Small World

Small World

New year, old flame.


Miranda: Hey, check it out. Funnel cakes!
Nate: A delicious blend of deep-fried dough and powdered sugar? Paradoxically, that probably WOULD settle my stomach.

Nate: I’ll grab us some.
Miranda: You sure? I can pay for mine.
Nate: It’s cool, I’ve got it.

(Nate runs into Rose)
Nate: Oh… hi.

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  1. Lazruth says:

    *sigh* I knew it. I just freaking knew that one way or another, these two would meet up here. Commence the drama!

  2. RotSman says:

    There is no simple joy sweeter than to bump into an ex while you’re with your newer, hotter date. =D

  3. Molozonide says:

    This was bound to happen. :(

  4. T-Cat says:

    “Oh… Hi. Do you have any fried oreos?”

    I wasn’t expecting them to bump into each other over funnel cake, romance :D.

    Fried oreos are amazing.

  5. CarlK says:

    Sure they were bound to meet again. I can’t see how you could call her an ex though. She wanted to be an ex maybe, not that’s just her age talkin.

  6. I predict either Nate will say stupid or there will be dick punching. Possibly both.

  7. adinfinitumspero says:

    Seriously, have you been spying on me ? This comic eerily resembles my life… I think I made the right decision by turning her down though …

  8. flammablehippie says:

    Why is it always at the funnel cake stand that an old flame comes back. this is why i dont go to the fair anymore. DX

  9. zuche says:

    It used to be such a nice fan, too.

  10. Miamistax says:

    At least she didn’t show up when he had “thick saliva”. Whatever. He’s doomed. Unless the almighty author suddenly takes pity on him, grants him (at least temporarily) a pair, and he tells her straight-up that he’s on a date. And then she leaves him alone. Of course, that just ain’t going to happen. Thus, agreeing with Lazruth, let the drama commence.

  11. brandon says:

    DUM DUM DUM!! /suspense

  12. HERPADERP says:

    are those supposed to be funnel cakes in the background of the last panel? they look like someone jizzed on a birds nest

  13. Lando says:

    not so much an oh hi moment but an oh shit! moment

  14. Bubbaclaw says:

    Awkward moment in 3-2-1…..GO!

  15. Sheela says:

    And then, just as Miranda and Rose gets their best scowls on, ganging up on Nate, Tracy Winters walks by with a a male ex-pornstar friend.

    Once the awkward has reached level 10, we add Rose’s mother to the mix.


    • Jim says:

      Sheeta – I SO wanna see that! … a menage-a-OH_SHIT!

      I don’t wonder that Tracy IS there, but with WHOM? … ;
      Jimi ? – (2nds or I squeal like a pig!)
      Arne? – (we REALLY NEED another asshole now!)

      or – how ’bout THIS for a “nut-punch” … Rose came with TRACY !!! (purportedly, to “compare notes” on Nate for a ‘return’!)

      Tune in Wednesday fellow “followers-of-the-punishment” in the continuing STOR-eeee of “As Nate’s Stomach Turns”! — LOL!

      {Side-note: my HANGOVER is GONE – but Nate’s is beginning!}

      • Lazurus says:

        Wow Five bucks says:

        Rose is dating tracy ( HA! at this point i’m just waiting for it)
        Jimmy is banging/dating Rose’s sister.
        Steve is there with Rose’s Mother
        And to add to the shit-Funnel-cake
        L’estat and aya (Because when nick fucks shit up, he fucks shit up goood :D )

  16. The Kingpin says:

    I think I’m missing out… I live in England and have never had a funnel cake :(

    • MJSox says:

      I’ve never been to england but assuredly you’ve access to oil powder sugar and bread? granted individual ingredents in said ”cake’ portion will differ from recipe to recipe but thats the gist.

      • MJSox says:

        1 cup water
        3/4 stick butter (6 tablespoons)
        1 tablespoon sugar
        1/8 teaspoon salt
        1 cup flour
        1 cup eggs, about 4 large eggs and 2 whites
        Vegetable oil, for frying
        Powdered sugar, for topping
        Boil water, butter, sugar, and salt together in a saucepan. Add flour and work it in until it is all incorporated and dough forms a ball. Transfer mixture to the bowl of a standing mixer and let cool for 3 to 4 minutes. With mixer lowest speed, add eggs, 1 at a time, making sure the first egg is completely incorporated before continuing. Once all eggs have been added and mixture is smooth, put dough in a piping bag fitted with a number 12 tip. Heat about 1 1/2 inches of oil in a heavy pan. Pipe dough into oil, making a free-form lattice pattern; cook until browned, flipping once. Remove cake from oil, drain on paper towels, and top with powdered sugar. Continue until all of the batter is used.

        Alton Brown: Episode Choux Shine

  17. Pink Freud says:

    As loathe as I am to quote beer commercials, especially Bud light commericals….”here we go…”

  18. Passerby says:

    And in the spirit of truly bad judgement calls and in an attempt to dispel any notion of ‘wholesome’ content in this comic, Rose proceeds to make out with Miranda…

    Who was hoping for just that reaction.

    And then the cops show up demanding everyone prove their citizenship.

  19. shozo says:

    “oh… its you…” would have worked too

  20. Piccoroz says:

    Small town, Big hell. This takes me to my school years, the city was so small with so few places to go out, that you end up meeting the same people everywere.
    If Nate Universe works just like mine, you can bet Tracy is around there too.

  21. BriGuy says:

    “Sooo….can we bang yet?”

    Either of them saying this makes sense, to be honest.

  22. Dr. wonderful says:

    …I’m not going to say it reflect my life or the shit had hit the fan. All I’m going to say:

    “Nick, you’re a cruel son of a bitch and I LOVE you for that. Thanks for keeping up with the comic, thanks for improving the art, thanks for making it funny.”

    P.S: (Black) Aqualad RULES!

  23. Kaylin says:

    Oh yeah! Shits about to get REEAL!!!

  24. Azrael says:

    Why Hello There!

    I found your comic just… today and I’ve read it all until you’re most recent update and that has to say SOMETHING.

    I enjoy the characters you’ve given each person; they seem like real personalities that you’d maybe run into somewhere in the real world. That is what makes your comic work.

    Thanks for making it and congratulations, you’ve just found a new fan.

  25. Jim says:

    “stiff challenges await”

    haha, well played Nick… well played.

  26. Phyll says:

    So I’m thinking that Rose’ human sex toy will be showing up sometime soon. Just pile on the awkwardsauce until it doesn’t even make sense anymore.

  27. dan says:

    don’t forget the awkward sauce. It tastes really good on funnel cake.

  28. Oberon says:

    So, where did Miranda go? Unless she is looking for a restroom the typical place for her to be would be in line with Nate, keeping her date company, and not wandering off while he buys her a funnel cake…

  29. Stephen says:

    that other kid must really have a thing for clowns

  30. Me says:

    I know i’m a sappy guy but seeing this hurts i wish they would just get back together sex or not. and if any of you feel like makin fun of me for that remember this you are what you eat. that makes Derek a dick, Nate an ass and me a pussy, AND EVERYONE ELSE IS FUNNEL CAKE!!!

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