Carry On

Carry On

TG goes out with a bang.

As promised, I’ve now posted a major announcement about the next comic, including a firm premiere date. But we’re not quite done with TG! Next week on this site I’ll be posting a lot of cool extras, including background info and history, sketches, and even a new comic (using refurbished art) from a script I never got to use. Check back on update days!

Guys, it’s been a blast. My pride in completing Treading Ground is tempered with the customary dose of sadness, but I’m super excited about my upcoming projects, and I think you will be too. TG may be ending, but we’re beginning an even bigger adventure, and I hope you’ll be right there with me.


Jimi: Dude, that was fast, even for a quickie.
Nate: I’ve been perfecting my technique. Ruthless and efficient.

[Rose looks on as if she’d rather be anywhere else]
Nina: Can we get goin’ already? I was TOLD there was gonna be tacos.
Steve (in third row seat with a disheveled Beth): I think I found a taco right here…

[Rose looks over in surprise at Nate to find he is holding her hand]

[Rose and Nate smile at each other as the chaos continues in the back]
Nina: Dude, that is my mo-ther! Don’t be fingerin’ her in here!

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  1. FWATANG says:


  2. Frank says:

    First…for the Last time.

  3. gg says:

    first on last!

  4. Will says:

    Hello. ^_^

  5. dr. wonderful says:


  6. chumash99 says:

    NSFW! Yay!

    • Nick Wright says:

      Should it be? You don’t want your boss reading this over your shoulder, but all the action is safely tucked away in the third row seating.

      • Skuifspeld says:

        Nick, give us another #106! Pwetty pleeze. Thank you for the awesome comic, enjoyed it helluva lot. I’m looking forward to seeing your next project!

      • Pink Freud says:

        Yay Third Row!!!!

        Dunno what it is about the third, but that is always where the action is. I can’t tell you how many coitus’s I have interruptus’ed in a third row clinch back in Rocky Horror days…. Some people thing the back row of the theater is where all the pervs hang out (bless you) …but the third is where it’s at.

        • Neil says:

          Thing? Freudian slip?

          • Pink Freud says:

            I am forever cursed with typo’s, and never go back to fix them. When I first started posting online, I was using a 300 baud acoustic coupler. it was so slow you had to wait for each individual character to show up on the screen before starting the next sequence. There simply was no going back to correct typos, and spellcheck had not yet been perfected. Old habits die hard

  7. Coldfire says:

    mmm first?

  8. Ryman says:


    Anyway, sad to see this comic go.

  9. lcpl210 says:

    Saddnessss, I am sorry to see it end. I love the story and will miss my MWF fix.

  10. FWATANG says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. its such a happy ending.

  11. One Manic Ninja says:


  12. FWATANG says:

    so nick, how we gonna get the news for the next project?

  13. MegaHentai says:

    TG goes out with a fingerbang.

    I am saddened, yet looking forward to seeing what is to come.

  14. Bert says:

    The ending really didn’t disappoint. Lemme say I’ve enjoyed this comic for a long time now, and it’s really upsetting to see it go. I came for the boobies, and stayed for the storyline :D

    [hahahahaha came]

    Anyway, you’ve got another follower on twitter. I can’t wait to see what you create next. Good luck with whatever you do. :)

  15. Minty says:

    Thanks for everything Nick. I’m not embellishing when I say this was my favorite webcomic. I loved seeing the story and art progress into what it is today. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to during the week. This was a good run and I’ll be right there reading whatever comes next guaranteed.

    Till then, stay golden.


    • jc says:

      I second that Minty! Thanks Nick for giving us something to look forward to during the week and the great stories.

  16. Bubbaclaw says:

    It’s been a great ride Nick.
    I look forward to your next project. *Gives you a thumbs up*

  17. I was just going to tweet at you, but fuck it, I want more than 160 chars.

    I discovered TG fairly late I believe, but since I loved it the moment I started reading.

    Thanks for spending the time putting it all together. Awesome story, and such a damn fitting ending. A squillion IntarwebPointz for you.

    Keep up the fine, can’t wait to see the new project when it happens.

    *sniff* I love you man. And your fingerbangin’ sensibilities.

  18. S5 says:

    It’s been an amazing run. Thanks for sharing TG with us Nick! Eager to see what your next project’s gonna be.

  19. roshan says:

    Although I hate to see it go, you definitely ended it on the right note. Thanks for all your work over the years. This was only one of two web comics over the years that kept me checking for the latest strip every MWF at midnight

  20. Lord of the dance says:

    So wait, did Nate and Rose fuck yet? As that is what I got from the saying ‘that was fast, even for a quickie’

  21. NotTheNegroGuy says:

    Mwahahahaha! It appears as though my chances at conquering the site were in vain. Now that it’s over, so too is my quest for comment-based domination. But no matter, for wherever goody-two-shoes race-based heroes are afoot, whenever trolling needs to take a surprisingly villianous turn, NotTheNegroGuy will be there!!!!! Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *descends into the mist, never to be heard from again*

  22. Mat Nastos says:

    Two in the pink, two in your mom.

