Second Wind

Second Wind

Despite the title, totally not a fart joke.

Keep an eye out for some major announcements soon!


Nate: So is that … YOUR thing?
Rose: What, having sex with random people?
Nate: Well, when you put it like that…

Rose: It’s okay. A year ago I might have said yes. Honestly, you’re the first guy I’ve enjoyed just spending time with since I was a kid.

Rose: I’m actually thankful the circumstances forced us into that.

Nate: I know we can’t “start over”. But do you want to… try again?

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    • Wow says:

      That is a truly, truly sad claim to fame. Seriously.

      • The Most Interesting Man in the World says:

        You know what else is sad? The fact that people still pay too much for car insurance.

        Stay thirsty my friends.

    • Lolotov says:

      Congratulations, is your life complete now, you poor fuck?

    • FWATANG says:

      crap i knew i was gonna miss it. good job man. and dont listen to the sorry fucks who can only feel good by tearing you down. their just jealous.

      • Steve says:


      • ChaosAnarchy says:

        oh shove it, being a fucking moron and responding “FIRST” is nothing to be proud of. Making a single word post that adds NOTHING to the conversation is akin to running into a room and yelling FIRST as well.

        Yeah you did it, and you probably are even ‘first’ however just like in the room of real people AND online, you look like a fucking moron to the majority of people that see it, hear it, or read it.

        God, I love how stupid the net is becoming these last decades, even better we have people defending these poor fucking morons instead of mocking the fuck out of them.

        • Minty says:

          So… you gettin’ off that soapbox anytime soon? A lot of people really need that soap.

        • Dun dun dunn says:

          I would like to point out that there was no conversation to contribute to until people started making fun of him for his reply. You’ll notice that he is not the only one to make a first comment, nor are you the first to despise him for it. Honestly, the only conversation here is a mix of profanities and insults towards each of the posters. I don’t really understand why people like you feel they need to ride their high horse into a conversation and tear everything down like a deranged internet Napoleon. I mean, what do you accomplish by coming into a conversation and saying how stupid some one is for having a little fun? A truly sad existence if you ask me, though no one did.

          • Frrabian says:

            Didn’t we have this little tiff like 12 comics back? Yes, if your just here to put first then it is kinda sad. But some of us don’t really mind the ‘first’ game. In fact, the only time a big blow out happens is when people ( like Wow and ChaosAnarchy) get a bit high and mighty with themselves. Really all you have to do is say good job or not comment at all and then the first comment just becomes a comment. But you can’t do that. You (people like ChaosAnarchy and Lolotov) have to troll around so you can act better cuz you call out people on the internet; not for making rude comments or saying that they like to do things to underage kittens, for saying first! Really, who are you? Do you read the comic or just like being a troll? Why not let someone have a BIT of joy? Could you do that?

            • OKhan says:

              This was on of the longest winded arguments I’ve seen here for a while… and it was over someone saying “first”
              I don’t know know about the rest of you but i find this hilarious.

              • Frrabian says:

                What is sad ( and a bit funny) is that this happens like almost every time. And that last time the soap boxers got on whine fest the comments were about this long. Really, just read the comic, and if you are first and want to comment on it fine. If you want to talk about the comic fine. If you want to whine cuz someone put first, just don’t.

              • Skippy says:

                Hilarious, but also timesome.

                Don’t feed the trolls, whether you consider the “first” poster the troll or those who get bent out of shape about it the trolls. Me, I think they are all pointless.

                Does anyone have anything to say about the comic?

        • II says:

          I mean, I know the first comments are annoying, but that was over the top.
          Arguing on the internet is like winning the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still a fucking retard.

        • Thuren says:

          “God, I love how stupid the net is becoming these last decades…”

          The commercial internet of today has really only been around since about 1990 and it didn’t see widespread use until the mid 90s. Therefore you’re claiming that the internet has been “becoming stupid” since it’s inception 20 years ago. Either the internet has a half-life similar to that of niobium93-in which case the internet will have completely vanished by 2030-or…you could take the dick out of your ass and calm the fuck down bro.

        • Oberon says:

          When will the fucking first bashers be controlled? Why is the Responses section just filled with the pointless, vapid posts of people who have nothing better to do than bash on the people who manage to post their single word at the start of the Responses? Can nothing be done to control these losers from ruining the forum?

