Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Oh no, how unfortunate.


Nate: I’m sorry I didn’t come clean sooner on this Tracy fling. I was working my way out of it and I just didn’t want to ruin the chance we had to build something worthwhile together.

Miranda: You seem like a good guy, Nate, but you can’t PSEUDO-DATE one girl while screwing another. That makes you an asshole.

Tracy: All right, that’s it, you’re out of here.
Miranda: Get your hands off me!

[Tracy falls into pool]

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  1. chumash99 says:


  2. RotSman says:


  3. G says:

    Third lol damn

  4. RotSman says:

    I like where this is going…

    • GG says:

      I like how few noticed the new top banner. Nate and Jimi look… like they should. lol

      • Nick Wright says:

        I was playing with it about an hour and a half after the update, so you can’t blame them. :-)

        Just got tired of looking at that old art, so I replaced it with some less-old art. It may change again before too long. We’ll see.

        • Jon says:

          So I just started reading this yesterday (and thankfully caught up). I actually liked the old banner (which was current to me) but feel that the new banner just circles on the fact that everyone is in a love triangle almost as hueg as xbox. Still when I saw the banner change I was like, “wtf damn this guy is thorough.” Anyway cheers on the comic, I have already begun infecting my friends and co-workers alike.

        • Neil says:

          I noticed it while looking at Monday’s comic. Maybe there are advantages to catching up late after all!

  5. Ghostking333 says:

    Finally right into the pool!

  6. Seámus says:

    I sense shenanigans on the horizon…

  7. Will C says:

    called it.

  8. Vale says:

    So called this. ^.^

  9. Tom says:

    Well I kinda saw this coming anyway, except I thought it would take another strip to get to this point and this one would have them arguing with Arne in the background signaling Nate to lead them to the pool.

    • Pink freud says:

      Signalling with one hand and frantically bring up the camcorder app of his phone with the other

    • Sprzout says:

      Now, see, I thought it would’ve been Rose’s mom wrestling with someone in the pool and Purvis in the background going, “This is better than the Pole Dancing World Championships!”

      But hey, Tracy in the pool at the start of a catfight is just as good, I think…:)

  10. Kramegame says:

    I take it to draw this out Nick is going to throw in a week of slow-mo shots of her falling in, then being engulfed by the jello?

  11. greenboy2004 says:

    Yay I love it when jerky character gets their comeuppance in the end and look Arne gets his wish happy days for all

  12. Sara E. says:

    Oh, Arne, your wish has been granted…

    And I’m actually kind of with Tracy on this one, Miranda needs to cool off. Preferably in a pool of lime jello.

  13. Oxford says:

    Oh, Nick. Your sarcasm seeps through the androgyny of text.

  14. KevinK says:

    Hmm the combination of Jello + Tracy + Rose’s Drunk Mom in….


  15. Avenger says:

    Yes… how… unfortunate. /popcorn.

  16. knowwonattawl says:

    You were sleeping with someone while we weren’t in a relationship because you told me you weren’t ready for one and I said I just wanted to hang out? How could you!? You monster! Seriously! I wish Nate were the kind of character to call her out on this bull.

    • Michael Haneline says:

      Seconded. Can’t “pseudo-date” one girl while screwing another? Why the hell not? What the hell is “pseudo-dating,” anyway? What is this girl, 14? At this point I would have told both girls “you are both a pain in the ass” and gone and had some fun with people who weren’t drama queens.

      • PantherScott says:

        There’s still a chance he could grow a pair and tell her off. He wouldn’t tell her like we would, but it’s not out of the picture for him to ask her politely to explain why he’s supposed to not have sex with other women when he’s not in an official relationship.

        Frankly, I would ask her if she really wanted a real relationship or just being palsies. If she wants a relationship just say it, if she wants to just be friends, stop whining.

        • 42 says:

          “There’s still a chance he could grow a pair and tell her off. ”
          I highly doubt that.

