I had a sex joke in mind for this one, but I decided to take a risk and NOT use it.


Nina: I hope they got that food ready when we get there. I’m hungry as shit!
Jimi: I doubt it. Bill’s gonna want to stand around and chitchat with everyone while he cooks. For him this is like the party of the century.

Nina: Lame! Why he gotta put on a show?
Jimi: Give him his moment, baby.

Jimi: Rose, did your mom say she was going to make it?
Rose: No, and I seriously doubt it. She held a summit with Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo last night.
Jimi: Wow. She’s just a sake and a Colt 45 away from a rainbow coalition of shitface.

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  1. Gojira says:

    Nicely done.

    • Gojira says:

      Well I’ll be. First again. Now how did that happen?

      • Lokitsu says:

        The rest of us were busy drinking with Rose’s mom.

        • Gojira says:

          Know any good hangover cures?

          • Smoke detectors going off.

            Warning: I may or may not be a sadistic bastard.

          • Books83 says:

            My family swears by Menudo soup as a hangover cure

            • Pink Freud says:

              No Way! as someone who lived through the ’80’s, I have to tell you Menudo is the CAUSE of hangovers, not the cure

              • Boomer Gonzales says:

                Hell naw!! The menudo in the morning is the best reason for Saturday Night Shitface.

                That may or may not be counterproductive though. ^_^;;

          • Stephen says:

            lots of water and 2 aspirin before hand to prevent it

            • Tssha says:

              Aspirin is a BAD idea. Take any other pain reliever than Aspirin.

              Aspirin blocks enzymes that break down the byproducts of alcohol that cause hangovers. It’ll prolong the hangover! Take Tylenol, take Aleve, take any other pain reliever you can think of, but don’t take Aspirin (not even a generic brand).

              …the water’s really good advice though. Alcohol dehydrates.

          • Ginger says:

            Yes–“wake up, baby, my wife will be home any minute”.

            • Boomer Gonzales says:

              Had a work buddy that happened to, guy came in for closing tore up from the floor up…lliterally. The convo went like this…

              Me: Damn dude, what frat house used you for a speed bump?
              Buddy: Man, just let it go today. I need a cover.
              Me:No prob. Was it more than one?
              Buddy: Yeah, just drop it.
              Me: After work, name names and the crew will handle those guys. No sweat.
              Buddy: Can’t.
              Me: What do you mean can’t? We’re family in this place.
              Buddy: No, not that. It’s because they weren’t guys?
              Me: ………Huh?
              Buddy: I got my ass stomped by my wife.
              Me: What? How? She’s barely five foot nothin and can hula hoop with a Cherrio…maybe.
              Buddy: AND the two college chicks she caught me in bed with.
              Me: …Sorry brudda, but you cover yourself this time. You had that shit comin’.

          • Kramegame says:

            well, I can tell you how to prevent one. Stay awake at least 1 hour after your last drink, and drink at least a cup of water. It will allow your body to remove the alcohol at a normal rate, so when you go to sleep, it won’t be there in the morning. The most important thing you can do while drinking is stay hydrated. Alcohol maybe water soluble, but if there is no more water to dissolve it in, then you start to run into problems.

            • Wizard says:

              Correct answer! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink plenty of water, or at least something non-alcoholic, along with the booze. Once I finally figured that out, it’s been many years since I had more than the mildest of hangovers.

          • Wizard says:

            Coffee with a dash of Tabasco. It won’t actually do much for the hangover, but it will distract you a little.

  2. Drew Linky says:

    Looks like someone’s stopping at Hangover Canyon in the morning.

  3. whodunnit says:

    Sniped first from me. Stupid blackberry

  4. It is the party of the century, you’ve got a vampire!

  5. Minty says:

    Ah, the Shitfaced Rainbow Coalition. I was a member for a while, but we could never quite get anything done.

  6. Nick says:

    Eh, we need some plot development sometimes.

  7. Chaos says:

    I’m not sure what’s more exciting the thought of what Nate is going to tell Tracy (or more how he’s going to) or the idea of Nate and Rose getting back on speaking terms.

  8. Dr. wonderful says:

    There is going to be some shit net week.

    You’ll see, he show you.

  9. Kramegame says:

    I didn’t know shit had an appetite! LOL

  10. NoWhere_Man says:

    That was an amazing analogy. lol

  11. Hail to the King says:

    Colt 45 and two Zigzags, baby that’s all we need. we can to the park after dark, and smoke that tumbleweed.

