La Rachat Du L'estat

La Rachat Du L’estat

If it turns out that my French is clunky on the title of this comic, it would somehow feel appropriate.


Bill: I have to admit, Les, you really saved the day there. If you think
you’re able to control your… natural urges, we could use a man of your skill back in the meat department.
Les: I am most grateful for the opportunity to serve again amongst the flesh.

Les: I must also state my appreciation for the uncharacteristic BOLDNESS of your attire this day.
Bill: The apron? Oh, thanks!

Bill : Dammit, Arne!

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  1. FWATANG says:


  2. RotSman says:

    FIRST with an intelligent comment! I’m glad that Les had a chance to redeem himself.

  3. FWATANG says:

    hahahahaha, so the apron is arne’s fault. should’ve seen that one coming.

  4. am-storm says:

    and i thought he did that in purpose

  5. That Jewish Dude says:

    I can’t believe that he didn’t notice it when he put it on. And how did Arne get to that apron in the first place? Sucks to be him. And hurry up with the gelatin bikini wrestling!


  6. chumash99 says:

    Hey, did I call it or did I not call it? ;)

  7. Paul says:

    Yes, the title has some issues. Should be “Le rachat de L’estat” But, as you said, it’s appropriate.

    • Plasmo says:

      You said, “The purchase of the Estate.” The title says, “The Redemption Of L’estate.” With L’estat being Les I presume, so not saying your wrong as it has been a while since I have taken a french class but the second one makes more sense.

      • Nick Wright says:

        Les’s name has been addressed before.

        While Tracy may have taken French in high school, I took it in middle school. All I remember is “piscine”, because my mnemonic device was “don’t piscine the pool.” And merde-tete.

      • Zorglub says:

        Rachat have both meanings, it up to you to pick the one you like.

        That said, the gender switch (“Rachat” being masculine in both cases) makes it even funnier as it implies naughty things about Les.

        • dralou says:

          Call me stupid but I don’t see how the gender switch is funny or implying anything… For me it’s just… well, not correct. But my first language is french, so maybe there is something that people from the Anglosphere can see that I don’t…

          (By the way, I like your nickname. Spirou’s fan ?)

      • Neil says:

        Who said purchase where?

  8. Ghost says:

    It is about time Bill noticed what the apron said. I had a feeling it was not his own doing…

  9. BunnyRemix says:

    Ah. That figures.

  10. Demus says:

    Is it weird that I tend to read Les’ lines in an upper class kind of accent? I have no idea why, it might just be the way he talks.

  11. Gavin says:

    Love the POV apron panel!

  12. noname says:

    Just wondering, when is Rose going to pop-up again? Is she hiding from Nate or something?

  13. Greenwood Goat says:

    Arne: In the Name of the Lord, I name you spoilsport! Despoiler of jokes and tipper-off of bosses! AVAUNT! (forms cross from beer bottles) Get thee behind me, stoolie!

    Beth: That’sh not what you do with those! (grabs bottles, opens them with practiced ease, chugs both down in one)

    L’estat: Hsssss! (advances)

    • chumash99 says:

      Arne: (Hits Les over the head with his bottle. Les folds like a house of cards.) Damn! Now I need another beer.
      Beth: You shnooze, you lose! (Passes out.)

  14. Josh says:

    Sadly, I didn’t notice the apron in the previous strips. Guess I’m as oblivious as Bill.

  15. Charles says:

    The right way to say it would be “Le rachat”. French is my mother tongue. I really like what you do, by the way.

  16. SpoonyRed says:

    was wondering y he would have an apron like that

  17. Crazy White Man Boy says:

    I do say Kiss the Cock sounds like something arne would wear and the previous strip is not suprising Les jerking off at the speed of light as someone that does it often it does make your hand faster and more skilled with the movement with time you spend doing it T-shirt Reads “Crazy White Man Boy Loves to Jerk off”

  18. lucy says:

    hahaha i knew that would happen to his apron sooner or later.

  19. Lanny says:

    Just got done reading through the archive. Without a doubt the best intelligently offensive comic that doesn’t offend me, I have ever read. You don’t over play a joke or gag that isn’t crucial to a character, your “story” arks don’t drag on and on into nauseating infinity, when you poke fun at another comic you don’t try and hide it behind some witty “GUESS WHO COCK FAGS” bull shit, and you’ve clearly avoided the social/political/religious jokes.

    Yeah, okay, gonna be quiet now.

  20. Sara E. says:

    I knew Arne did it! Though actually, this may not be a confirmation. While Bill may ASSUME that Arne did it, it could have been someone else. Though, it was most likely Arne.

  21. Xoer says:

    whats great is if you go back and check it’s said kiss the cock the whole time

  22. Chris says:

    At least Bill can read upside down. Everybody is good at something.
    And Les rules! (And why shouldn’t the French title be in crappy French? It matches the comic’s tone.) ;-)

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