I think that was a depiphany.


Tracy: You’re right, this whole thing has been pretty uncharacteristic of me.
Nate: Manipulation and egomania? No, I’d say that’s par for the course.

Tracy: You don’t understand. I used to use casual sex to ADVANCE my position in life. Why do I keep wasting my time with someone like you, who can’t offer me any gain?

Nate: Yes, I’m sure THAT was the realization you were supposed to come to.
Tracy: Who’s the District Manager these days? I wonder if I can arrange a MEETING.

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  1. MegaHentai says:

    People, people, we’re all avoiding the important question here: WHAT ABOUT UNCLE CHUEY?

  2. Philip says:

    Agreed! What’s up with Uncle Chuey and Miranda?

  3. Philip says:

    Also, the maniacal expression on Tracy’s face in the third panel? Brilliant!

  4. codyblues says:

    Ohhhhhh, you. Keep it in your pants ya horny s.o.b.

    Or don’t, we love ya either way.

  5. Lazruth says:

    Aaannndd it’s a swing and a miss! Don’t worry Tracy, I’m sure you’ll be a real human one day!

    • Pashakitty says:

      I highly doubt that. If she hasn’t learned her lesson yet, she probably never will.

      • AbslomRob says:

        Actually, she HAS learned her lesson; exploiting her gender makes short-term advancement easier. What she HASN’T learnt is that there are long-term complications to it. And when she does learn that, it’ll be too late to do anything about it.

  6. Ghost says:

    Where’s Purvous? We haven’t seen him since his one-frame appearance showing what was happing at the Food Baron while the picnic was going on…


    not really surprised that she turns to that plan to raise up in the ranks of a dead end job…

  8. Dr.wonderful says:

    Well at least she [b] came[/b] to a conclusion.

    Har de har har

  9. Rob Lopez says:

    It’s gotten so layered that this depiphany actually pleasantly threw me. What? I’m reading a comic strip? NO! :)

  10. John Madden says:

    She gonna end up in the gutter.

  11. Kobra says:

    And again we are reminded on just how big a slut she is. Not bad enough she cheats on her guy just to get ahead but not she’s trying to do it again. I mean for gods sake woman if you’re going to be the company slut be one in a company that pays allot more than a dame grocery store.

  12. Brasca1 says:

    Remember what Nate said about the economy? As future planning goes it’s probably one of the more viable strategies and as someone who works in a similar line of work, convenience store not grocery, Tracey, if she were real would probably be a regional manager by now.

  13. Chaos says:

    Meh. She still likes him.

    And here I was finally convinced that her little freakout during End of Compliance was completely non-canon.

  14. Arctic Brit says:

    I think the gag is on the reader and on the hapless lad. The scratching of the itch line is banter between two people who have chemistry. This last strip is so exaggerated that she is either à pantomime villain/slut or she is taking the piss. That the chorus is now chanting, “slut,slut,slut!” means it’s risen to the bait.

    • PantherScott says:

      Does it count that I had the Disney show Good Luck Charlie theme in my head?

      Hang in there baby

      Yadda yadda, crap I don’t care to remember

      You’ll turn out fine this year.

  15. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    Yeah… is it any wonder I prefer Rose and Miranda over Tracy? :facepalm:

  16. Dr Angry Ed says:

    Well, maybe she’s ready to go the next step after the jelly incident and get herself another anal gape in order to ascend to a higher level.

    The price of success.

  17. Jill says:

    I’m adding “depiphany” to my vocabulary :)

  18. Greenwood Goat says:

    Why settle for a one-on-one with the district manager, Tracy? Head straight for the top and go in for the kill:

    Tracy & Beth: *slurp* *squelch* *squeal* etc.

    Charles Connor Baron III, President and CEO of Food Baron: Oh! Oh my! Ah! Yes! All right! I am appointing you as Food Baron’s Head of Discipline. Salary… ooooh!

    Tracy: Never mind that. I get Nathan Ashborne as my personal sex slave.

    Charles: Yyyesss!

    Tracy: And Miranda Reyes as my personal whipping girl.

    Beth: *slurp* And 80% discount on alcohol purchases!

    Charles: Sssure!

    Tracy: And assistant managers’ duties will be expanded to include counseling and backrubs, establishment and supervision of a company creche, phone sex services for our senior customers, and… what is that bleeping noise?! Shit…

    (Tracy wakes to the sound of her alarm. She sleepily pounds the pillow in frustration.)

    Tracy: (grinds teeth) Stupid dream. Stupid dream company president. Aren’t we owned by a faceless conglomerate or something, anyway?

    Hey, if Dallas can get away with it, so can I.

  19. Mr. Croup says:

    I presume the gain she got from him makes her vulnerable in such a situation as she might wish to belittle him in. Fecking emotions and their desperate drag on one’s rise to middle managerial mogolhood. What kind of world do we live in that a smart, sexy, young woman, with glasses that only enhance her features, can’t sleep with someone that’s learned one or two of her hooha’s delightfully erogenous secrets without gaining something!?

    He should buy her some jewelry just to make amends. Better yet, he should get her a meeting, and prime the regional manager with tips towards cracking the mystery of her orient…could imagine someone doing that under several circumstances, including a boy who believes he will call her bluff this way, and make her to crack somehow somehow.

    I could imagine someone doing such because he’s a boy who wants to make a maybe lover squirm her way away from him…but I’m reading too much of my own baggage into this. Were I to have my way, all female individuals within the comic would be confined to their own girl-maintenance pods within my subterranean …erm…

    No, hey, she’s crazy, isn’t she, Nate…heh…heh…AHEM *goes back to what he was doing*

  20. Passerby says:

    Place yer bets people!

    Will the district manager be: Male? Female? Gay? Showing up in the comic at all?

  21. Ginger says:

    Atta girl, Tracy. They can’t MAKE you learn anything from this! *^_~*

  22. Rock says:

    I’d hazard a guess that Tracy’s biological clock started ticking for some reason, and she at least knows that Nate’s a fertile male. Or at least a sexually active one roughly her own age.

    • Bill M. says:

      She should end up with Trevor, and let the douchebaggery and b*tchiness be confined to their family alone.

  23. Tyler says:

    Godsmack reference Nick?

  24. Oxford says:

    FUCK the regional manager(no pun intended), she should go straight to the governor.

  25. A Random Dewd says:

    P.S. I’ve gotta say at this point, the main character’s bluntness, brutal honesty, & awesome sarcasm remind me of a friend who works a similar job at a certain VERY well-known food services establishment (whose name shall remain anonymous). I’m not sure the others in this comic are like his coworkers (wouldn’t surprise me though), but Nate DEFINITELY reminds me of him.

    Keep up the good work Nick.

  26. Riyukadragon says:

    One would think that tracy would aim a little higher in her goals, like banging the owner of the entire story chain or at least a son of he’s or her’s (guessing they have one) but meh, sometimes u go for the easy raise.

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