Guest Strip by Rob Lopez -

Guest Strip by Rob Lopez – “A Day In The Unlife”

Today’s comic comes courtesy of the very talented Rob Lopez of Forsaken Stars! Uncle Chuey may have to make a return appearance some time…

I like to keep a healthy buffer, and the holidays took a serious chunk out of that, so a while back I put out a call for guest strips. Thankfully, I had a few talented takers on that, so today’s comic from Rob starts off a week of guest strips so I can concentrate on recharging that buffer. This is the first time I’ve done this and it may be the only time, so enjoy!

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  1. Lando says:

    i always wondered does he only work the night shift?

  2. That’s why i always carry around asilver bullet.

    Now if only I had a gun.

    • Nick Wright says:

      Just throw it REALLY hard.

    • The Negro Guy says:

      Silver bullets kill werewolves, not vampires. Major difference.

      • MCBromance says:

        I think he might have been talking about Uncle Chuey….major difference

      • This guy says:

        Actually in most folklore silver bullets (or any weapon made of silver) kill anything supernatural

        • leetm45t3r says:

          i heard vampire couldnt die from silver bullets, unless they get shot through the heart, or even with a regular bullet. Originally, its said they have to be stabbed with a wooden stake through there heart, but that was said like, 4ever ago. We gots bullets and stuff now, so that would work just fine. Something to do with the heart being where the vampires soul resides, etc. thts y they need blood aparently. Course, this is mythological folklore, so theres really no 1 deffinition, its all matter of opinion (and experiences :) )

          • Chris says:

            This is why I use anti-tank weapons. I don’t care what it is, if it takes an AT rocket to the face and ‘lives’, I’m running away.

          • David J Prokopetz says:

            Recall that, originally, there was nothing supernatural about the stake through the heart. In folklore, vampires have to return to their coffins every night; the “stake” in question wasn’t the piddly little wooden spike you see in modern vampire movies, but a four-foot wooden post that would be used to literally nail the vampire into its coffin, physically preventing it from rising the following night.

          • Pink Freud says:

            Come to think of it, the whole Stake though the heart thing only works if you leave the stake there, so the vamp cannot heal himself. Since a bullet (silver or otherwise) is unlikely to lodge in the heard and stay there, I have to assume the vamp would just shrug it off. maybe flinch a little.

            This presupposes, of course, that vampires exist (and don’t sparkle)

        • The Negro Guy says:

          huh…didn’t know that…

  3. Ryutso says:

    If Arne really wanted to up his dickitude level, he’d spill a bag of ground coffee on the floor and see if Les would count the individual grounds.

    • Clell says:

      Shouldn’t Les have had an ‘Ah ah ah!’ between each number? I mean after all, if he’s going to emulate the count…

  4. Josh says:

    Is it just my imagination or does this entire comic look on model to the original characters?

  5. Rob Lopez says:

    Wow, thanks, Josh and Nick and gang! My goal was to try to get regular readers to do a double take, and fortunately, if I may be so bold, Nick and I have similar styles–who knows, maybe we share a lot of the same influences? I had a blast drawing this strip, and I gotta thank Nick for boiling it down from several strip ideas for Les Tepes to just the one. And, Nick, I’m glad you like Chuey, it’d be great if he became Les’ perceived archenemy.

  6. Steve says:

    ^_^ Oh, that’s terrible! :D In a good way.

  7. LIMEY says:

    Uncle Chuey sure loves them limes

  8. Ginger says:

    Take notes, Stephenie Meyer!

    • Rob Lopez says:

      I’ve been reading the Anne Rice books lately, and it amazes me how rich they are, and how so much of what we see in tv and movies has come before, and therefore pales in comparison. I love Nick’s parody/homage character of Les, so he was an easy choice for this strip!

  9. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    I will admit, I definitely did a double take when I looked at the comic; Rob, you are a great artist(probably just as great as Robert Dejesus), and I’ll definitely have to check out your web comic.

    • Rob Lopez says:

      Sweet! I doubt I’m as good as Senor Dejesus, but I’m sorta like Spider-Man in that I man up to the level of strength or skill that’s required of me. If I act next to a great actor, I try to get that much better; if I draw for a guest strip, I try to bring as much color, wit and skill as the strip requires–but I’m also painfully slow, so what might take Nick 5-8 hours to do, it takes me 10-20 hours. Hopefully, the end result is close to the mark!

  10. Nick says:

    Absolutely ‘killer’ strip, Mr Lopez – hilarious!

  11. DruffyB says:

    There should be a character that is so good at foreplay and oral that he is a virgin as the women he sleeps with knacker themselves out so therefore he doesnt penetrate.
    His name should be Willy Dickens!

    • Kintrex says:

      Too unrealistic. First of all, no man like that exists. Second, I can’t think of a single reason why the consciousness of the woman would impact the sex-having.

    • Josh says:

      Happens in reverse all the time in the comic Menage a 3. Didi is still a virgin because she just takes off her top and the guys are done.

      • Brooklyn Red Leg says:

        Not technically true. Desiree/Didi certainly hasn’t had a good experience in bed, but it was like only 1 fella that had a negative timer before he jizzed from her ministrations. The first time we see her with a guy, she’s boinking him (unsatisfied, true, but still doin the horizontal hokey-pokey).

  12. Jack says:

    Hillarious! Always glad to see more of my favorite character.

  13. MegaHentai says:

    Other than the fact that it’s keeping us all in suspense about the main story (teeth… grinding…), this is a great strip. Am I right in thinking that Uncle Chuey is a Boondocks reference, or is that just wishful thinking on my part? I may have to start using the werewolves line in regular conversation now.

  14. reynard61 says:

    “Guest Strip by Rob Lopez – ‘A Day In The Unlife’”

    Unlife is Unfair! Oh wait! That’s another comic

  15. Chewbaca says:

    Where’s the sparkly bit :( (just kidding ;))
    Anyhow I wonder if uncle chuey is a reference to chewbaca.

    • Rob Lopez says:

      Uncle Chuey was inspired by my Uncle Luciano “Chano” Lopez, God rest his soul, and Questlove of the Roots, the band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I thought it’d be cool if he was related to Miranda. I’ve always found it fascinating when people have Uncles that are as young if not younger than they are.

      • Bill M. says:

        Being a child from a second marriage, I was an uncle at birth to the kids from my half-sister on my dad’s side, and then when I was 6, both of my half-sisters on my mom’s side had their kids. What’s weird is most of my nieces and nephews are now starting to have kids, making my mom a great-grandma before I can become a dad.

    • Chris says:

      The sparkly bit happens when you set the vampire on fire. Preferably with tracer rounds.

  16. Chris says:

    More of Les! I love it! ‘-)

  17. Dean says:

    You can tell they pull that shit with the beans every slow afternoon, just for kicks.

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