It’s times like this that I wish I did animated comics.


Rose: Oh, hi?
Nate: Miranda, this is Rose. She lives in my neighborhood.
Miranda: Nice to meet you!

Rose: You too. Are you guys… uh…
Nate: Oh, no, heh. Miranda’s a friend from work. We’re just hanging out.

(Miranda uncomfortably stares, Rose slightly smiles)
Trevor (off-screen) Hey Rose! Check it out!

(Trevor pantomiming fellatio on a corn dog)

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  1. Oh yeah, she’s really managed to trade up.

  2. Chayle says:

    Hrmmm, i wonder who is enjoying themselves more: The one who puked after a kiddy ride, or that corn dog?

  3. Dr. wonderful says:

    …Wow…Regret it now Rose?

    Now that I think about it, Rose DID say she was going to be there, and she bought the Butt monkey.

  4. Brooklyn Red Leg says:

    Well nice to see that Trevor took a few more levels in the Douchebag Prestige Class. What a catch, amirite?

  5. Math Geek says:

    Paul Smecker shaking his head in shame…”Well, Freud was right.”

    • Oberon says:

      What was that quote of his? Oh, yeah: “Sometimes a cigar is just a smoke. But occasionally a corn dog is a huge cock mouth-fucking your braindead boyfriend.”

      • Kramegame says:

        couldn’t have said it any better myself…

      • Brett says:

        Don’t forget the part about him tweaking his nipple at the same time. Is that a different message, or is he aping Rose’s technique?

      • The Negro Guy says:

        Maybe he wants to try something new…

      • Pink Freud says:

        i thought it was George Carlin: “Freud said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…Oh yeah, well sometimes it’s a big brown dick, with some criminal business asshole sucking on the wet end”

        • Oberon says:

          Wow… I love Carlin, but hadn’t heard that bit. I just made up my faux quote above. But if coming in second place (well, third, maybe eights, how about accepting 10,000th, damnit!) to Carlin is the best I can do, I will die happy!

  6. Muddy says:

    He still wants her.

  7. Midge says:

    So… are Rose’s boobs so big that they’re about to pop one of the buttons on her shirt?

    • MJSox says:

      It’s a zipper, it threw me off at first too.

    • Boomer Gonzales says:

      I still say she craftily pulled it down half-way when she saw Nate….and then Deep-Fried Weiner Boy had to go and mess up her game. I wouldn’t be surprised if that zipper goes up to ’11’ after that.

  8. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    And you dumped this guy again why? Rose, you just traded down.

    • The Negro Guy says:

      She didn’t dump him, he broke it off with her because she was to young and he could have gone to jail. If you think about it, he’s one of those rare types of guys.

      • AbslomRob says:

        Selfish, short-sighted and stupid? Nothing rare about that…

        • Thatguyyouknowfromwork says:

          Not believing in statutory rape is selfish?

          • Oberon says:

            Yeah, I gotta agree. Not tapping the underage chick, no matter how worldly she may be, is not a character flaw.

            Half-remembered and rather squicky quote from Lolita follows (Lolita is 12, by the way): “I wasn’t even her first” This is her step-father speaking. “Oh, not a blood relative, no problem!” “Oh, she is already sexually active, no problem!” Um, no. No. A thousand times, no.

            Um, as if that excuses a 30ish guy to bang underage girls… Yuk. The line needs to be drawn somewhere, even though society and pervs loves to yammer about the cases which might be seen to be exceptions.

  9. NF says:

    I feel like Rose is violating some sort of fuckbuddy-related social etiquette. Does anyone codify rules for this sort of thing?

    • NF says:

      Also, good job manipulating the expectations for social awkwardness in this meeting.

    • Jim says:

      Don’t forget, Rose and Nate are NO MORE! –

      1. He dropped her jailbait butt, when he found she was dancing topless at a party they bith attended;
      2. THEN, ALMOST reconciled with her, even setup a day/date/time to meet and get back together;
      3. UNTIL he walked in and Rose wanted to get him jealous by grabbing and kissing Trevor in FRONT of Nate! – After which, Trev presumed “HE” was the next squeeze in her life, and started sexing her every chance he got!

      Rose DIDN’T violate a fuck-buddy rule, because simply, she NEVER fucked Nate (except OVER) and the 2 of them are NO LONGER dating!

  10. Stephen says:

    and here i thought he couldn’t get any dumber

  11. MegaHentai says:

    I have it in my head now that somehow, some way, Miranda could end up fucking Trevor. I cannot decide if this would be awesome or horrifying.