  23. Kai Lynk says:

    I’ll be watching, this was an important comic strip to me.

    If you ever want any art trades or guests strips, I’ll be up for those too.

  24. RotSman says:

    I want a gut-wrenching TG video montage, goddammit.

  25. Debatra says:

    WHERE IS THENEGROGUY?!?! His opinion on this must be enshrined FOREVER!

    The only good thing here is the end of the first war.

    The comic though, was great.

  26. ryglore says:

    Excellent run Nick. It’s sad to see TG end, but can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon. It was great seeing not only the story and characters progress, but also the evolution of artwork.

    Congrats man. Good luck with the new project, and I’ll be watching for it for sure.

  27. Tsurugi says:

    Are you currently doing commissions?

  28. Brendan T says:

    …yeah, yeah that’s about as perfect an ending as it was ever going to get.

    Thanks for the many years of entertainment.

  29. Erick Vargas says:

    A nice trip with TG!! I really enjoyed jajaja

  30. chaotik74 says:

    kinda sad to see miranda get the shaft..she just sort of ran off screen and that’s the last we see of her.

    • Oberon says:

      She deserved it, what with her just-wanna-hang-out-I’m-so-laid-back pretenses, and her we-went-out-once-so-you-belong-to-me psychosis.

  31. Ghalleon says:

    Well a good run it certainly was. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the comic and would enjoy the new project once it is finished. Can’t wait and best of luck.

  32. Uranium Bullet says:

    I’m broke, bitch!

    What a wonderful shirt.

  33. gingerbritches says:

    ha i get it. it went out on a bang alright….a fingerbang that is. hahahaha you clever sunovabitch you

  34. BunnyRemix says:

    It’s sad to see a good thing come to an end. But, hey. I prefer it end on a good note. And you know, if you read the whole thing from start to finish, it’s like a perverted, comical coming of age movie in storyboard format. I like that.

    This was an awesome comic. I loved it. And I look forward to whatever you come out with next. ^.^

  35. brasca1 says:

    Thank you Mr. Wright. This was an engrossing strip while it lasted and while I do think you had a strong enough ensemble cast to keep things going I’m content with the gratuitous amount of naked Tracy the last few months. Looking forward to the next strip.

  36. Lloidffxi says:

    Wow after a year of reading its over, i really hope you segway off of this comic into something greater, but its gonna be hard to be better than this.

    Loved every strip!

  37. Tez says:

    Wait… this is the last comic… Where the hell is TheNegroGuy!?!

    Thanks for all years of laughs, Nick. (yes, years, because I start reading before the hiatus)

  38. shiviro says:

    SIXTY-FIFTH!!!! =P lol i loved this comic, and this ending is wonderful!! a few loose endings, but the big ones are covered here ^.^ so many other characters needing an ending still though….

  39. Fan says:

    After reading this comic for several months, maybe over a year, I’ve got to say, very nice job with your grand finale Nick. It’s been very fun to read this comic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    I am glad this series ended on a comedic note and it ended very nicely, with of course one last hilarious line. I started reading this comic while I was reading another comic and I am so glad I checked out this comic that day.

    Well Nick, thank you for all your hard work and the great times, it was funny, it was dramatic, but above all, was a fantastic comic.

  40. Mravac Kid says:

    Well, now you have officially one-upped Josh Philips. :p

  41. Ninj4Nick says:

    I dunno, the whole ending felt sort of… rushed, I guess? I mean, I suppose you sort of tied off the loose ends, but everything ended so abruptly! It’s like, dramadramadrama – RESOLVEDEND. I kinda want there to be a season 2. Lord knows their could be,

    • Blexmer says:

      personally i disagree with this, did the drama end abruptly, yea, but i’ve had to go through so much general bullsht with my friends and it kinda ends up like that. everything seems like there is so much more to deal with and it just kinda…drops. is it perfect? no, but it’s real enough.

      – my five cents.
      ……what does that exchange into in rupees……. (sorry, playing zelda all 3 days in a row now)

      • Ninj4Nick says:

        Approximately 2.2 Rupees. Of course, those are Indian Rupees and not Hylian. And yeah, I get what you’re saying – everyone’s had to deal with friend drama, and it usually does end this way, but as a writer, story conflict ending so quickly is usually a bad thing. That’s why there’s usually at least a chapter and a half – sometimes two whole chapters – at the end of a story that winds everything up. That’s all I’m saying on the subject, though.

  42. Lorkind says:

    Hello,first comment here. Probably last too though. I am fairly new reader, I started when the beach party has started and I have read entire comic all in once and I loved it. I love that you chose to finish the story instead of dragging it indefinitely.
    I would like to know will in your next comic some of TG’s cast be returning (I am hoping for my favorite character Arne). It would be nice to see a familiar face,something that links the comics,if its possible :)

  43. Ghostking says:

    Well I have to say I’m gonna miss this comic but what a great ending can’t wait for the next project!

  44. Juicesir says:


  45. bwilliy says:

    I want a taco…

    Nick can i have a taco?

  46. Dragon says:

    this is my first true comment, but I have truly enjoyed your work thus far, and will hope your next endevors will shine just as bright!

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