It shows signs of self-awareness. Perhaps it is capable of communication.


[Rose helping Nate up to the roof, Nate slightly surprised]
Rose: Welcome back.
Nate: Thanks.

Nate: I haven’t seen you sitting up here lately.
Rose: Today’s the first time in a while that it’s actually been cool enough to do it, so I figured why not.

Rose: So how have you been?
Nate: Things have been less interesting since the picnic, so good.

Rose: No longer eating the Evil Queen’s poison apples?
Nate: Instead of waiting for love’s first kiss, I just decided to stop being a tool.

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  1. chumash99 says:

    I knew it!

  2. Ryutso says:

    I came here, there was no comic.

  3. Nifar says:

    Hopefully spoiling the first by leaving a real comment.

    Gotta love the metaphors. It’s always fun to see those two interacting.

  4. A Random Dewd says:

    And now back to what seems to be “normal” for Nate & company.

    We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

  5. Dr.wonderful says:

    And that when Nate Ikari learn to accept things and become TANG.

    …Fuck you all…

    • Dr.wonderful says:

      To anyone want to know WHAT I’m talking abou. Watch Neon Gensis Evangelion final scene.

      • Renadt says:

        I have all the episodes, but by title, so I don’t know the order. Maybe I can get the order by title?

      • OverlordLaharl79 says:

        I definitely know what you’re talking about, Dr. W… the original ending to NGE, where instrumentality happened and we all became one big happy family(or in other words, a huge planet with one mind, sort of like the borg).

        • Porto says:

          Not sure what Hideki Anno was smoking those days, but that ending re-soundly sucked big time… The one with giant Ayanami too, the whole Gaia super-being being silly… Would have been better a giant berserk Unit 1 breaking the world in half with its AT field.

  6. Ass to Ass says:

    What this webcomic needs is a good little session of… lesbian dildo ass to ass!

  7. Frank says:

    So when are they getting laid? :)

  8. Sara E. says:

    I like that metaphor, though for some reason when she says ‘poison apples’ I picture Tracy’s tits.

  9. Twaddle says:

    oh and i call middle.

  10. Passerby says:

    Oh poor delusional Nate. You can’t deny what you are.

  11. The Canadian says:

    These few last pages give me the strange feeling this could be the resolution of a very long story

  12. I have a name says:

    Am I the only one that notices Rose has cleavage in the first 2 panels, but not the second 2 panels?

  13. Pink Freud says:

    Once Again, I think Nick has been following me around and taking notes back when I was in College. I have always lived my life according to that ancient Chinese proverb / curse: “May you live in i interesting times”

  14. Ginger says:

    I’m quoting Nate on that the next time someone asks me why I’m not married.

  15. FA4ED says:

    Things are about to go tits up, Atleast I hope for Nate they do.

    • josh says:

      Tits up, tits down, (hell even tits slapping back and forth in a wild beast-like manner) I doubt Nate will give a damn as long as he’s in on seeing em in action.

  16. Crestlinger says:

    Yay! The return of the Zen roof!
    *Pictures the banner cast pushing Tracy off of it with Purvis waiting below.

  17. Flip-a-Baby says:

    Yay! a little normalcy.

  18. SilentSooYun says:

    I love her blouse :)
    The pips on the collar disappear in the last panel, though

  19. Jon says:

    This comic made me smile :)

  20. josh says:

    I guess there’s something about seeing the girl you want to sleep with accidentally “stink-fingering” the girl you’re hate fucking at work that just lends itself to introspection.

  21. The Most Interesting Man in the World says:


  22. Anti says:

    I’m sorry, but at the moment all I can notice is how Very tight her shirt is.

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