        • FWATANG says:

          yeah….. and mocking accomplishes what? if we wanna play the first comment game there is absolutely no harm. did you break a bone over it? did a family die cause first was posted?

    • Tyler says:

      Congrats, you ruined a nice page, go back to your rock, normally, I don’t mind people posting “First” but this was a good page

      • Spike says:

        Finally a damn comment about the page. I say they should go for it.

        now to the rest of you just ignore the first stuff it was to get you guys to comment.

        now have a nice life or get a new one!

    • flor says:

      Holy god damn, I was checking comics at just before midnight and thought it would be fun to snipe the first, didn’t think I’d get this much of a response from typing the word first twice. Sip haterade more?

      • MJSox says:

        Needs more weed,

      • Jeri says:

        I’m not going to rage, but this is basically how I see it.

        TreadingGrounds is a mature comic, considering it’s NSFW and all, and somewhat as an unwritten rule it’s expected that in something mature, the people who watch/read/participate are going to be mature.

        The problem most people face with the ‘FIRST!’ posts is that in a single word and action, it brings mass immaturity to the comment thread, which has become increasingly popular, if so as much as the comic itself.

        People aren’t getting pissed because you’re posting that you’re first, it’s that people are getting angry that so much effort is being put into such a nonsensical thing with absolutely nothing prevalent added to the actual story in which the comments thread was created for originally. Yes, as a matter of fact the “Comments” section is for comments about the page/story, not just a place to show off someone’s “FIRST!” e-peen powers.

        You thought it would be fun to snipe the ‘FIRST’ comment, which I imagine for some it is. But I would also imagine you’ve seen the backlash some of the other ‘FIRST!” posts got, and it probably should have come as no big surprise that when the story is coming to a major point, the LAST thing people want to see smack dab in their faces in the comments section(which is used to discuss the story thus far) is a “FIRST!” page.

        I know on many places I go where review/comment threads are hosted, that ‘FIRST!” posts actually give you negative marks and with enough, disable your posting abilities until reviews/comments have begun. Part of me wants TG to have this as well, but I wouldn’t ask Nick to do something like that, as the coding for it must be just tedious as fuck.

        TL;DR? TreadingGrounds is getting to a serious point, the comments section was made for people to discuss THE COMIC, not to have a race to see who can CTRL+V their pre-typed ‘first’ into the page. Posting FIRST! to promote your ePeen is just proving you’re not old enough to read this comic, and people are getting sick of it and are finally saying something. You will get flamed, and you will get flamed hard by those who want to see a descent level of maturity on these comment boards. Also note: Flaming is not immature if it’s flaming someone doing something stupid… you ever heard the phrase, “Trial by fire?”

        • Frrabian says:

          Sorry Jeri, but your comments don’t hold water. Nick has commented on the First game (it is a game. Just cuz you want to stand in the corner and choose not to play don’t make it a bad thing) and said that it is fine. If you would read the other comment pages you would have known that. Get over yourself. Yes, this is a mature comic, but when you start whining (yes, all you soap boxer are whining IMHO) you make yourself look like the children. Please, for the comics and people who enjoy it, just stop.

    • Trololol says:


      This shit is so stupid it took up half a page. Everyone just shut the fuck up.

  1. Dinsaru says:

    Loving this comic

  2. S5 says:

    Are they thinking of getting back together? Wonder where this is gonna go…

  3. John Madden says:

    Megatron likes where this is going.

  4. Same Ol' Bob says:

    I’m curious, now that they’re reconciling, is this coming to an end soon or does the show go on for quite some time?

  5. peter says:

    Awesome :)

  6. MegaHentai says:

    I’ll be damned — it looks like they’re actually turning a corner here. Will wonders never cease?

    One nitpick: third panel should read “that circumstances”, not “the circumstances”.

    Heh heh, not a fart joke…

    • Nick Wright says:

      Actually I intended it to read this way. When she says “the circumstances” she means “the circumstances of the situation”. Saying “that circumstances” would have made the other “that” at the end of the sentence look clumsy.

  7. Ghost says:

    *sings* Always, I wanna be with you
    Make believe with you
    And live in harmony
    Oh, love

    Yeah… I may have been playing too much Robot Unicorn Attack in the last couple of days. End of semester celebration FTW!!!