        • SnideWizard says:

          If you guys ever wonder why you can’t get a girlfriend, I suggest re-examining these comments.

          • ZaphodBeeblebrox says:

            Don’t you mean “if you guys ever wonder why you can’t get a platonic friend with all the sexual exclusivity of a girlfriend and none of the sex”? Because regardless of how seriously they’ve treated it, if years of misfortune have taught me anything, it’s that there is no relationship until it’s made verbally explicit. He was not standing on the firmest moral ground, but at least he came clean and tried to make things right before getting in too deep (rimshot here).

            • SnideWizard says:

              Nate was right to admit it, but he should have done it sooner. If he was fucking someone else he should have said it at the start, and she’s justifiably upset that he didn’t.

              Like Miranda intimated, let’s not pretend we’re not all familiar with this dance. In most cases you don’t just come out and say “I’d like to spend time hanging out and getting to know you until we ultimately determine whether or not the idea of a relationship between us has merit and is desirable on either part.”

              Also, am I the only one around here that thinks a cheek kiss DOES mean something? If she meant to indicate she didn’t like him or wanted to remain friends, she would have just gotten out of the car.

              • PantherScott says:

                Yes, we all have been to this rodeo as she put it. In my case, each time I thought I was dating a woman like Miranda, I’ve found her very manipulative. Even some making up their own terms to support their points. What the hell is pseudo dating? You’re dating someone, or you’re not. There is no other way around this.

                Yes, he should have been open with her so that she knew he was having a friends with benefits situation, people need the whole set of information. However, slight interest that’s moving at a crawl does not connect them in a relationship. (Hey, before you kill me, I do believe in monogamy in a committed relationship, which this is not.)

                And as a teen, if I took a cheek kiss as something important, I’d have had a harem of women in junior high and high school. For me, the cheek kiss has always been the doorway to the friend’s zone.

              • Ginger says:

                No, SnideWizard, not the only one. I’m sitting right next to a few cuddly little animals on the endangered species list. *^_^* For what it’s worth, I agree with you, by the way–I’d like to think things certain things are implied and not have to completely overstate everything, but let’s face it, we live in a world where idiots win lawsuits for not knowing that the contents of a coffee cup may be hot.

                • knowwonattawl says:

                  I think that most people commenting on this are so busy looking for subtext in what Miranda said/did that they’ve conveniently forgotten that Nate literally said he wasn’t ready for a relationship with her. Any commitment she sees between them after that point is a delusion on her part, not Nate being an asshole. He basically friend-zoned her and she acted like she accepted it and it was no big deal. Let’s turn this situation around for a minute and say that a girl told a guy who was into her that she wasn’t ready for a relationship. They continue hanging out and then she tells him she’s been sleeping with some guy. If he was in her face about it (in public no less) there’d be nobody arguing that he wasn’t overreacting. If he made up a term like “pseudo-dating” to justify his outrage everyone would call it delusional bullshit on his part. The fact is that there is a word for a guy who keeps treating it like there’s still a committed relationship where there clearly isn’t. That word is Creep. Another option is Stalker.

                  • Ginger says:

                    Nah, I haven’t forgotten that there weren’t in a relationship, but then again, I think “friend-zoning” is a little too polite of a term for someone hugging someone to have them announce that they’ve been porking the manager in the freezer, that’s all. *^_^* I would have used the term “blitzkrieg”! I’m not saying that Miranda has the right to act like she was Nate’s girlfriend, but I will allow her the right to be ticked off at the turn of events at the very least. I’m still not sure why ANY of the characters haven’t just said “Oh, the hell with this”.

                    • Oberon says:

                      While I’m pretty much in the knowwonattawl camp on this, Nate having indeed attempted to tell Miranda that he wasn’t in a position to start a relationship and Miranda having heard something else entirely which she attached her own significance to, I do feel obliged to observe that Miranda just said “Oh, the hell with this” to Tracy.

