Two callbacks, one strip!


Jimi: I would say “I told you so,” but I think I’ll just let the fact that I have to order your lunch for you be a subtle daily reminder.
Nate: Thanks.

Jimi: You’ve been quiet today. If I were you, I’d be happy as shit.
Nate: Why is that?

Jimi: You’ve got no more burdens! The thing with Miranda went nuclear, you’ve got Tracy off your nuts…

Jimi: Well, I guess there is that ONE loose end.

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  1. Frenchie says:


    • Mizu says:

      ok, seriously WHY do people still do this? It’s so pathetic

      • THIRD says:

        cause it annoys you…

        • Sir Dude Man Guy says:

          haha so true! Here’s a Question: Why do people still complain about first? It’s pathetic!

          • Oberon says:

            I, too, and very annoyed at all the “first” backlash. The first post is a single post. Perhaps there is some jeering at a failed “first”. But the complainers have no limits. No checks and balances.

            It’s like a plague upon this webcomic! Will they never cease? Have they no decency? WTF, are they trying to ruin it for the readers?

  2. BrokenProducts says:

    first time commenting ever!

  3. Geekazoid says:

    So will Nate finally catch a break?

  4. John Madden says:

    Speaking of Miranda, we ARE going to be seeing her again, right?

    • A Random Dewd says:

      Seeing as the last time we saw her she was covered in lime Jell-o & had freshly butt-raped someone, I doubt it’s anytime in the near future.

      But then again, there ARE worse things goin down with our friends in the meat department…

  5. Dr Angry Ed says:

    Dude, what the fuck are you going to do now?! Are you fucking retarded?!

  6. Agilaz says:

    Is he heading to the roof? This is what we’ve been waiting 2 weeks for! :)
    Interesting angle in the 3rd panel, btw ^^

    • Plasmo says:

      I have been waiting quite a lot longer than two weeks for him to finally go on the roof and talk to Rose. It has been months for me damn it! I do not envy the people whom have been waiting even longer.

  7. Sara E. says:

    Which loose end? I thought Miranda was a loose end, or at least I would consider her one. I suppose he means Rose, then?

  8. meeestashane says:

    So not first, but I am trying to figure out what Jimi is doing in the second panel.

  9. Rob Lopez says:

    I’m getting a Chasing Amy vibe…

  10. 010 says:

    You never know, opening a set of plastic silverware could be considered epic to someone somewhere in the world. Might even be a sport for those who like silverware.

    But the question is, what will Nate do next? Another question could also be, what brand are the plastic silverware? Next Monday we’ll have a answer that much is for certain.

    Awesome job Nick, thanks for the exceptional comic today.

    • No Name In Particular says:

      “But the question is, what will Nate do next?”

      Actually, I’m hoping it’s more “WHO will Nate do next?”

    • Jakub says:

      “But the question is, what will Nate do next?”

      Two things: 1) Rose will be there and they get together again.

      2) He´s going to jump off that roof.

      • George II says:

        My guess:

        1) Rose will be there on the roof.

        2) They chat.

        3) Rose: “It’s been nice knowing you, but you’re just sorta `treading ground’, and I want to do something with my life. I will be going to college next fall.”

        4) Nate stares down from the roof.

        5) The next story arc is an epilogue (3 years into the future). Nate moves to a new town that somehow looks like it could be in North Carolina. He goes looking for a job – swearing that his days in the grocery industry are a thing of the past. He checks out one grocery just as a fall back alternative. Meets a baldened version of Arne, who asks: “Can you start tomorrow?”

  11. Chaos says:

    Attaboy, Nate. Go up there and at least make up with her.

    • Yeti says:

      To be honest, I’d much prefer if he did some “making out” instead. Well, I suppose that would require some of your suggestion first… Regardless! That girl deserves a bit of happiness. D:

  12. menotu says:

    Nicely done sir. Two flashback tie-in’s for the price of one. Now if Rose is absent, it could be “Deep Thoughts” Nate style.

  13. lucy says:

    he better be going to the roof and end up seeing rose. about time!

  14. The man who knows all says:

    After the day Nate.s had, he could use some normalcy.

  15. Skuifspeld says:

    Nick, thank you for making three days of the week all smiles all times. Do I sense that this is more than just a story arc coming to a close?

  16. Greenwood Goat says:

    Ah, remainders: the awkward leftovers sometimes produced by division. We’ve seen Nate and Rose divided by the age of consent, Nate and Miranda divided by Tracy, and Tracy divided (and coming to grief) on Miranda’s random digits. She certainly felt the decimal point, there, and was lucky that Miranda didn’t take the operand! >:=)>

    I suppose that, as loose ends go, Rose is pretty loose. She’s been hanging around Nate for a while, and still seems keen to hitch up with him. What knotty problems might Nate encounter on that roof if Rose is up there? (That wasn’t a rope bondage reference, by the way…………. all right, it is now.>:=)>

  17. Ginger says:

    I agree with Jimi. Nate’s lucky to be alive after all this drama. And someone just brought him food. I’d be turning cartwheels!

  18. Zeiss Ikon says:

    I caught the fire escape callback without help, but I’d forgotten Miranda worked at the deli/lunch counter. What can I say, I read the first 200+ strips in a single evening…

  19. Brendan T says:

    Clearly the next strip should see him banging Aya on the roof.

    …have I just started fanshipping a webcomic? What is this?

  20. you know that guy says:

    i really like your comic its been a fun read.

  21. Exarchy Man says:

    Oh, great, now I’ve got the image of Rose as a lingerie-clad Kool-Aid slut stuck in my head. Why do I ever read the comments?

    Now that that image is ingrained in my conscience, I am now forced to come up with something stupid to get it out.

    On another note, what could be next? Who knows? Shh! Don’t spoil it. I want to make people squirm with it.

    Quick! Everyone break out in disco fever!

    And there is the stupidity. I was wondering when it would catch up.

    The image is still there.

  22. Internet Douches of the World says:


  23. Slain says:

    Hey Man, long time reader, first time commenter.
    Love the comic, and keep up the good work!

  24. chumash99 says:

    Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation, so I’m going to stay up late and try to be FIRST! again. But I’ll also try to post something a bit more original than that. ;)

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