    • Renadt says:

      I have that song.

      • Ghost says:

        Any guy who can play that game or listen to that song and still feel secure about their masculinity is a real man. If they feel threatened by it or say that it’s gay, they aren’t.

        • Kramegame says:

          THANK YOU!

        • OverlordLaharl79 says:

          Are you kidding? I freaking love that game, and the song is definitely a good love song. I’m also very secure about my masculinity as well.

          • Ghost says:

            You, sir, are a real man. Congratulations. There are many that can learn from you.

          • Broken_Boundry says:

            I <3 That song. It does help that for some reason it seems to be like an audible female viagra for my girlfriend though. :)

            Also not to totally detract, but have any of you played the heavy metal version….that is also a good song.

            • bigwill076 says:

              Good song. I can say that and I’m admittedly not even secure in my masculinity. XD

            • Kramegame says:

              ehh.. I’m not too fond of it, not because of the song but for whatever reason that version is a lot more buggy and lags quite often… still not entirely sure if its meant to be that way or not…

            • Ghost says:

              I like both of them. I generally spend half my RUA time on the original one and the other half on the Heavy Metal one. But somehow the original is just slighty more epic.

    • yenn says:

      At first I thought, that it’s new Deathmøle/Jeph Jacques song (with most unicorn-named songs like: Unicorn Battle, The Pyrrhic Victory of The Unicorn Prince, Unicorn Battle Tactics, With Flowing Manes They Charge,… it’s not hard to imagine), but hey, this is game is pure awesomeness!

      I like the heavy metal version a little bit more – mainly because the Blind Guardian (my all-time favorite band) theme song – but both versions are damn good. Although I think Deathmøle’s Unicorn Battle would be even more epic for heavy metal version :~)

      And yes, I’m very secure about my masculinity.

  8. Athila says:

    would really rather starting a relationship, instead of being just friends bedding, both looked at begin

  9. Origin says:

    I always thought Second Winds referred to physically taxing activities like marathons or as the case tends to be here in TG, sex. Or talk about sex.

  10. Junka says:

    All i wanna say is:
    I wanna see a running gag

    • A Random Dewd says:

      As much as I want to agree with you, I can’t. Cuz I want to see this come to fruition. Like legitimately. So I can have a hope that, just maybe, there are second chances in this world…

      Aw screw it. I just wanna see ’em hook up & not freak out about it.

  11. Rob Lopez says:

    Joy! I’ve never done this before, so pardon me if I don’t do it right, but: SQUEEE!

  12. Sara E. says:

    It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for this since the end of the birthday party arc!

  13. Chaos says:

    We’re one yes back from the status quo being restored, advanced, and on to new territory it looks like.

    What strange new and potentially sexually-tense horizons await us?

  14. A Random Dewd says:

    Two things can happen here:

    1) She says “Sure! Why not?” They get together, have awesome sex, & the world that is TG is a happy place for all.

    2) More realistically, she can stab him in the back by politely (or bluntly) declining, at which point Nate jumps off the roof.

    BONUS! 3) They get together, have awesome sex for like 2 weeks (TG time), and then break it off. Because that’s how the world REALLY operates.

  15. Zam says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but Nate kind of reminds me of Dante Hicks from Kevin Smith’s movies, both in looks and demeanor.
    Of course that’s not a bad thing. Dante is great. Just thought I’d throw it out there.
    Any input, author? A source of inspiration, maybe?

  16. forest says:

    ok, enough sap, make with the funny!

  17. Anon says:

    She’s gunna turn him down

  18. N8 says:

    I’m really hoping they decide to go for it. I know they’d work together, and there’ll be a huge release of sexual tension between them.

  19. L says:

    Kinda hope she turns him down, if nothing else at least it’s not as cliché as “second chances”.

  20. That one Guy says:

    First time commentor, long time reader (excellent comic btw Nick). Hope she says yes… twenty bucks on her saying no though. Cant wait til monday

  21. Jack Faire says:

    I must be getting more mature because when I read the title second wind my first thought was, “Okay they are going to try a relationship again” never even thought fart joke.

  22. Coulbe says:

    D&D Reference?

