That SciFi Guy Joins That Guy With The Glasses

If you’ve ever scrolled down below the comic, you’re sure to have come across videos from That SciFi Guy, the other major web project I work on. Until recently, I’ve posted the TSFG videos here, despite the fact that the subject matter isn’t exactly similar. I have fun doing these, and although mi hermano Leo Thompson is the front man, you can see a lot of my art, occasional voice talent, and sense of humor show up in the writing.

We’re excited to announce that That SciFi Guy has joined That Guy With The Glasses, home of the Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, and a host of other great and talented people. The TGWTG community can give the project a heck of a lot more exposure than I could on TG. This is awesome news!

So while I’ll direct you to our page on TGWTG and the original website for future That SciFi Guy videos, I’ll leave you with our newest completed review. See what happens as giant robots meet colossal pricks in Robot Jox!

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6 Responses

  1. Leslie Ann says:

    looooving the review. :) Heel-larious!

  2. Amber O'Shea says:

    Congratulations! I saw you on TGWTG and about squeed myself silly! (Yes, such a thing is possible.) It’s nice to see someone reviewing sci fi movies! Now if someone would review fantasy movies…

    Love the comic, btw!

    • Nick Wright says:


      Yeah, it’s old news for people who either follow my Twitter or have been following TSFG on the main site.

      I’m sure we’ll address the fantasy angle sooner or later.

  3. ThatGuy says:

    So are you “That SciFi Guy” then? Cause somehow that went totally over my head. Seen a video or two before though.

  4. Merel says:


    Funniest. review. ever.

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