I’m sure they’ll all just sit down and discuss things civilly.


Nate: Oh God, here it comes.
Tracy: Nate! I see you’re back to the teenyboppers. And here I thought Ginger and Mexican didn’t go together.
Aya: I’m not Mexican.
Tracy: Close enough.

Tracy (whispering): What say we ditch these two and see if that whole sex on the beach thing is all it’s cracked up to be?
Nate: Not interested.

Tracy: Oh really? Well, maybe I’ll just clue them in on our little secret. Then you might be a little more RECEPTIVE.

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  1. shiviro says:


    • shiviro says:

      woot! been hoping to be first for awhile now! ^.^ also, now its getting interesting =P i bet he still turns her down and everyone will find out, and hilarity shall ensue.

      • Sigh says:

        I remember the the good ol’ days before the “First” virus hit these comments.

        I’m just waiting for Nick to start Firsting his own posts. O_o

        Anyways, love the comics Nick. :-)

        (Did TNG die or something? -_-)

      • Mic-Gold says:

        First does NOT mean best. So . . . what’s the big deal?

        • Frrabian says:

          I see the ‘First’ game as just that…a friendly little game. If you don’t like it don’t play when you get first. Or is this just First envy?

          • Ginger says:

            No, it’s just annoying to have to scroll past a metric ton of comments about who was the “first” to comment in order to read anything actually relevant to the comic and its storyline and art. Since the comic is great and worth discussing, it’s sort of a shame that any relevant discussion is submarined by three pages of “first” comments.

            • Frrabian says:

              Really, this is the longest talk about ‘First’ I have seen to date. And most of it is whining about people posting first. So good on all of you making this a much bigger deal then it really is.

  2. Burin says:

    First! Huzzah!

    And so she arrives finally!

  3. Be strong Nate! Resist!

    Or punch her in the boob, that could work.

  4. Sara E. says:

    What is Aya’s ethnicity then? I’m thinking either Hispanic or Native American.

    • Minty says:

      She’s one of those hot mixes of a bunch of stuff.

      • Nick Wright says:

        Minty’s correct. There is some Native American blood in there, along with Dominican, Irish, and some others.

        • Taurin says:

          …AND wears a navy blue one-piece! NERDGASM!!

        • Andrew says:

          I was thinking filipino.

        • Minty says:

          Yeah, I remember you mentioned that earlier.

          • Nick Wright says:

            Too bad I can’t expect everyone to be such stalwart readers of the comments section. :-)

            • FA4ED says:

              You can atleast expect me to be :) I somehow remebered them all. Anyway, back to the praising.
              You’re comic is awesome, you draw the human body as if you were god himself, and you story arcs are pure brilliant, and sometimes kinda… vulgar I guess is the word. But in a good way, mind.

              PS. Have you seen TNG around somewere? I swear, if he doesn’t show up by next week, I might start to think he got a life or something.

        • Sara E. says:

          I figured there was some Hispanic in there. Her pedigree sounds like mine, except replace Dominican with Cuban.

        • Exarchy Man says:

          I could tell. I am of a similar mix: Cherokee, Irish, Chickasaw, English, Dutch, and maybe even some Russian, and possibly Armenian. A lot of my ancestry was lost. She is likely in the same boat as I am. In fact, so are most Americans from all ethnic groups. More Southern whites have black ancestry than Northern whites. And, by the same token, a large number of people in the Southwest have lost Hispanic ancestry. In almost all of the U.S., there are a large number of people of some sort of Native American ancestry. However, there are very few who have the 1/16 minimum to be considered Native American as a minority, and even fewer who, like myself, are at least 1/8. Those of at least 1/4 ancestry are even rarer, 1/2 even more so, and those of full ancestry are even more so than that. And most of those people are descended from multiple tribes.

          Given that, I would say that Aya has some smidgen of Italian, is at least 1/8 Native American, at least 1/16 Dominican(who are of a good portion African descent), the Irish is also at least 1/8, and she seems to have a bit Dutch and Russian in there as well, and likely some Polish. How accurate was I?

          • Nick Wright says:

            I’m not going to commit to anything at this point. The only reason I even bother mentioning some of her makeup in the comments here is because I’m pretty sure it won’t come up in-comic before TG is over.

            But Aya is likely to show up in some non-TG projects in the future, so keep an eye out for more detail then!

            • Exarchy Man says:

              Well, that is good. Believe me, I learned that lesson the hard way. Let’s just say that I spent a lot of time rewriting my characters’ ancestries.

