Subterfuge (NSFW-ish)

Subterfuge (NSFW-ish)

A turn of events.


[Miranda/Tracy Fight continues]

Jimi: You’d think Bill would have put a stop to this by now.
Arne: I’ve enlisted the aid of a disinterested party to keep him occupied.

Alex: Oh, no! The propane has been off this whole time!
Bill: Man, this is gonna take forever. Good thing everybody ran off all of
the sudden.

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  1. chumash99 says:


    • Jim says:

      … or not!

      • Passerby says:

        Okay, WHAT is so damned appealing about being first? It implies you don’t give a shit if what you say has meaning or not so long as you pre-empt anybody else. And damn but you look like a fool when you say “First!” as the second, third, or fourth post.

        Now for the part I’d like to say humorously.

        Tch. That boy’d better be getting a subscription to Marine Manwich for running interference and preserving his old man’s friggin livelihood, to say nothing of his hard-on. I mean job-threatening blackmail material doesn’t come along every day and when you’ve got to rope your kid into saving your ass you damn well expect a little bit of extortion.

  2. The lorax says:


  3. Brian says:

    First time posting here, but is that Miranda’s nipple I see? Wouldn’t that be NSFW :P?

    • Nick Wright says:

      Eh, debatable, but I’ve added a disclaimer.

      “I don’t know what you’re talking about, boss. Areola? I don’t even know what that means!”

      • Josh says:

        Ah, areolas are only NSFW-ish, but pubes are full on NSFW. :-p

        • Nick Wright says:

          It’s an intricate hierarchy.

          • G@tor says:

            We’ll obviously need a similarly structured governmental regulatory committee to make sure we know what’s corrupting and what’s good ol’ fashioned fun. Bureaucracy NOOOOO!!!!!

            • Nick Wright says:


              • josh says:

                Is it weird we’ve seen more of Miranda than Nate has even though they’re sorta dating?

                I mean it’s kinda like your best bud bragging to you about feeling up a chick that you’ve already nailed.

                • Kim says:

                  You would be surprised how often this has happened to me being bi-sexual. And it’s more ‘I got to see her in bikini or bend over in short skirt’ etc and it’s like ‘Uh…yeah. Pretty sure I’ve had sex with her. Just saying’.
                  I think lesbians like to wear suggestive clothing just to tease the opposite sex.

    • chumash99 says:

      Good eyes, Brian! I missed that the first time around. ;)

      • Isis says:

        How could you POSSIBLY miss that, chumash? Seems to me you’re doing it wrong if your main priority when reading this comic is to post first and not notice Nick’s subtle artsy way of showing us that Miranda is not just losing the fight, but her top!

  4. One Manic Ninja says:


    and I love how they guys got jello on themselves… somehow… ;-)

    • Frrabian says:

      Maybe the jello has not harden yet? It does look like a nice day, so not sure if it is in solid form yet due to no fridge.

      • Kramegame says:

        There was plenty of ice for the gelatin to solidify. otherwise it would just be super sticky green water….
        also, as with mud-wrestling, there tends to be a very large splash radius around the contenders…

    • meeestashane says:

      Bear in mind Arne made the jello pool. Makes it easier to get the stuff on you.

  5. todes says:

    o.o jesus tits people… you’d think bein first made you king of shit mountain or something…. besides, yer all missing the all important half nipple. *nods*

    • The lorax says:

      Although Things are looking grim i’ve got my money on miranda.

      • That Jewish Dude says:

        Why the HELL would you bet on Miranda. Sure, everyone likes her much more than Tracy, but Tracy’s ‘bitch’ attitude will make her a lock to win this thing.


  6. BermudaRectangle says:


  7. Johnny5 says:

    Hey Bookie, I’d like to up my bet on Tracy to $40.00!

    In the meantime, someone better add more Lime flavored Food Baron brand gelatin to the pool.

    • corky says:

      well that will be a $40 loss to you. Look at the eyes of miranda (nipple, nipple, nipple, eyes) I know that look, it’s the one that women get just before they get really mad and lose all decorum. Tracy will swallow Jello.

  8. Dr. wonderful says:


  9. Marianne says:



  10. Duke says:

    i’m a little curious… will rose join them in the “pool”?

  11. Sara E. says:

    First panel is pretty, hot, I have to admit it. And I knew Tracy would eventually get the upper hand…

  12. RotSman says:

    YES. Tracy is about to slap on the STF! She’s gonna tap!

  13. lcpl210 says:

    Epic simply epic, the battle of the grocery store babes. HURRAY for Food Baron brand JELLO.

  14. Interesting says:

    How did Arne convince his son to distract Bill though. Great comic though Nick. I wonder how this will all turn out.

  15. Verse 86 says:

    Finally the more prude Miranda has her 15 minutes of nude fame. Hopefully more to come :-)

  16. Futabakun says:

    I’m really surprised Nate hasn’t tried to assist/rescue Miranda by now. He wants Tracy to back off, right? He seems to want to make a go with Miranda, right? Wouldn’t both best be served by his coming forward to publicly support Miranda right now?

    Unless he really doesn’t know what he wants. If he doesn’t do something quick, he’s definitely not going to be happy with any results from this.

    • Kramegame says:

      Honestly, I wouldn’t get in between any of that… and if Nate were to step in, they would probably both go at him and thus the end of treading grounds… They’re both furious right now, so I say let them duke it out, and Nate will just take part in clean up of the whole situation…

  17. Josh says:

    Wait a sec…I sell that grill. It is pure charcoal, no propane at all.

  18. Rob Lopez says:

    More jello please.

  19. CJ says:

    Is it just me or dose Tracy seem to be getting off on this?

