What happens in the HBA Room does not necessarily stay in the HBA Room.


Miranda: Hey you!

Miranda: Wow, you look like you could use a hug. Bad day?

Miranda: The other night was fun! I was thinking maybe we could go out to get something to eat this weekend?

Nate: I’ve been having sex with Tracy.

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  1. Fortunite says:

    Alright, could everyone please stop speaking in third person just to imitate The Negro Guy? It’s rediculous, whether you’re trying to ride his coattails through imitation or trying to spite him, it just shows weakness either way. Sad really. All respect to you though, The Negro Guy, all respect.

    • Pougmahone says:


    • gangler says:

      Are you that opposed to the notion of a running joke?

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      And who is the Negro Guy imitating? >:=)> Check out the Wikipedia page on illeism, as referring to oneself in the third person is also known. Simply put, it’s a linguistic device that people can employ, to better or worse effect. Used persistently, it becomes a verbal tic that can be annoying or endearing according to one’s taste. I doubt if anyone here is going to achieve the crowning pathos of the nameless Ed from Digger by employing it. Personally, I don’t like to see it overused (for an indeterminate and mutable value of “over-“), but this comes way, way down on the scale of annoyances, round about people grinding their teeth or having nostrils that whistle.

      So, regardless of who brought this meme here, they didn’t originate it or rescue it from (possibly well deserved) obscurity. Personally, I’d say that the amount of merit the latecomers forfeit through derivative work is reduced because the original idea (whenever that occurred) wasn’t that brilliant in and of itself, and that nobody here has really made it shine.

      Also, this is the internet, dear boy/girl/thing/other/whatever. While we all should aspire to greater things, we should also be thankful for our relatively high standards of discourse and language, and relatively low levels of l33t speak, flames and trolling. Not to mention our gracious host, Nick Wright, who provides the armature around which this (relatively) happy community has built itself. Cheers to one and all! Hooray for Treading Ground! >:=)=)>

    • Kona says:

      Indeed. We are not amused.

      Oh BS, we are QUITE amused, which is why we’re doing it. Sure, we’re running it into the ground, but sometimes that’s the hilarity of a tedious meme. And sometimes it’s just tedious.

      Either way, we have more important things to occupy our minds. Like what’s next for Lucky Nate?

  2. Dave C. says:

    At least, Nate is honest.

    It seems he doesn’t want this potential relationship to start with a lie. She might not like it, but she could admire his honesty…and his courage! ;)

    • The Negro Guy says:

      The Negro Guy says if that were true, we’d all be getting some right about now.

    • Kobra says:

      You can’t be serios, I mean how well has that ever happend as fare as continuing things?!
      I think that Nate is just scared of actually getting into a relationship after what hapand with the last. He put it off with Rose, now with Maranda, he just seams like just when things are getting good in the relationship Nate does somthing to total it.
      Expect high impact slape to the face.

  3. Arseness says:

    And now the healing can begin (or the hurting depending on Miranda).

  4. voice of what might be reason says:

    I think Nate is suffering from some form of Post Tramatic Stress. He didn’t want his dick to be sucked by Tracy, so in a sense, he just got raped. So Miranda should take pity on him and kick Tracy’s ass for manstealing. Preferably while Tracy is still nude, she may be a slut, but I don’t mind staring at those boobs. Also, being defeated while nude would make Tracy feel worse as her power comes mostly from nudity.

  5. Wu-Tang Corporate Finacial Investers Group says:

    Out of all the Web-comics I read(And I read a lot of them), I always keep 3 of them open in Tabs. This is one of them. I love this comic.

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