Riposte (NSFW)

Riposte (NSFW)

It is, as they say, on.


[Tracy covered in Lime Jello)

Miranda: Oh… I’m sorry?

[Tracy pulls Miranda in]

[Jimi gives Arne 5 bucks]

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  1. Guest #667 says:

    Ok, where is that friggen ‘Like’ button?…

  2. Weltall says:

    On, on big time, and now begins the bets of how much clothing gets torn off, and if any making out happens.

  3. Zerokt15 says:

    Oh wow
    and arne does not look surprised at all

  4. Mercredi says:

    She didn’t deserve an apology.

  5. Onikage says:

    Inflatable kiddie pool… $35
    Seventeen packs of imitation lime flavored Food Baron brand gelatin mix… $15 (give or take)
    Watching two smoking hot female FB employees in a no-holds-barred Jello fight…

    Fucking priceless!

  6. shane says:

    *drools* i love this comic and i love the fukkin webXD

  7. Matthew says:

    For all those questioning whether people like this could exist: I’ve worked at a supermarket. Spot on.

  8. Jacob Czarnecki says:

    Hey Nick how did you guys come up with the idea for treading ground. Its a great comic. Im not much of a comic book reader, but this comic just has everything. Or is it called something else i don’t want to offend anyone so correct me if im wrong. Keep up coming out with great comic strips (correct if needed). We all look forward to reading the next one.

    • Nick Wright says:

      Thanks, Jacob! Only one “guy” to speak of, and that’s me. I do the art, writing, and even the half-assed web design. I’m not much of a comic book reader either, but I have much respect for the medium.

      You can read a little bit about how I came up with the comic at the About page, but suffice it to say I put in over 10 years working in grocery/retail and I figured they shouldn’t be a total waste.

      • Jacob Czarnecki says:

        Your welcome. The web design is good. Heck I probably couldn’t ever create a comic or do the art, web design and web design. Im not that creative and I am not the best writer. Cudos. Alright Ill do that.

  9. doug says:

    Got her by the short hairs, so to speak.

  10. MrTT says:

    My bet on who wins: the male viewers

  11. chrisleech says:

    what makes this comic post “not safe for work” I don’t see any nudity or anything here

  12. RazorJAK says:

    My question is whether the bet was:

    The pool gets used.


    Miranda is thatched. ( ie untrimmed )

  13. Jc says:

    Now THAT’S funny!

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