Inside Baseball (NSFW-ish)

Inside Baseball (NSFW-ish)

That temporary amnesia is a bitch.


Trevor (groggy, waking up in semi-darkness, thinking): Oh shit…

Trevor (thinking): I don’t remember anything. We were drinking and…

Trevor (thinking, looking over a sleeping figure next to him): Oh my God, did I have sex with Aya? That would be weird! HOT, but weird.

(Trevor rolls over the figure to find Alex)


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  1. ColorfulFeces says:

    At first I thought he was actually wearing a catchers mitt but then realized it was just the bed and the angle of his arm. Silly me.

  2. ThatDude says:

    Hehe… the way he has his fingers in the final panel… I can’t stop laughing.

  3. Dragonrider says:

    Aya may have a bit of relief from her brother and his hormone comments for a week or so, especially if she got cell phone video.

  4. Reversal mang says:

    In Soviet Russia catcher ***** you

  5. josh says:

    Huh, and I thought waking up hungover with my head pounding was bad.

  6. Los says:

    *tents fingers*

  7. Oberon says:


    No, not first to post. I’m not that cool. But I was first to predict the NSFW topic, even if I got the particulars slightly wrong.

    No Name In Particular “We want NSFW!!!

    Oberon “Yeah,but in a reverse twist with a stab at the readers, it’ll be a blonde-on-blond clinch…..featuring Trevor and Derek.”

  8. Daniel says:

    Dayum …. Not NSFW that I expected … /swt

  9. Yorkie says:

    De ja vue!! I should have seen this coming way back in strip No 201

  10. Zababcd says:

    I’ve heard an alternative definition of ‘catcher’ to those which I can find on the Urban Dictionary, which seems more appropriate than ‘man who receives anal sex’. In the definition I’ve heard, the ‘pitcher’ is the person who pursues homosexual interaction when both parties are drunk, and the ‘catcher’ responds. The ‘pitcher’ is considered homosexual or bisexual, while the sexuality of the ‘catcher’ remains ambiguous.

    • Pondering Anonymous says:


    • Filthy Pazuzu says:

      That is the very excuse given by guys who are too insecure with their sexuality to admit they’re at least bisexual.

      “I didn’t initiate it, that means I’m still straight!”

      Hilarious. I’ve heard it a few times in my life. Own up! Have you never heard of the Kinsey scale? Very few people are purely hetero or homo, and almost everyone has had a fantasy or two involving the gender they’re not usually attracted to.

      I knew a few guys when I was younger who ‘just happened’ to get drunk and then end up in bed with me or some other guy – repeatedly. After the 5th or 6th time, the excuse kinda wears thin.

      In Vino Veritas!

      • Crazyman says:

        Ren: “What did I say about pitcher and catcher?”
        Stimpy: “You’re the pitcher! I’m the catcher! You’re the pitcher! I’m the catcher! You’re the pitcher! I’m the catcher!” :)

  11. Havoc says:

    so…this has got to be my favorite strip so far…

  12. Fernet says:

    man, in my country is already monday… gimme an update xD

  13. Astatine says:

    Hot, but weird…

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