That’ll never come out.


Aya: Well, I’m suddenly feeling underdressed. I’m gonna go think some VERY HETEROSEXUAL THOUGHTS and head back to bed.
Rose: Oh yeah, what happened to your robe, anyway?

Aya: I gave that hellish thing to Goodwill.
Rose: It wasn’t stained or anything, was it?

Aya: It… it’s like the robe’s SOUL was stained.
Rose: Ha-ha.

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  1. Brooklyn Red Leg says:

    Ah nuts, no NSFW view of Rose perched between Aya’s thighs….

  2. awesome says:

    Awesome, first to comment. Anyway, exceptional work Nick. Got to say, out of every comic in the last decade, if not two decades, this comic is easily the best one I have ever read. Exceptional artwork (masterpiece really) awesome interaction between characters and it is obvious that you really are making fine art and doing your best.

    It is safe to say, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the best day’s of the year. Truly a joy to read each comic, thanks for all your hard work. Seriously, excellent job, thank you for making Friday awesome, I really appreciate it.

    • Amie says:

      Not first, sorry bub c:

    • Dami says:

      If this is the best comic you’ve read in 10 or 20 years, I’d like to know what cave you’ve been living in. I agree it is pretty great(first comic I check on update days actually), but come on, to say it’s single-handedly #1 is really just unnecessary asskissing…

  3. Anon says:

    Brooklyn, great idea. I bet if that were the “vote incentive” then the comic would get tons of votes on those top webcomic sites.

  4. RotSman says:

    Hrm…Aya is kind of overreacting here, I think. Then again, maybe the thought of some HLA would be more palatable if the taint of her stepbrother weren’t still on Rose’s taint.

    • Gurw says:

      I was actually just thinking that. I mean, I don’t like eating my brother’s gf out after they’ve just had sex, why would her best friend want to do it either?

      I mean…..I have no idea why Aya would ever turn that down….

    • Minty Mintington says:

      Eh, I don’t think she is. Would you wear a robe another dude was naked in?

  5. Mark says:

    This has been an awesome webcomic thus far. Only complaint being the fact that archive binging is a very short journey.

  6. Tia says:

    Ok, yeah, that robe was burnable. Aya maybe shouldn’t have given it to Goodwill or whatever, because that thing was STEEPED in cooties.

    Commence the juvenile laughter.

    • The Negro Guy says:

      The Negro Guy says that any girl who wears that robe will get pregnant with retarded, mutated, and socially awkward bastard children. Ugh…

      • That Jewish Dude says:

        WHy would Aya give the robe to goodwill!?!? That Jewish Dude thought that Aya was a good person!!! A good person would have burned that robe, or strapped it to an A-bomb, just as long as it is totally obliterated.


  7. Manny Mo says:

    well, it is hard to wash soul stains out, burning is a 50/50 bet at best too.

  8. Passerby says:

    Bouts of “Have I mentioned I am heterosexual today?” rarely goes as intended. Cue orgasmic nightmares followed by questionable logic. Hilarity inevitable.

  9. The Negro Guy says:

    The Negro Guy says if Roses robe was that bad, imagine a monks robe. The Negro Guy would hate to be the one to clean off the stains.

  10. Jeri says:

    Is it me or am I the first to express how much I love Rose’s reaction/facial expression in the last panel?

  11. Ramen Fan Fart says:

    I guess there’ll be no Lebanese action today…

  12. Ginger says:

    Yeah, no detergent gets awkward sex out.

    …Although if they ever manufacture one, I bet there’s a market.

    • Passerby says:

      Garden-variety awkward sex wouldn’t have made the robe quite as skanky as it was made by an encounter with Douchemaster Zero. No, it’s more than skanky, it’s the rank stench of infinite failure and warped judgement intermingled in an unholy union stained forever upon the befouled fabric. A normal fire would not consume it, the flames would gag and retch before sputtering out.

  13. soulwind says:

    Umm guys? Where’s Aya’s hand in the first panel? Maybe we ain’t the only ones with that lovely mental picture in our heads :P

    • Kramegame says:

      its around the base of the glass, on the table, because she was getting up.
      why where did you think it was?

    • Madock345 says:

      For that matter, what is she doing with the hand Behind her back? looks Like Aya likes it from both sides.

      • Kramegame says:

        really? can you guys get your brains outta your heads and into your skulls please? she is adjusting a wedgie while picking up the glass she was just drinking from, if you’ve ever seen a woman get up from a chair with just panties on you’d see the same exact thing. srsly. Trust me, i’m not usually the one to stop people from thinking that way but you guys are just ridiculous. XD

  14. yareni says:

    woot! i like it finally got my shirt yesterday and made my reading experience so much more awesomer! :D keep em’ cummin! ;3

  15. Kona says:

    I’m a little disappointed in Aya. Not that she had to necessarily go along with Rose’s little fantasy if that isn’t her personal bent, but she doesn’t have to be so uptight about it. Maybe I lack the “ICK!” gene, but I’ve been propositioned by gay guys a few times, and I didn’t get all creeped out, just took it as a compliment and said thanks but no thanks. I thought Aya would be more open-minded.

  16. BriGuy says:

    I get the feeling that Aya is going to be thinking some decidedly un-heterosexual thoughts after she falls asleep. What would any hetero person dream about if a long time friend of the same gender said “I’ve thought about seducing you. Goodnight!” It’s like saying “Don’t think about elephants,” only in this case elephants means lesbian lovin’.

    Oh yeah, I just planted the idea of lesbian elephants in all of your subconsciouses. Today’s a good day.

  17. That Jewish Dude says:

    Who else doesn’t remember the robe Aya is talking about? Cause That Jewish Dude doesn’t.


  18. The Dark One says:

    I am starting to believe the negro guy might be Percival

  19. chumash99 says:

    Aya should count her blessings! This venture into HoYay has ended in a fairly tame fashion. Gary over at Menage a 3, however…

    …not so much. :)

  20. arandomthought says:

    Hey, read through the entire thing in one sitting. Found it through menage a 3, and I’m loving it. when does it come out(I know I don’t pay attention, pity my sleep deprived laziness).

    • Nick Wright says:

      Glad you like it!

      New comics every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

      • arandomthought says:

        I do enjoy it. now that I’m caught up on most of the older web comics I read(comp crashed for 6 months just got it fixed), I need to find something to look forward to. Any chance you know what web comic it is about the people that work in a toy store? that’s all I can remember.

        And besides giving money, any way I can show thanks(kid to support doesn’t give much leeway).

  21. Uranium Bullet says:

    After seeing an and for this on Menage a 3, I am finally caught up with it.

    Definetly going to follow this to the end.

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