    • The Negro Guy says:

      Horrifying for Rose, awesome for Miranda.

    • The Negro Guy says:

      And not everything in the world works like hentai. …would be funny if it did though.

      • Jim says:

        Can’t see that happening … Miranda seems to be a gir – no, WOMAN (she’s OVER legal age) who I gather has her head together!

        I don’t see her taking up with a dick-head, moron who’s STILL in High School, JUST because he gives head to acorn-dog!

  12. Cain says:

    Is that shirt Bleach based by any chance?

  13. Jamming says:

    Dear God, don’t let him breed. Thanks, Jamming.

  14. Gasgano says:

    Am I the only one noticing that while Rose and Nate are looking at the corn-dog-nipple-pinching monkey, Miranda is looking at Nate in deciept of that “we’re just hanging out” comment?

    • The Negro Guy says:

      No, it’s just one of those “It’s so obvious that we don’t need to explain it” types of things. Although she kinda seems to have the emotion of “I was hoping it could be one.”

    • Jim says:

      @Gasgano –
      YOU caught that too? … almost a; “and-I-thought-we-were-doing-well!” look!

  15. Pink Freud says:

    Just in case you are interested, we had to make animated gif files as part of a digital media class at GGC. This is the link the prof used to talk us through it.

  16. Ominous says:

    It’s guys like this that deserve to have their head cut open and the brain given to someone more deserving. Mainly because he is abusing it through lack of use.

    • Captain Fubar says:

      Actually, he isn’t abusing it through lack of use. He’s just using everything he has in it.
      That is a very sad thought indeed.

  17. Ginger says:

    I know there must be so many “least favorite parts of breakups”, but the custody battle has to be one of the worst. Where is it not safe to go anymore, and on which days? Worse, which locales do you have to share? And all the while you’re running the odds of accidentally engaging your ex without an exit strategy, sort of like trying to take a peaceful walk in the Sudan and instead stepping on a landmine.

  18. Harry Balzac says:

    HAAA! I love this Trevor kid. Reminds me of me.

  19. Eric says:

    Just say ‘No’ to animations of goofballs giving head to a corn dog.

    That guy really puts the ASS back in class. And then some.

  20. Georga says:

    What in the hell is wrong with Trevor? Seriously?!? That guy has more issues than I can count on both hands and feet.

    • Toaster says:

      He’s a teenage boy.

      A lot of them are like that, most they grow out of it.

      I mean, it’s no excuse, but it’s not uncommon.

  21. King says:


    • Fox says:


      “Hey Farva, what’s that name of the restaurant you like with all the sh17 up on the walls?”

      “Oh, you mean Shenanigans? I love that place!”

  22. Bill M. says:

    Let’s see, douche-bag imitating a blowjob at a local fair… all that’s missing is a bunch of burly muscleheads grabbing him to take him up on the offer behind the bathrooms.

  23. codyblues says:

    Why don’t women respect men?

    Oh yeah…that…

  24. Phyll says:

    Called it!

  25. Weimann says:

    There’s something wrong with that kid.

  26. ninjaquiden says:

    Wow, I just realized that I look a lot like Nate. Ironically I also realized I work in a similar store at the moment too. (pretty close to the same age too, I’m 20) Its true that a lot of teenage boys act that way. A couple of my friends would when I was in high school. I would just turn and walk away, shaking my head. they would go one step further and put their hand down their pants though.

  27. Adawg says:

    If you are trying to impress your girlfriend, it’s probably not a good idea to show off your amazing deepthroating skills.

    • Darrell says:

      I don’t think it was him impressing her, as much as it was him mimicing her.

    • Light_Devil says:

      Unless, of course, your girlfriend is into threesomes and or has a strap on.

      The reasoning behind the previous sentence has disturbed me so much that I don’t want to ever think about what I have just written. Now, excuse me while I kill my braincells with whatever self-harming thing I can find.

  28. illyria says:

    dear odin what the fuck is that sockpupetbutmonkey doing? on second thought don’t tell. it will make me wan’t to hill that metalhorn abuser even more.

  29. Chris says:

    Egads! Trevor is a true vulgarian. Now I feel sorry for Rose.

  30. […] sure to check back on Monday when we pick up right where we left off. Trevor’s been working that corn dog for some time now… Submit […]

  31. Andrew Cinch says:

    You know, you could’ve made that last frame a GIF…

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