                      Was that a run-on sentence? I think I broke English on a few different levels…

                • Jeri says:

                  I hate to keep this going but looking back at panel one Nate is basically making it obvious he WAS interested in something, maybe not right now but he was definitely going in the direction… which entirely justifies Miranda’s rage at the moment. At least that’s how I’m seeing this, I may be wrong.

          • Michael Haneline says:

            Mmm… yeah. I’ve been having SO much trouble in that department. Thanks so much for the input Snide. I’m sure after re-examining my comment I’ll become a great ladykiller just like you.

            Just a tip, but licking some girl’s boot doesn’t make you her boyfriend, even if she tells you you are.

            • SnideWizard says:

              My wife seems to think I’m pretty successful with the ladies. Gasp! Treating women like human beings? Who would have imagined?

              Seriously, it’s pretty damn clear that Nate wanted to get into a relationship with Miranda while he was still fucking Tracy. I’ll give Nate credit for trying to avoid that situationn, obviously feeling bad about it once he couldn’t, and finally owning up.. But if you think Miranda has no reason to be upset about this, I think you might need to take a good hard look at yourself and make sure you’re not a shithead.

              • “Gasp! Treat women like human beings? Who would have imagined?”

                Generally, treating someone like a human being for me means not putting up with irrational bullshit, regardless of their gender or if I want to be with them.

                In fact, I think putting up with a woman’s bs when you wouldn’t put up with the same bs from someone else is pretty damn demeaning to womankind. What, don’t think they can be treated as your equal? Got to treat em with kit gloves? Is that it?

        • Ginger says:

          At the risk of being the double-x-chromosome here, even Nate treated it very seriously, a step in a “relationship” direction. A girl saying she wants to take things slow doesn’t mean she’s not interested or wants to be friends, and it certainly shouldn’t mean she wouldn’t be offended by him sleeping with someone else. Come on, guys, can’t it be zero-to-thirty-to-sex instead of always zero-to-sex in 60 seconds? *^_^*

          If I thought I was dating a guy and I found out he was sleeping with another woman, believe me, it wouldn’t be ME to end up in Jell-O. Or in a garbage bag on the side of a creek with wounds that would be later classified as “blunt force trauma”.

          • Oberon says:

            I feel compelled to ask…

            If you showed interest in a guy, and he saw that interest and maybe was even interested as well, but he told you straight up after not calling you for 4 days after you gave him your number “I’ve got a lot going on. I don’t think it would be right to get into a relationship right now”, do you “think you’re dating the guy” after “just going to hang out”, once, at the fair?

            • Ginger says:

              *smiles* I’m traditional, not naive. No. But I’m still of the mind that Miranda is simply saying “This is effed up and I’m unhappy” not “OMG you cheated on me”. Anyway, I’m still thinking Jell-O is going to eclipse everything in…oh, about 56 minutes. *^_^*

          • MTB says:

            I must note… Nate hung out with Rose in a platonic, interested-without-sex relationship for months. In my experience (namely, mine, and what my guy friends tell me), sex is of course important on the brain but equally important is knowing where you stand.

            Miranda was yanking Nate around. Okay, I get that she’s unhappy, but she’s not on firm ground. (Nor is Nate, of course, but we all do colossally stupid things at times.)

            Let’s be honest, though. This is all just clearing the decks for a Rose reunion, although I’m sure that won’t go smoothly either.

      • Jon says:

        Uh which woman in this strip wasn’t a drama queen? I was tempted to say the old lady but she bitched about Les drinking the blood out of that steak. Aya who… oh wait Trevor is and isn’t her brother when it suits her. Yeah… I’d probably just chill with Arne if I was Nate but Nate is Dante Hicks to a T.

    • NoNameInParticular says:

      Exactly. IMHO, Miranda deserves to wind up in the jello, too!

