until her most recent appearance in Treading Ground.

I’ve drawn her a lot, and in a few cases I’ve even reattempted the same poses once I learned how to draw them less shittily:


Her terrible tolerance for alcohol came about as a result of Art By Accident. When I first flexed my feeble skills at composing drawrings, I didn’t yet have a feel for expressions and composition. I showed the sketch of the first picture to my buddy Jack, and he told me she looked like she was drunk. I initially balked of course – Aya wasn’t that type of girl! But when I looked back at it, that was all I could see. Instead of ripping up the paper in frustration, I decided to run with it, and it became her cross to bear.

Aya also features in some early, terrible comics I drew.

This guy has the looks of Les, the role of Alex and the personality of Steve.

In those same old comics, you could also see a prototype of Trevor, who is actually the brown-haired guy you see in the 2002 pic in the timeline, conveniently comparable to his more recent look on the far right.

It wasn’t until 2010 that I really figured out who he was. *cough* a douchebag *cough*

So, has Aya overcome her unfortunate weakness, or is she just going to get into more trouble in the city? There’s only one way to find out, and it starts Monday. See you there!

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  1. Devin says:

    I’m always amazed at how art changes over the years.

  2. Stark says:

    I’m so glad my favourite cast member gets her own strip. Aya, you go girl. :D

  3. BermudaRectangle says:

    I forgot about the wet t shirt contest, thank you for reminding me about that. Boah howdey!

  4. RotSman says:

    The 2006 picture is how “going off to university” ends up for most recent graduates, if professional experience has taught me anything. >_<

  5. FWATANG says:


  6. Deus says:

    Give them nekkid Aya boobs and they will come.

  7. Sara E. says:

    Aya tits! Is it wrong that I have a teeny crush on Aya?

    • redneck ninja says:

      nothing is wrong with that, shes hot and funny as hell when shes had a beer past out by the 2nd… shes the perfect woman… minus the fact shes a drawing

    • Emito Nex says:

      Well shes fine…too fine. Lol same experience as you haha. Aya face is really well proportioned, although nothing like any “top models” you see out there. She is usually quiet, and then sometimes “loud” and has above average intelligence. Have a look at “The Christening” (surprised and priceless look on her face as well as “Inside Baseball” (troller).
      FUN FACT #1: 50% of appearances are half naked without pants and either tired or alcohol intoxicated
      FUN FACT #2: Never dates anyone.
      Ill like to leave a note for any fans out there:
      Even though she has the least appearances, I really think that there should be a comic/story on her life, or at least biography…thank you author for adding this character.
      FYI: Aya resembles the looks and character of Aelita in Code Lyoko and Saleena Vikram of TimeRiders (text). Few I would recommend. We will have patience and we shall wait. Overall a very well done and occasionally NSFW comic!! ☆☆☆☆/5

  8. Dave says:

    Aya is totally rockin’ that wet tee-shirt.

  9. Dr. wonderful says:

    Nick, That third panel is one hell of a call back.

    Rose mention that she managed to get Aya drunked and in a wet T shirt contest, The fact you remember makes you 10X more awesome in my eyes.

  10. Webcomicfan says:

    I still wanna know if the new comic also will have some nsfw.

  11. Hamburgler says:

    The “‘Dat Ass” at the end killed me.
    I have died of laughter.

  12. Ryuu798 says:

    NIck, I was just wondiring if the ‘Severed Ned’ t-shirt will become available to buy? Also, how long will your awesomely designed shirts be available for, now that Treading Ground has finished?

    • Nick Wright says:

      It’s a definite possibility! I plan to convert the shirt shop over to a more general one that covers both Idle and TG later on, but they will stay available in the TG store for now.

  13. Mravac Kid says:

    Even disregarding the wet t-shirt, the 2006 pic looks nicest. It may be my anime geek speaking, but it’s just so adorable. :)

    • Nick Wright says:

      It is pretty adorable, if you ignore the anatomy and proportion problems.

      • Tssha says:

        Aaaaaand now I see it. Gee, why couldn’t you stay silent about it? I’d never have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out. Now I’ll always see it! The picture is RUINED FOR ME!

        …okay, fell into hyperbole for a moment there. It was only to make a point and be humorous, I swear! ;)

  14. Juicesir says:

    Judging from the new site, I’m pretty excited to see Aya and Alex get more flushed out as characters. Gonna be reading it from day one!

  15. TheMajesticMullet says:

    Where did panel 3 come from? It isn’t in the archives save cleverly hidden on the page of a porno mag behind a speech balloon here.

    • Nick Wright says:

      Everything except the 2011 pic are random arts collected over the years. The 2006 pic was part of a “donation gift” image I was offering at the time.

      • Artemi says:

        Donation gift, then? Does that mean we new comers will not have a chance to see the whole thing in it’s full glory?

    • Ryuu798 says:

      Well spotted my good man, only now it has made me dissappointed because it is rather apparent that Rose was standing next to Aya.

  16. Ryukemi says:

    you improved like any good artist, keep at it.

  17. Tez says:

    I got a figure out a way to turn that “DAT ASS” pic into an official meme. Hilarious.

  18. Pink Freud says:



    Oh well, there’s always Monday!

  19. That Jewish Dude says:

    The guy in the 2002 panel is Trevor?! That Jewish Dude thought he was Nate!!!

    Also, can’t wait for TIS It gonna RROOCCKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Powerslide*


  20. Tssha says:

    I must unfortunately say that I don’t get the “Dat Ass” pic. Anyone care to explain it to me? I dearly hate to miss out on a joke.

    …please be gentle.

  21. Guest says:

    We finally see Aya at the wet t-shirt contest!
    And will the Idle State be occasionally NWSF?
    And I can’t wait !!1!

  22. Joseph G. says:

    Any chance of getting that 2006 image full-sized?

    • Bryce says:

      Yeah, I’m interested in seeing the full size of the T-shirt contest as well. It seems like you’re not artistically satisfied with it, but screw that; we want to see!

  23. Kettle says:

    2006 Aya for the win

  24. Gy says:

    When the next one coming?… “puppy dog eyes”

  25. simon says:

    All i can say is KTF (keep the faith)

  26. simon says:

    Yes when is the nexy one coming. Why puppy dog eyes

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