    • Kramegame says:

      the lesbian-ish part of it? no.
      the dominance she is currently holding over Miranda? more than likely.

  20. Kramegame says:

    Looks like having a gay son has its benefits…. LOL
    Also, Miranda needs to pull up down her bathing suit some more…ya know what? she might just want to take it off, it looks like its restricting her movement…XD

  21. Zachery says:

    So, is it just me or did your lines get more clean in this comic?

  22. Nick says:

    Arne demonstrates his superiority once again.

  23. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    overlord senses… RIGHT ON!! Overlord Laharl will proclaim Harlot, er, I mean Tracy… to be the winner!

    • model S says:

      don’t make me get rozilyn out here. i bet she’d have something to say about that. ((if you don’t get this i seriously will hunt you down and hurt you))

      • Marianne says:


        If you’re gonna use her to threaten Laharl, get her name right! :P

        Though she does seriously kick Laharl’s ass when she goes all Zenon on him.

  24. Neil says:

    He’s uninterested (in watching) rather than disinterested (in his father’s shenannigans), isn’t he?

    • Nick Wright says:

      He’s disinterested (as in having no “interest”, stake, or partiality) in the outcome of this event.

      Really, either way works.

      • Neil says:

        Ah, I see what you mean, but I was under the impression that most of the spectators don’t care about the outcome either, and just want to watch for as long as possible.

  25. Yanto says:

    You could always use a gay son. x’)

    But, where’s Les in all this? o.o

  26. Greenwood Goat says:

    Looks like Tracy has some skills after all. She doesn’t have Miranda properly pinned yet, and isn’t properly braced, so Miranda might be able to pull her right arm down and throw Tracy off, or at least free her right arm and then go for a clit attack with her left. Though Tracy might be hardened against this…

    Tracy: Ah! Yeah! Nice try bitch! I don’t lose control during orgasm! How about you?!

    Of course, it is quite possible to win the bout but not the judges’ verdict.

    Arne: And the winnah, by two wardrobe malfunctions and one noisy climax to one submission – Miranda Reyes!

    All: *cheers*

    Arne: And here’s your prize. (shoves Nate forward) Just leave him fit for work, ma’am. And give a big hand to our gallant, but still – rather boringly – clad, loser, Tracy Winters!

    All: *boos and cries of “Get ’em off!”*

    Nate isn’t going to intervene – he’s probably too busy trying to back away – but someone else might…

    Miranda: Thanks for that. (kisses Rose) I thought I was a goner . The bitch must’ve outweighed me… so how did you manage?

    Rose: I’ve been mud wrestling since I was six. Goes with the family.

    Nate: Did you have to lose the top before you went in?

    Rose: Yes.

    Miranda: (to Nate): Well, pardner, I’m gonna have a reputation now, and it’s all thanks to you. So, are you going to come through for me?

    Nate: Uh, yeah, I guess. (they move slowly to embrace)

    Rose: No chance of sharesies, then?

    Miranda: (backs off a little, smiles) Well, think how that would make Tracy feel…

    (Nate grabs Rose and pulls her into the embrace)

  27. That Jewish Dude says:

    ANd that’s why you always use a charcoal grill.



  28. Phil C. says:

    Loving the strip lately (this is some beach party) but it has to be said:

    It isn’t “all of the sudden”, it’s “all of a sudden”.

    Sorry. That’s a particular pet peeve of mine.

    Keep writing and drawing!


    • Nick Wright says:

      I understand the peeve, but people are going to continue to misuse it colloquially, and that includes Bill.

      Otherwise, thanks for the kind words!

      • Jimmy Suzuki says:

        I don’t understand why the “error” is so prevalent. I think “all of the sudden” is harder to say. But then again, I’m not a native speaker, and force of habit is a juggernaut O.O

  29. Rock says:

    #1: If you’re in a comic, always buy a bikini top WITH shoulder straps unless you’re content to become fanservice fodder at some point.

    #2: It worries me that Tracy is apparently familiar with the application of suppression holds. Unless Miranda pulls out quick, that is going to get very painful. And I’d like to see Miranda win instead of that harlot. =_=

    • Jeri says:

      Well, my argument to #1 is: This isn’t Japan, nor is this Manga. Comic makers here use good stories and creative humor to catch an audience, not the, “every cute girl getting naked or topless in some sort of sexy pose or another” cliche, to attract fans.

      And #2:….. I must agree.

  30. Double D says:

    Put her in the rear naked choke! And then Miranda can reverse it and put Tracy in the full naked choke…with both of them fully naked, preferably.

  31. BriGuy says:

    Nick, panel one is honestly the hottest thing you’ve ever publicly shown. You got a chubby after drawing this, didn’t you? Tell the truth, this is a safe space.

    • Nick Wright says:

      I drew it at Starbucks, so I hope not.

      • Kona says:

        Makes me pause to think about how many Starbucks customers have casually passed a great webcomic being created as they order their lattes a few feet away. That nerdy looking guy with the scratch pad? A major movie blockbuster next year. That harrassed looking middle aged lady tapping away on her battered laptop? The next JK Rowling. We brush against fame every day, and never know it.

        Oh, and great beach party! Keep up the fanservice; uh, good work!

    • Miss Freaky Rose says:

      Uh oh, nipple shot! XD

  32. 42 says:

    one of the two needs to realize she’ll acquire an ally if she makes the other bleed.

  33. mike says:

    That is totally not the right way to apply a half nelson…

  34. T-Wb says:

    Somebody should have cued up the theme music to Benny Hill, Yakety Sax, right about the time the bikini clad butt hit the jello pool.
    I am just saying.

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