      • PantherScott says:

        I hope Rose redeems herself for screwing with Douchy von Douchedouche by throwing Miranda in the jello herself. She could read this reaming as holding her pseudo-manipulative friendship under Rose’s nose. What Rose would give to at least hang out at length, three times in a date environment. To have his interest in her, all of it for naught.

        Rose, throw her in the jello, then jump on them both and have 6 bouncing breasts for the price of 2.

        • Frrabian says:

          If Nate does not call her out, then I can see Rose asking what the hell pseudo dating is? For goodness sake Rose, clam what is yours!!

  17. Thatoneguy says:

    Can’t say I expected Tracy to be pushed into the jello just yet and I will say I thought there would be more fighting involved, but it was a great comic over all.

    Arne will get this wish after all though. And so will people who wanted this in the first place.

    • Pashakitty says:

      The “fight” ain’t over yet. Tracy has yet to get really pissed and retaliate… Who knows just how far this could go. But for some reason I keep thinking that Nate is going to try and help someone out of the pool of Jello and wind up being either pushed or pulled in as well.

      It will be fun to see who stains the worst once this fiasco is over with. >:) )

      • Frrabian says:

        It is green jello right? Tracy comes out neon green, says “Grrrr” then let the She-Hulk parody begin!!

  18. Rock says:

    Hmm, I was more expecting someone to punch her in the face, but I suppose this works – as long as she can’t pull or push anyone else into the stuff.

  19. PantherScott says:

    Sorry Miranda, you want to go slow. Third date you want dutch and a kiss on a cheek? Most men would read that as you not being interested. Don’t be surprised if he just wants to move on with his life. Show more interest next time, we men are stupid.

  20. Dr. wonderful says:

    …Really Miranda?

    You never even show interest! How the hell we supposed to tell the difference between being friends and dating!?

    Goddamn *Hand Nate some Vodka*

  21. Shirlanka says:

    break+bitch+pool= great diversion

  22. Crestlinger says:

    This would be the perfect time for Nate to tell Tracey what he wanted permission to tell her. Thinking its either him quitting or her fired.

  23. Johnny5 says:

    I found this comic about two weeks ago and I’m currently up to date. Keep up the good work, Nick.

    I know I missed the poll and all, but I would have voted for Arne.

  24. tWiCHY says:

    i’m betting soon there will be wrastlin in that there jello

  25. Militant Bibliophile says:

    If you build it, they will come. If you fill it, the will wrestle…

  26. works_late says:

    I predict lime jello covered boobies for Friday :)

  27. Olympia says:

    So Nate likes Miranda, does this mean there is no chance of him getting together with Rose?

  28. Mike says:

    I’m gonna call it right now: Tracy’s gonna fall over NEXT to the pool, thereby pissing off half of Nick’s fanbase :)

    • BMeph says:

      As long as Jimi gets to say something funny about Tracy being a Fallen woman, or her falling and not being able to get up, I’m happy.

      Really (well, in my opinion), this comic has two main themes:

      1) Nate gets himself into crappy situations;
      2) Jimi cracks something wise about said situations.

    • MegaHentai says:

      Yeah, I’ve been assuming the Jell-O pool was a red herring up to this point, but from the look of that last shot? I think I was wrong. I am just heartbroken about this.

  29. Chaos says:


    Arne will be pleased…..and so shall we.

  30. N8 says:

    It’s like Arne had a sixth sense about this happening. God bless that man.

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      Which god are you talking about here? I’m not sure I can see it happening, myself. >:=)>

      More likely outcome:

      Second circle of Hell, where the lustful are condemned to be blown hither and yon by mighty, ceaseless winds, never knowing rest.

      Arne: It ain’t so bad! Plenty of fresh air and ladies! Yo! Cleopatra! Shake that thang! Sappho! Split that tail! Nell Gwynne! This way! Hey, Kennedy, you’re blocking my view! Sometimes we even get blown up level with the plane of Limbo. Here we go now – virtuous pagan women, here I come! Hey, Lucretia, flash your boobs! Penthesilea! Nice tone – do you work out?! Elektra! My kind of girl! Calpurnia! You and me, baby!

