Eh, I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Tracy: Did you hear that? I can’t WAIT to break out the bikini and show these little flat-chested cashiers what a REAL woman looks like.
Nate: I’m sure that will be fun for you.

Tracy: You sound real excited. Have I spoiled you by letting you see me naked so much lately?
Nate: It’s not that. It’s just… we need to talk.

Tracy: Well, I know someplace reasonably private, and familiar…

Miranda: Looks like someone stole Sudafed again and hid the empty box under the French loafs. What should I do with it?
Deli Mgr: There’s a box for that in the HBA Room.
Miranda: Oh, okay!

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  1. Stormhawk says:

    Or, the powers that be could go for the totally unexpected and not a tired cliche’. She walks into an empty with nothing going on.

    one pane later, you hear a voice from a cabinet say, “is it safe to come out now?”

    • destoria says:

      its been done before and i dont see tracy and nate doing that i think tracy would be more likely to be realy loud if someone walks in orrrrrr miranda hears them drops the box and walks away horrifyed

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