              Also, believe it or not, my little brother looks stark white. I am the darker skinned of the two of us. And also the only one in the family who considers himself a minority.

  5. ghostking333 says:

    Damn Tracy acts just like my ex thats freaking scary!

  6. Kramegame says:

    “Sex on the Beach” only works after a long romantic walk during sunset to a blanket that you set up 3 hours before, otherwise you run the risk of getting serious fire crotch, between the sand and the possibility of sand mites. As for the secret, she clearly doesn’t know who she is talking to…

  7. Chaos says:

    Aaaaaand its the moment I’ve been dreading.

    Though I think Tracy forgets that she’s dealing with the girl who came into Food Baron wearing a bikini top and shorts before flashing her naughty bits in the express lane, accident or no.

    I got money on Rose dealing with her.

  8. Ackipp says:

    Odds are, Nate reveals what he discussed with the Manager and then tells Rose exactly what he did. Since she was doing things she regretted with Trevor, here’s hoping she understands. And then Steve spontaneously asks Beth to marry him and they all lived dysfunctionally ever after!

    Ok, the last one is unlikely (for awhile at least) but so far so good man! Loving this story!

    • Verse 86 says:

      You just picked my brain man! lol

    • Chaos says:

      That is my second guess on how things play out.

      But if that works then there’s always the risk of Tracy taking it beyond that. Though she DID freak out when Arne showed up last time and she can’t shut other people up like she did Arne…

    • Sigh says:

      Yeah… the whole “You cheated on me, I cheated on you so it cancels out” thing ALWAYS works out.

      Typically thats only in sitcoms. In real life, both parties usually aren’t so logical nor forgiving.

      But then again, Nick’s ability to keep that 4th wall in place has us forgetting this isn’t real life.

  9. Verse 86 says:

    Why do I have a feeling what Nate was talking about before was that they were sleeping together (and possibly him quitting). I see her exposing them but everyone already knowing and her looking like a total wh*re.

  10. That Jewish Dude says:

    The following is a message from That Jewish Dude to Our Unfriendly Resident Succubus:


    That is all.


  11. Shirlanka says:

    bitch, racist, fool and manipulative, the whole case.

  12. What’s the secret again?

  13. Taurin says:

    Sack up, Nate! It’s not like he an Rose were a couple. He can just tell Rose he was sport f*cking the bitch, and make it a non-issue…because we all know how reasonable chicks are about such things. ;-D

    • Lycandis says:

      I take it you’ve been around some really easy-going territory…I tell a chick I was muff-spearing for sport, I would have to run. They always want to lock me down right after that stuff starts…

  14. lucy says:

    god shes such a bitch to nate….i wanna smack her in the face!

  15. elaborinth8993 says:

    Oh god not another class A shit storm. GET INTO THE CHOPPA

  16. Gavin says:

    Nothing like black mail to get some nookie

  17. Dr.wonderful says:

    …I sense a super-duper catfight in 3 strips.

  18. Roflmeow says:

    I really want to punch Tracy in the face right now! She’s such a bitch and just wants sex. She needs to control her damn Whoremones. D:<

    …Love your comic by the way! :D

  19. NF says:

    Nate should just tell Rose and Aya, “After our falling out, Tracy and I fucked regularly, but I stopped it because she is a manipulative bitch.” Then just walk away while Tracy still has a stupid expression on her face.

  20. Lanny says:

    Sex on the Beach has a pretty descent chance of resulting in severe infection and inflammation of your moist parts. Just saying.

    Also, I’m picturing Nate vindictively outing Tracy on the spot, simply stating that he had been plowing her for the past several weeks. I honestly cant picture Rose and Aya being any more surprised than saying “You fucked THAT bitch?”

  21. Steve says:

    Shit hit the fan!!! Lol maybe a foursome will ensue

  22. Raul Maciel says:

    i miss pervous
    dont kno if i spelled that right

  23. Passerby says:

    I notice of three angry women in the panel, only the one that really deserves it has a top that could easily be snatched off in a catfight.

  24. Crestlinger says:

    Dear Lord there’s a lot of insomniacs that visit this site.

    Anyways now would seem to be a good time for him to tell her what he told Bill he wanted to.

  25. Wes says:

    Well, I can only see one way this situation should end. Before I say, however, please allow me to remind you of your love for Ranma 1/2. I am talking about three-way chick kempo free-for-all; anything goes.

  26. MegaHentai says:

    Everybody, now: “Four-some! Four-some! Four-some! Four-some!”