      Julius Caesar: Him again?! CHOKE ON NIGHT SOIL, YOU FILTHY BARBARIAN!!!

      Zeno of Citium: Be still, fellow. Ignore him and let him blow away.

      Archimedes: Ah, do you know, I believe I have determined the path that he will take, and have calculated a trajectory to intercept him. (finishes diagram on scroll) Minos, what do you think.

      Minos: (pauses in throwing the damned to their final destinations in Hell, looks at scroll) Hmmm, yes, I can do it. And that motherless son is a pain. (to the queue of waiting damned) Well, anyone here for violence? Or sodomy?

      Bubba: (raises hand) Both.

      Minos: Mr. Bubba, front of the line!

      Sorry about that, and apologies to anyone not familiar with Dante’s Inferno. >:=)>

      • Pink freud says:

        Yes, however, I think this divine comedy stars Dante from Clerks, rather then his classic counterpart

      • Pink freud says:


        (in my own parallel universe where I care enough about such inanities as to stay up late for the sole purpose of such fleeting, and meaningless, trivialities,

      • Pashakitty says:

        Me thinks someone may be a bit too literate for this crowd, but I could be wrong. I tried to read that book when I was 16 and never got past the first chapter… it was just so… boring.

        I might try and read it again now that I’m much, much older… though I need to finish “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” first.

      • Nick Wright says:

        Entertaining as always, GG. It’s like TG has its own fanfiction.

      • Oberon says:

        I prefer Niven’s Inferno. Dante’s was always a bit too thick with the yea olde English for me to get very far into, even after several tries.

      • Greenwood Goat says:

        Thank you, thank you, you’re too kind! >:=)>

        I think we have a pretty full range of literacy levels here, and some might aspire or be inspired to greater. Speaking of which, I would suggest that anyone who wishes to look further should try the Mandelbaum translation, which is put in fairly modern terms, rather than, say, the classic Longfellow translation, which is rather more “olde English” and opaque in meaning. Online Mandelbaum translation here.

        As for boredom levels, the Inferno is actually the most interesting book of Dante’s Divine Comedy, with descriptions of all the varying punishments being dished out on each circle, and all the naughty people (including some popes!) that he thought deserved them. Purgatorio has the punishments of purgatory, but also some tracts on the nature of redemption, and Paradiso is mostly tracts on virtues as he travels through the celestial spheres with his beloved Beatrice.

        Anyway, enough cultural diversions for now; let’s turn our eyes back to the Fifth Circle jello pool, where the wrathful damned dames battle with each other in filthy water food-grade gelatin compound.

  31. Greenwood Goat says:

    Ah, so there the jello pool is! I say that because without any overhead or wider views, we had no idea where everything was in relation. We were all gamely bringing it up as an easily accessible destination, but it might have been on the other side of the party site. Perhaps it’s a bit like Schrödinger’s cat, in that the need for that kind of comeuppance causes its location to become fixed at a point that intersects the path of the deserving victim. In which case, the impact with the jello will surely displace her bikini top, and Arne will surely be in place to photograph the results. Unfortunately, Purvous has already been located at the shop, otherwise he could be there to shout “I save you, an’ I save your boobies” as he dives in after her. Ah well, one of the women will have to suffice. There’s still plenty of room for Beth or Nina (or possibly a new character who I will refer to provisionally as “Liz Bean-Fister”) to be lounging in the pool with a cold and easily spillable Bud in her hand.

  32. Jim says:


    It’s MILLER TIME at LAST!!!

    But, I COULD ‘go for seeing’ Rose dump Miranda in the Jello saying;
    “He deserves BETTER than all 3 of us – S.T.F.U. bytch!”