  23. Ginger says:

    I wish I could say this felt like a genuine reunion and not like Nate saying “I thought I could do better but realized you’re probably as good as it’s going to get, so, wanna go to Chuck E. Cheese?” but it is realistic and I always appreciate that, given the fact that humanity is going to be punished for “Moonlighting” for a very, very long time.

    Ah, disappointment and resignation. Where would my love life be without it? *^_^*

    • Renadt says:

      He did actually like her, but wanted to wait on her to be “legal,” and give their relationship a chance. Rose initially pushed him away, leading to Miranda, and then there was the cunt Tracy who fucked it up (literally) for Nate with Miranda. It is not resignation, it is acceptance from both on the positives of the other. They would make a great couple and I’d wish them the best. And then to teleport them to BCB and have them kick the crap out of Mike.

  24. Dave says:

    I’m thinking if they do get back together they’ll still decide to wait until Rose’s 18th birthday before having sex.

    Rose bothers me because she still hasn’t taken any ownership of the obnoxious things she did to drive Nate away. And Nate either has no self esteem, or he has superhuman forgiveness powers. Especially since she hasn’t acknowledged that she’s done anything needing forgiveness.

  25. Drew Linky says:

    At the risk of sounding like a copy cat:

    Oh shit, son.

  26. BriGuy says:

    Say yes say yes say yes say yes goddammit say yes!

    …she’s not gonna say yes. :(

  27. Frrabian says:

    For the Gods sake SAY YES!!! We all been waiting for this (which means they will never hook up). I would love to see the fall out of him and Rose! Her family alone would make a great year of strips. Seeing that Black Nate (yes I know he has a real name but B.N. is just funner to me.) is dating Rose’s sister. And his roommate is tapping Beth?!? LOL!!!! Hell, we don’t even KNOW Nate’s family and how they might take the age gap thing!! For future funny sake Rose, SAY YES!!!!

  28. an alien says:

    And now tou just copy a previous comic, change a few speechbubbles and you have a perfectly fitting storyline.

  29. Chessure says:

    most likely that since the comic has to keep going (im assuming the all mighty TG god Nick Wright is planning on doing so), they will get back together but since there is some serious sexual problems they are going to have to work through, being that they have fucked several people that were not of the highest standards in contrast to each other, they are going to try and resist the temptation and try to be more friends in the boyfriend/girlfriend-soon-to-be ratio and the sexual tension is going to prolong their torture… ergo our amusement.

  30. oak says:

    Doesnt anyone besides me see a potential shitstorm when his other woman comes callin?

  31. Lycandis says:

    A few points I want to touch on from my view:

    -To whomever gets “First”, congrats…I would go on and on about it, but the sarcasm would be lost in context of words on a screen.
    -To those who criticize (and you know who you are), by now we’ve all seen the fighting on the internet memes…point, set, match.
    -To those who think the story is over only to see a new comic (Monday/Wednesday/Friday), I do believe Mr. Nick Wright would tell us if and/or when the strip was ending (although with the shirts and whatever else he sells making himself a nice profit, I highly doubt he’ll pull a “Shivian”)
    -To anyone criticizing me and my post, I see the points above every newish strip that gets posted and it detracts from those of us that have points to make when the strip pops online (11:30 p.m. CST for me). I like the comic and I do believe that Nick is a genius (out of all the webcomics out there, there happens to be a fair few that really lose it’s it’s audience through the plot or exposition…TG isn’t one of them)

    I think you’re doing a great job, Nick…and the fact of mending fences between Nate & Rose is a great play – BRILLIANT!

    • Xander says:

      This is about your third point really its just merely a question. wouldn’t telling everyone if he was ending the the comic ruin the surprise of the climax/resolution, but wouldn’t ending with a surprise make for overall better story telling? Also I can highly agree with your first 2 points.

      • Lycandis says:

        The third point is based of another webcomic artist that went silent for over a year and ended the strip upon return (Oh My Gods: a Polytheistic comic for the Monotheistic Masses). Seeing as Nick has guest artists for when he goes poof, I doubt that he’ll pull a Shivian any time soon

  32. josh says:

    You know I should have realized this awhile back, but Rose is liable to have shockingly red pubes, isn’t she?

  33. nooneinparticular says:

    And, the Game has been lost

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