Aw shit, son.


{ Submitted by John Madden on June 8, 2011 3:49 pm }

Nate: What secret? You mean the secret about how you and I have been having meaningless sex for the past few weeks? I couldn’t POSSIBLY reveal that.

Tracy (gesturing to Rose, who looks a tad cross): Oh right, I forgot. This one RESPECTS a good sexual conquest.

Tracy (gleefully): Why don’t we give her something to REALLY aspire to?

Miranda (popping up more or less out of nowhere, surprising Tracy): I need a WORD.

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  1. DasJabberwock says:

    Found this at random as a banner and quite happy I did. Welcome to the webcomics folder in my browser. <3

  2. shiviros says:

    umm……Miranda’s finger looks abnormally long…….

  3. Lokitsu says:

    Congratulations Nick on the number of comments today.

  4. Cyph3r says:

    Hell hath no fury like an Indian Woman scorned….

  5. Burin says:

    This just went from “Ooh boy” to “Oh, snap!” in a matter of seconds!

    – B

  6. chumash99 says:

    I like Nate’s attitude towards Tracy; blandly owning up to what happened and not letting her blackmail him. But I shudder to think of what Miranda‚Äôs gonna do to him. ;)

    • Jeri says:

      Yeah I was just looking back at this comic again and thinking, “Wait… I think she wants a word with HIM, not her…” which I’m going to guess means he’s about to get his ass chewed out here in front of all three girls. This should be good…. :]

  7. Anti says:

    This is either very good, or very bad.
    I’m leaning more towards very bad, but I’m an optimist.

  8. Rob Lopez says:

    Why, oh, why did this have to be a Friday Strip??? I can’t take much more of this!!! *falls over*

  9. Lizzard says:

    I saw miranda(?) and i said outloud “OH SHIT, SON!” and then i saw the caption for this one. ha thats awesome

  10. Chessure says:

    fyi, the hair highlights on Nate’s hair has found its way into the previous panel (panel 2) and mixed into Rose’s hair… just letting u know.

    and OH SHIT SON is right! XD

  11. Ahnaxiel says:

    How unfavorable. I’ve managed to catch up to current in a matter of 24 hours. Either I’m obsessed or this web comic is nectar of the gods. I’m leaning towards the latter. I’ll probably meander for a while. Then I’ll come back and gorge myself with more awesome.

  12. CrazedNympho says:

    is miranda kinky enough for a threesome? is that what she wants to talk about?

  13. Duke says:

    Excellent comic!

    anyway, now i’m curious about how such situation will end…

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