  33. Mike says:

    What is with the idiots calling “first” these days, I enjoyed reading the comments up until a few weeks ago when this started…
    Otherwise a damn fine comic

  34. Shiro says:

    Aah…. the Jello I think we all saw this coming.

  35. Pashakitty says:

    Heh… pale skinned Tracy, green Jello, so much free skin to stain… I wonder what the patterns will look like once she realizes that shit will mark her for weeks.

  36. Caladors says:

    That settles it I am addicted to this comic!

  37. Jimmy Suzuki says:

    At least it’s no the lime that dissolves bodies into nothing like in Charles Dickens’s The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

  38. BunnyRemix says:

    FINALLY!!! That bitch needed to be put in her place.

  39. Ginger says:

    Aaaaaaand here it comes.

    I’m actually really glad one of the women has finally put Nate in his place about all the excuses he makes, because really, that’s what they are, excuses. I’m not condoning either Tracy or Rose’s past behavior either, but Miranda is way on the other side of the bell curve as an almost pure victim here. I mean, it’s one thing to have Steve call Nate out on it (Steve is straightforward and awesome so it’s to be expected) but he’s also Nate’s friend, and let’s face it, no one listens to their friends (Rose and Aya are another good example of this). Plus, it’s always nice to see a girl stand up for herself without a) being an inexplicable bitch about it (Miranda is fully justified here which negates any bitchiness) and b) being imbued with a metric ton of estrogen and feelings (always annoying).

    Although, I doubt anyone’s going to be paying much attention to the little drama circle once Tracy hits that Jell-O. What, did someone just SHOVE the kiddie pool underneath her at the last minute? *^_^*

  40. Scott says:

    Oh. Hell. Yes.

  41. Dohohohoho. Anyone else notice that the pool has an outer space design? Dat pun.

  42. Tez says:

    Did the banner just get updated?

  43. Jakub says:

    Here it comes :)

  44. DiDi says:

    Don’t you just hate it when people are right?

    That dude who created the jello pool is gonna be a smug bastard when this all goes down ’cause you know Tracy is just gonna drag Miranda in and chaos will begin.

  45. shiviro says:

    i think we are due for a NSFW strip soon……hopefully in the fight in the jello pool? lol ;P

  46. Kramegame says:

    so, this, should be interesting. we have a lot of people on both sides of the argument…but most of us just want to see girls in the jello pool….
    .its settled then, let the dumping of females into the pool that will magically grow every time a new one enters, BEGIN!

    Also, that’s not one of those crappy semi-inflatable pools is it? those things can’t retain water for shit….

  47. That Jewish Dude says:



  48. Actually you can have as many different relationships as you want as long as you’re honest about them. It’s amazing how many people have no problem with it when you’re not lying to them.

  49. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    Hmmmm…. things just got interesting… Overlord approved!

  50. kitenkaiba says:

    Got too ask, but am I the only girl that wants to see Miranda punched in the face for the pseudo-date comment.

    You can’t dance around like that, I don’t care what you think is ‘romantic’ or ‘going slow’, you have to be blunt. Not because men are idiots, but because if you think for one moment that the ‘just being friends’ comment inset reason enough for a guy to walk away. You’re suffering serious brain damage or something.

    The ‘friend zone’ is a convenient place we put guys. For whatever reason, don’t want to hurt them, not ready for a relationship, reflex, the list is truly endless. It’s something men really hate. And with good reason. I’ve seen the whole hand bag situation and it makes me sick. Even if you don’t mean harm by it, truth is a lot of girls are down right callus and take advantage without a second thought.

    Sorry if it get the odd decent girls fairy tale romance gets shattered by that reality, but if you think your going too get a solid relationship out of side stepping the point. I just don’t know were most of you are getting that idea.

    • Pashakitty says:

      Nope, you’re not the only woman who feels that way. Like I said in another post, Nate was in no way in the wrong, and actually stepping up and telling her about the shit with Tracy was an incredible thing for him to do. If anything she should have been impressed with what a stand up guy he is for being honest.

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