I hear the Undead Teenage Mothers are going on tour with Suicide By Cop and Crash & The Roadside Memorials.


[Aya yawns as she emerges from the hallway into the kitchen]

[Aya finds Rose sitting at the kitchen table]
Rose: You were right. I fucked up.

Aya: Just when I’d convinced myself to stay out of other people’s business, you have to go and validate me.

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  1. huzzah! She’s growing a clue :)

  2. RotSman says:

    That first panel is MONEY. Is that shirt available in the official TG store?

  3. KWilt says:

    Money’s on everyone being up in arms about this being against Rose’s character.

    ;adjusts his glasses;

    I, however, looooove it. :3

  4. Minty-Phresh says:

    God I love these t-shirts. Undead Teenage Mothers FTW!

  5. Mike says:

    Shouldn’t Rose have said, “I done fucked up.”? I mean, she lives in a trailer park in NC, but I’m sure I talk in a weird way to people who AREN’T from the Midwest.

  6. Tssha says:

    Those are awesome band names. Especially Crash & The Roadside Memorials. So…wrong… *laughs*

  7. ryuu798 says:

    DAYMN!! I must say, you can draw some really sexy female characters, I salute you!

    • The Negro Guy says:

      Eh, The Negro Guy says once you get laid, you really don’t find drawn girls as attractive as you first thought. That and you start looking for flaws in girls more.

      • Eric says:

        The white guy says that I still like pictures of pretty women, even drawn ones, despite having had sex with real women – some of which I didn’t have to pay! :) I also have developed a more realistic attitude to wards women’s appearance, but that was probably just age.

      • Oberon says:

        Actually, I find myself finding beauty in far more places now, than when I was a virgin teen. That could also be age and wisdom kicking in… A friends son was dating a very attractive girl (I’d say HOT, but she was so young I’d be arrested for thinking it), and he dumped her because she had some acne. My comment to him: “Acne goes away, beauty remains.”

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  9. The Negro Guy says:

    The Negro Guy says Aya (I think that’s her name) should have known the terms to befriending a slut. Also, The Negro Guy is wondering what ethnicity is Aya?

  10. BluFalcon says:

    Holy Shit, the “Clue Bird” arrived! Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

  11. Hail to the King says:

    it’s 10 minutes after 12 and there are already 31 comment… there’s a joke set up here somewhere

  12. BunnyRemix says:

    Oh, thank God. Let the character development flow!

  13. MeestaShane says:

    Thank you for finally giving me Aya in panties.

    • Arc Impulse says:

      It seems like the entire real point of this comic was Aya in panties and the dialog was just an extra. I’m not complaining, of course. :D

  14. That One Mexican says:

    TOM likes Roses friend and thinks it would be funny if she hooked up with the roomate of the guy whos name escapes me at the moment, not tubby the asshole one

    • Jim says:

      That could be rough … ;
      Nate is developing a dating “thing” with a legal age co-worker;

      Derek (the blond guy – a.k.a. asshole) just announced the past week, he’s moving out of the guys place and IN with a girlfriend no one knew he had!;

      And Steve (The dark haired guy with goatee) is currently boffing Rose’s Mom!

      I don’t know — is Aya even dating, or has Rose got her scared ???

  15. AbslomRob says:

    Hmm…I sense a plot inversion coming. Nate now knows he can legally have sex with Rose, while Rose has recognized that a relationship needs more then sex to be fufilling. The gods of irony dictate that the author must now spend several months with Nate desperately trying to have sex with Rose, and Rose holding him off because she’s not ready for another physical relationship yet…

    • Bubbaclaw says:

      I second that notion.

    • BriGuy says:

      Sounds about right.

    • chumash99 says:

      What about Miranda? (You know, the girl that Nate is currently dating?) What happens to her if Nate decides he wants a second chance with Rose? This could be…trouble.

      • Jeri says:

        It could be trouble if in fact he WAS dating Miranda, then yes; but he is not, which makes it okay :]

        • The Negro Guy says:

          The Negro Guy says Miranda would probably still be upset, if her kissin’ him on the cheek means anything.

          • Pink freud says:

            Don’t ask me why, but I think I have a higher opinion of Miranda. She seems to be a lot more level-headed then most of the TG crew. She could tell there were still sparks between Nate and Rose. *IF* Nate can man up and explain things to her honestly (maybe not the whole truth…”I can legally tap that ass” may not go over so well) explain that the situation has changed, I expect Miranda to yield in good grace.

            On the Other hand, if Nate tries to pussy-foot about and play the two of them, then he’s a bigger dickweed then Trevor and deserves all the misery he gets

  16. Ginger says:

    Aya may in fact be one of my favorite characters, just for being the most full of common sense and thus way more inclined to feel like she’s babysitting the world.

  17. Negai-boshi says:

    some time soon I think purvous makes a return and screws some thing up or just some thing

  18. Jeri says:

    Hey Nick, I keep looking at the 2nd panel and though I do think I know the answer, I can’t be 100% sure, is it still basically the middle of the night or is it the next day?

  19. Ira Von Doom says:

    so its the middle of the night but what was it in the last comic like 11 pm lol just was makeing me wonder

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