  27. Sandvich says:

    I hope this bitch’s plan backfires. Poor Nate has already had enough bullshit in his life for one week…

    • Jim says:

      … or “he’s had enough WEAK in his life, and THAT’S BULLSHIT!”

      Nate, just tell Rose;

      “Tracy was a ‘pity-fuck’ … I needed pity and she fucked me, along with half the store and MOST of the neighborhood! — After ‘that’ day I saw you kissing the Trev-dork, I figured ‘us again? – Just not gonna happen’ !”

  28. Greenwood Goat says:

    Oh, yes. Rose: lack of surprise. Aya: indifference. Nate: stonewall. Tracy’s going to be pissed off with the lack of movement here. My guess:

    Tracy (points at Rose, chants): I’ve screwed Na-ate! And you hav-ent! ‘Cos you’re jail ba-ait! Ner ner ne ner ner!

  29. Chesire says:

    Haha found this comic today and read it all in three hours

    • JErichow says:

      Hell of a good 3 hours huh :]

    • Plasmo says:

      Now you get to wait like the rest of us with the suspense of what is going to happend next. Trust me it gets tiring sometimes waiting for the next part. Me I joined around comic 120 and it feels like it has taken forever to get to this point.

      Anyway I saw this coming as I’m sure so did everyone else. Nate should just let Rose know I am completely sure she will understand as she has fucked someone she wasn’t proud of.

      • Chesire says:

        Hm….well I I’ll just have to wait then. Damn I should have paced myself better so I did not have to get stuck in the waiting period so soon.

        And I agree, I think rise would be pretty understanding of the situation

  30. Aaron says:

    So…now you’ve gotten almost EVERY character in the comic to attend this BBQ, is something big going to happen?

  31. Benjy says:

    It seems like Tracy is getting more and more desperate when it comes to Nate. The power positions have reversed because Tracy is the one who desperately needs sex now. Nate is done with the bullshit and no threat from Tracy is going to change that. She lost.

  32. Ginger says:

    Is Tracy seriously trying to blackmail Nate in front of a girl who had sex with two guys on the side of a highway? Clearly, she doesn’t know who she’s dealing with here.

  33. FA4ED says:

    Uhm, I think it was nate, on the beach, with tracy’s own glasses.
    Did I get it right? I love Cluedo!

  34. G@tor says:

    I don’t think Nate’s going to care much considering he dropped that bomb on Miranda without batting an eye and Miranda was much nicer to him than Rose ever was.

    • Kramegame says:

      He was in shock. Admitting that fact to Miranda was the only way he was sure to get out of that mental trauma he was experiencing.

  35. Harrowed` says:

    I really like Tracy, but man, I hope Rose puts her in her place. Since we all know Nate won’t.

  36. Rock says:

    … The woman isn’t just a harlot, she’s a nasty brat.

  37. BunnyRemix says:

    Racist, blackmailing bitch…I don’t care HOW hot she is, she needs a sharp punch right between the eyes!

  38. Ominous says:

    Someone needs to find some crabs on that beach and drop them on Tracy

  39. Jamesen says:

    don’t do it nate its just the same sex just with a little sand in the pussy

  40. Asher says:

    Rose: What secret?
    Nate: so, remember when you were fucking drool-boy over there? yeah I was pissed so I fucked tracy a few times in the store
    Rose: oh, you used a condom right?
    Nate: absolutely, she is a nasty bitch after all.
    Rose: so, no problem then (looking at Tracy) was there something else?

  41. Mahmoud S Schahed says:

    Loving this story dude. Theres just one question I have, one I’m surprised no one asked. Why does she want to have sex with Nate so bad?

    Does she have feelings for him? Doubt it. She just wants sex? Probably not considering how many other guys would gladly tap that, bitch or no bitch.

    I guessing she just likes the sense of power or something, of getting him to have sex when he clearly doesn’t want to. Could be wrong though.

    • Pashakitty says:

      It’s a control issue, she likes knowing that she can control Nate and make him dance to her tune any time she likes. She really needs to be shot down and put in her place, or failing that, just shot.

  42. Ghost says:

    Not really related to the comic, but where is The Negro Guy? I haven’t seen any comments from him recently.

  43. Hornet says:

    Nate: “Go ahead.” and walks away.

  44. chumash99 says:

    Yeah, but what about the part where Arne joined in? I don’t think you want *that* being public information…or do you? ;)

  45. Yahtzee says:

    Gee … Tracy’s even more loathable in the last panel.

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