    • Minty says:

      And as the marijuana burns, we can take our turns singing them dirty rap songs. Stop and hit the bong like Cheech and Chong and sell tapes from here to Hong Kong.

  12. Rob Lopez says:

    At first I read “snake” instead of “sake” and thought it was a sex joke.

    • Sara E. says:

      I initially read “snake” too, but I didn’t think “sex joke” I was just kind of confused as to what snakes had to do with booze.
      Then I reread it, and was like “ooh”.

  13. RotSman says:

    Much laughter was generated from panel 3. XD

  14. Greenwood Goat says:

    Of course, there is something that could penetrate Beth’s hangover.

    Beth: (thinks) Daughters… off to party… and.. party = (arises zombie-like, arms outstretched) Boooze!


    Beth: Boooze!

    Nina: Shit, she’s found us!

    Rose: Vodka shots! Aim for the head!

  15. Eric says:

    Wow…just wow…

    I have to say, I found Treading Ground way back in 2005/2006. I kept up with it decently frequently, until the updates stopped coming.

    I know life and all of that can get in the way, so I figured I would keep checking back every once in a while, but after a couple of years, nothing new happened, so I pretty much left.

    About a week ago, a friend of mine mentioned your comic as one they read near religiously, so I checked back and I must say this:

    Welcome back and kudos to your hard work. I’m definitely impressed and loving the story. Glad to see you back.

    • Nick Wright says:

      Welcome back, Eric! I really appreciate the kind words, and I’m glad you’re enjoying what I’ve come up with since your last visit.

      • Gautam says:

        Gotta say, I was the same way. Except without the friend. I noticed your banner on the side of a site I was reading. The art style looked different, so I kind of glossed over it a little. Have to say, it was the shade of red in Rose’s hair that caught my eye. I read through the updates in ONE SITTING.

        Welcome back, Nick. May Purvous sing of your trials and tribulations!

  16. Ginger says:

    Picturing Rose and Nina’s mom stomping over horizon like Godzilla.

  17. Boomer Gonzales says:

    My recommendation?

    Pocket the sex joke and bring it in for a zinger at a later time. The ‘Rainbow Coalition of Shitface’ line was pure magic and solid gold.

    Please pardon me as I mentally pocket it away for future use.

    • Nick Wright says:

      Good advice in general, but I don’t think I can keep this one in the can. Instead of “summit” and “rainbow coalition” it would have been “threesome” and “interracial gangbang”.

      I went with the more poetic version.

      • Kramegame says:

        ahh, it seems I have been outmatched. I had no idea how you would have worked in a sex joke. Its funny either way, but you were right about picking the poetic version. I know Rose maybe sexually adventurous and was brought up by a whore, but it just doesn’t sound like something she would say.

  18. BriGuy says:

    Rose is seriously overdressed at this party, amirite?

  19. eric says:

    Ha! Loved the punchline on this one!

  20. Grizz says:

    It’s official. Best damn web comic tag line of 2011! That was outstanding.

  21. Andrew says:

    Just read through all 206 of your entries, was a good 2 1/2 hour read.

    I came here through a banner ad after reading the latest The Punchline Is Machismo comic, and I’m glad I did. Solid story, and after watching your art style progress, you’re another fine example of a blog that Coalesquid (the previously mentioned webcomic’s creator) made about how an artist needs to change his style to avoid staleness. Or something. I need to rummage out a quote on that. Until then, it’s ‘citation needed’ material.

    Anyways, looks like I’ve found yet another webcomic to add to my Google Reader RSS feed.

    Well done!

    P.S. If you ever get to the point where you think you can’t progress the story any further or apply more character development, put in a happy ending and convert this whole thing into a graphic novel (or even a Garfield style book sincethe story isn’t always totally linear).

    • Nick Wright says:

      Hey Andrew! Glad you enjoyed it, and welcome!

      I’m definitely planning on putting together a book after TG ends its run, even though I’m going to be kicking myself for flirting with that full page format early on.

  22. Andrew says:

    I dunno if I made it clear, but this is an awesome comic.

    ….is what the well done meant.

    • Nick Wright says:

      I thought it was pretty clear. :-)

      • Andrew says:

        Well, emphasis was necessary. Also, directing traffic from a sub forum known as ladies men (A place where people help each other out on relationship issues.. It’s actually a ‘cult’ since it’s a forum created by members) on (freeskiing website) since I thought the two were pretty related.

        So yeah, you’re welcome!

  23. BMeph says:

    “Taste the Rainbow, Feel the Rainbow (the morning after)”

    Jimmy gets the best lines!

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