Carry On

Carry On

TG goes out with a bang.

As promised, I’ve now posted a major announcement about the next comic, including a firm premiere date. But we’re not quite done with TG! Next week on this site I’ll be posting a lot of cool extras, including background info and history, sketches, and even a new comic (using refurbished art) from a script I never got to use. Check back on update days!

Guys, it’s been a blast. My pride in completing Treading Ground is tempered with the customary dose of sadness, but I’m super excited about my upcoming projects, and I think you will be too. TG may be ending, but we’re beginning an even bigger adventure, and I hope you’ll be right there with me.


Jimi: Dude, that was fast, even for a quickie.
Nate: I’ve been perfecting my technique. Ruthless and efficient.

[Rose looks on as if she’d rather be anywhere else]
Nina: Can we get goin’ already? I was TOLD there was gonna be tacos.
Steve (in third row seat with a disheveled Beth): I think I found a taco right here…

[Rose looks over in surprise at Nate to find he is holding her hand]

[Rose and Nate smile at each other as the chaos continues in the back]
Nina: Dude, that is my mo-ther! Don’t be fingerin’ her in here!

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178 Responses

  1. Alldara says:

    Hey! Great comic Nick!
    Ive been enjoying it the whole time. Bit sad it’s over, but I’m wondering…will we be able to buy the comic in book form sometime now that it’s done? That would be pretty awesome! Can’t wait to see the new comic.

  2. COMPLETELY absurd, and a hell of a ride!
    Good job!

    Looking forward to the new strip!

  3. Crestlinger says:

    THE END….

    …for now
    *lowers curtain

  4. No Name In Particular says:


  5. Vance Finiraldi says:

    …Some dude here has to be ironic. XP

  6. Chris says:

    Will be forever sad at the ending of TG. I hope I see more of your projects, and am very happy to hear about the book and the lack of taking down the TG website

  7. APersonOnAComp says:

    Gotta say, I’ve been reading this since you started and glad to say I was here when it ended. Damn good job, Nick. I’ll miss seeing what happens to the two of them from here (and Purvous. Damn it. Love that crazy man), but all good things come to an end. And this was definitely a good thing.

    Godspeed, man. Or Ludicrous Speed. Whichever you prefer.

  8. The Commie Guy says:

    Hey, Nick, I only now noticed how Nate is similar to Dante Hicks from the Clerks movie.

  9. Medinoc says:

    That was a great comic. I’m glad it died a natural death rather than be hastily cut or fall into unlimited “hiatus”…

    Happy completed story!

  10. Eddy says:

    I found this comic a couple years ago and loved it. Then I forgot about it for a time, and recently wanted to get back into it. Took me a couple days to remember the name, but I did and have now finished it. Brilliant comic, and great ending. very satisfying. thanks so much for the awesome comic

  11. Hail to the King says:

    After rediscovering life, coming back to this comic to reread and finding out that noone made a Kansas joke is a bit disappointing

  12. Pink Freud says:

    Last :(

  13. The Creeper says:

    I miss you and this wonderful comic.

  14. Ramon Delgado says:

    Million time reading this shit , years go by , but this just keep making me laugh , i really love it

  15. Dillon Oakley says:

    Yet another read-through. Still fantastic. I’ll never remove this bookmark as long as the page is up.

  16. Tyrson says:

    For years I forgot what this was called, and kept wanting to reread it. Finally, I found it while doing a Google search for les’s line about friction overcoming dull knives. For some reason that stuck in my head. Just finished, and a decade later it holds up. Thank you.

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